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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. SEIZE [reppin yo hood]

    SEIZE [reppin yo hood] Elite Member

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  2. SNAP!

    SNAP! Senior Member

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    word up, thanks nem...might try tweaking it a lil' ich style while im still toy..
  3. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    it really dosnt, but then again u thaught ur stuff burned chals simples

    SLEDGEHAMMER Senior Member

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    Withdrew that post, forget i said that..

    And sketch i was a toy back then its embarassing looking back.
  5. Haz-E

    Haz-E Senior Member

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  6. sex without condoms

    sex without condoms Elite Member

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    rough sketch, i know R is too small
    for king snap

    just done now.
  7. loser.

    loser. Guest

    damn you shit is weak, keep it up
  8. SNAP!

    SNAP! Senior Member

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    word i'm just working on tweaking that simp some..your looks mad nice though haz-e...but how come no 3d highlights on the t? haha, dope though
  9. Fazed

    Fazed Senior Member

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    I stopped using Fazed cause my moms said that if she saw it anywhere she would kill me, so I started using this:


    any tips?
  10. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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    keep practicing your 2D letter shapes for now.
    i would recommend no extensions on letters for now either.
    and keep all of your letters relatively the same size.
    other than that go crazy with fills, color combos, outlines, etc.
  11. BORG

    BORG Moderator

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  12. Fazed

    Fazed Senior Member

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    ah thank you nem =D
  13. Cin123

    Cin123 Senior Member

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    character i threw up
    any crits
  14. Nem

    Nem Elite Member

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  15. Haz-E

    Haz-E Senior Member

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    holy fuck borg that charecter is amazing cant wait to see it coulered AND if u want u could send it over to me in canada ;)
  16. FailOne

    FailOne Senior Member

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    hazetheone. the markers are just sharpie fineliners in diff colors, and the odd prisma
  17. HuntingLOLs

    HuntingLOLs Senior Member

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    sex, your drop shadows are abit off, especially on the E's
  18. Captain

    Captain Senior Member

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    Anyone up for a battle?

    Piece, color or not, due tomorrow, maybe day after. Word is sort. No digital.

    You may be mentioned more than once. Use ctrl+f.

    nem, use two pieces of paper, one for sketching, one for the final outline. (sketch, darken the lines you want, lay your final version paper over it, redraw using the sketch as a guide (try not to trace so much as you may have more trouble moving your pen at a constant speed/pressure if you're concentrating too much on tracing exactly.)

    Sex, it seems like you're overlooked because you've pretty much got a style on lock. My advice is to try and push that bitch for all it's worth, really make the letters scream. Try doing a few more traditional pieces along with your [sick] throws.

    haz-e, flow your letters a bit more (that doesn't mean to crunch them over each other and lean 'em in one direction, it means to semi-fit them together like puzzle pieces.)

    maze, go as fucking simple as possible for a little while, do only sketches, one after the other (you can get about 3-4 sketches for the time you'd spend lining and coloring a full piece.) Really get your bars down.

    Borg, that sketch burns everthing I've seen from you so far. If I were you, I'd color it a little differently than you usually do, I think it begs for a little more realism and grungieness than you usually put into a character.

    cin post larger pics.

    Fail, I like your style, but try two pieces: one with the best letters you can come up with and no extensions, and one where the letters really stand out from the extensions.

    a maze, see my comment on flow to haz-e

    silent, not really a crit, just an idea: do something like that pink one, fill all the neg-space with the right extensions, but color them with a really different color (in the case of that pink one I would have gone with electric blue for example)

    Last edited: Jan 18, 2008

    SLEDGEHAMMER Senior Member

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  20. Dryft

    Dryft Member

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    k, Just some recent stuff..
    I'm still just starting [And I have been working on simpler stuff, like doing the letters of my keyboard...but thats boring to post]
    crits+feedback wanted


    k, next three, they arn't really my lettering, I altered them from a pre-existing font.. blah blah.
    And i donno, i just wanted to post up some of the junk I like to draw around the background of the letters. [And I know the crown on the word Sugar is really toy..]
    [I'm a girl by the way.. that would explain all the pink and colors. hahaa..]