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Boston; No Bullshit

Discussion in 'Picture gallery' started by mr. she77, May 28, 2004.

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  1. RawB

    RawB Member

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    lol newhampshire is gay!!! All little kids that paint a pussy ass city and think they get up.
  2. everlasting

    everlasting Senior Member

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    jaze throwup
    turtle stencil
    dane throwup
    Tasm and Kesh tags
  3. suddz

    suddz New Member

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    All those picks are nicccce, good to show boston has talent

    but theres this ill place outside of boston, in abandoned military bunkers, easily the best graff probably out of all of massachusetts.
    it was called bare cove, all destroyed now,

    but yea anyone else everheard of it?
  4. leaks

    leaks Senior Member

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    hahah two flicks i hoped no one would ever see hahaha
  5. MAnRoNe

    MAnRoNe Member

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    :eek: atak is fucking killing it
    hes been ripping it really hard in toronto 2 [/b][/quote]

    the toronto manr
  6. MainEvent

    MainEvent Senior Member

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  7. cnue

    cnue Senior Member

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    that jaze is dope as shit. + so is the owl freights (that goes without saying)

    you dumb kids need to quit asking "oh my god, what are some good spots in *insert town here*"
    quit dropping towns
    quit dropping names/names of crews
    we don't care of anyone in ITD bombed your town. get over it.
    and quit asking where "dope" spots are
    a great part of graffiti is searching and finding spots on your own. it makes it that much better.
    plus nobody in their right mind will tell you where the "dope graff spots" are on a messageboard that is visible to the general public. get real.

    bump to the cats who posted those pics. keep it up.
  8. Kan2

    Kan2 Senior Member

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    wow i didnt know how many toronto artists got up in boston.

    causr, atak, utah, probably more
  9. nonamebrandeggs

    nonamebrandeggs Senior Member

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    Utah and Atak aren't from Toronto. Go kill yourself.
  10. cnue

    cnue Senior Member

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    i can't even find my camera haha.
  11. RedEyes

    RedEyes Elite Member

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    Buffalo is fucking killing Boston right now Sabres Rock!
  12. trim

    trim Member

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    r u fuckin kiddin me! chara on the bruins is so fuckin huge! hed kick anyones ass
  13. Apoc

    Apoc Elite Member

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    this thread is lacking step it up yo
  14. wootb

    wootb Senior Member

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  15. duo2

    duo2 New Member

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    Hi Im Josh and Im new to graff is there any way to meet fone and go out boming with them. I was thinking havong a sleepover so they can show me how to do graff. thnx
  16. Ratikoner

    Ratikoner Senior Member

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    that shit was fuckin retarted much comotion over sumthin so fuckin stupid...i was talkin to my buddy about this today...first they shouldnt have made such a big deal outta it...the mayors a paranoid fuck...secondly i think that even if they did want to check if it was a bomb or not they shouldve at leaste kept it kinda quite...its not like they cant...this government is great at keepin shit from the people

    but thats jus my 2 cents

    and this is a stapler

  17. umop 3pisdn

    umop 3pisdn Senior Member

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    did you ever get your free ipod?
  18. leaks

    leaks Senior Member

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    wats only funny about this is how u actually spent time makin a name to say something
  19. Dropping Bombs On Society

    Dropping Bombs On Society Elite Member

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  20. shhhh!

    shhhh! Member

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    this thread needs to be shut the fuck down...infested with toys..