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Blackbook Markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by dcite, May 3, 2004.

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  1. inpho_211

    inpho_211 Senior Member

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    there tittie good huh..
    needa try them out..
  2. Zookyook

    Zookyook Elite Member

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    yea my one4alls kick the living fuck outta anything ive ever used before... theyre paint markers that actually last and the nib never gets soaked or dry... perfect... i also use OTR prisma-style markers, never used prismas before but ive looked at them in stores and i can imagine them being a lot like OTR... use canvas paper blackbooks though or ur shits gonna bleed, and its a must with the one4alls because u straight cant write on normal paper with those, u can only do like one thin layer or it tears up the paper quick.
  3. prefer

    prefer Banned

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    there alright i think really any marker can be used for sketchin except for like those crayolas lol those really suck
  4. flask1995

    flask1995 Senior Member

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    Well i have a little taste in style. Depending on what I use, I use deco's for pieces and like throwies and stuff, Prisma's I would use for outlining or tagging but I would mainly use prisma's to do pieces in my blackbook.
  5. massacreman

    massacreman Elite Member

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    prismas for tagging deco's in your blackbook?
    prismas for blackbook, deco for canvasses and stuff.


    i have just racked some edding 4040, and the nib is like dried out, i can pump the nib until it explodes but it still streaks, my other edding 4040's dont... any suggestions??
  6. rush2

    rush2 Senior Member

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    take it out and soak in acetone
  7. zennegen

    zennegen Banned

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    clearly you have no idea what you're talking about if you're comparing molotow markers with any other marker.
  8. massacreman

    massacreman Elite Member

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    thanks rush, ive tried it and it worked, thumbs up
  9. Noz

    Noz Senior Member

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    damn yo i need prismas...
  10. ToNiC

    ToNiC Senior Member

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    For those of us too poor to afford anything but printer paper this is no good. They ruin the paper and you can't fade or blend. Also, trying to darken your lines only ends up flaking the paper off in this weird way. It like eats it bro.

    For those of you who can afford to drop seventy bucks, a basic Grog Cutter kit can really go a long way. I like mine. =D
  11. a_theory

    a_theory Member

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    i use artmarker markers for the book, they bleed thru alittle but not as bad as other brands and they are not too $$$ prisma would be my first choice tho.
  12. sez¹

    sez¹ Member

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    This website has Copics and Prismas for really cheap. What do you guys think of the Copics?
  13. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    there very similair to prismas. However you can order the ink alone and actually blend your own colors and fill there empty markers they sell and have unpresedented artist freedom at your fat little finger tips. On the real though their good markers, they got XL's too that are like 3/4 of an inch i think
  14. sez¹

    sez¹ Member

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    Yeah I got the ultimate black set just to check them out and I'm thinking of ordering the 72A set and a stand
  15. CrustOner

    CrustOner Elite Member

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    Holy shit, sez, thank you so much for that website.
  16. sez¹

    sez¹ Member

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    Hahah no problem dude. Yeah I was so stoked when I found it.
  17. Nook2

    Nook2 New Member

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    Prismas and Deco's. I get my shit at micheals. Bought the primsa's (48 pack was half off so it was cheaper than the 24 pack). And I rack the Deco's because it's too easy. In the back of the store where no one is and individual markers? c'mon...
    My black book has fairly thick pages so it doesn't bleed. Prisma's are fucking amazing, minus the price.
  18. IllLogic

    IllLogic Senior Member

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    decos are the best next to prismas easier to get to
  19. KinkyStab

    KinkyStab Senior Member

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    i ordered some shit of bs last sunday and there was a weekend deal for these 3 free metallic markers that were otr i got those with my shipment and the caps didnt even fit on but there were pretty juicy and can cover anything
    this is a simp i did with them
  20. TECKN

    TECKN Senior Member

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    they got all the markers up front now next to the workers, but what i do is wear a long sleeve and slip em up