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Close Calls

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by met-trains-r-tha-best-biatch, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. SoCallking3166

    SoCallking3166 New Member

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    My closest call was two weeks ago , it started off me and the crew hitting up an abandoned factory which is pretty burnt out by the years of taggers going there. Well we heading out of there and it was private property so some bitch called the pigs. Well were doing another tag on top of a wash and a fucking pig rolls up in an SUV so we book it into the wash it was about a seven foot drop onto some gross ass green water,so through this all of our phones are fucked and we get back up to their neighbor hood and the pig is still chasing us and I'm the fastest out of five people so I get in front of everyone and turn on the first street I see run past a garage and onto the side of a house , I had to wait there for about 3 hours about five feet from the pigs and my friends it was an epic weekend but I got away.
  2. whitehawk

    whitehawk New Member

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    IM A MOTHER FUCKING NINJA i was throwing up this peice at 4 in the moring when i hear a car coming up and i bolted and hoped this wall.(why did i ran, because im extremely paranoid)
    And it was a cop car decide to go with a mid set of a nninja
  3. toopski

    toopski Guest

    first night out doing a piece in 2 years, me and my mate doing a wall cbf with looking out since ya know. turns out since we're near the beach we couldnt hear shit i look around and theres a cop @ the round about watching us 2 see what we doing across this reserve, so we start running my mate bails down some side street i kept running for like 500m or smth and decided to hide in a bush. waited like 20mins b4 walking round the block only to notice cops were @ the wall taking pics and writing shit down.

    me n my mate have done the same wall 3 times but yeah guess being the weekend and near some pubs didnt help but closest call ive had yet
  4. Coleo

    Coleo Elite Member

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    crap man the closest call i ever had was when i was doin a bathroom tag with a krink k-60 in purple i just finish it was right on the outside side of the stall and u could see it when you opend the door. well anyways right when i finished a cop walked in through the door and i had the marker in my hand so i turned around and acted like i was pissin then when i finished stuffin the marker in my pocket it waz still drippin! and the cop turns around and said "can you beileive this!?!? some one just did this right infront of me!" then i said "nope" and walked out.
  5. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    when i was about 15 or 16 i was bombing in the nyc subways (which i now realize is pointless) for anyone whos ever been to or seen an nyc subway they know that when you wait for the train there is usually a tile wall in front of you. so one night at about 2am i decided to jump down in the tracks and do a nice little throwup on the wall. i wasnt even paying attention to the train's because it was the weekend and very late (being from new york you know what that means.) so as soon as i grab my second can i hear a train very close to me. i had no idea what to do i was in complete shock i seriously thought that would be my last day alive. i quickly thought of something, i remember my mom telling me a story about someone trying to commit suicide and people telling her to lay down in the middle of the tracks under the train and your safe. for people thinking why i didnt just climb back up, well in nyc the platforms are very high from the tracks and you have nothing to push yourself up with so it takes a minute to get yourself up there. so i lied down in the middle of the tracks and the second i saw the beginning of that train i swear to you i peed myself, yes i literally peed myself. i thought i would die the second the begining of that train came over me. fortunately i didnt and im still alive to day. i learned never to set foot in train tracks in nyc again. by the way the outline got buffed in 2 days...