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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    Yo...... Keep it real....(Intro lol)

    There is a whole in front of the shovel *Shovel*
    Whole in front of the yard.
    Im coming hard like a very sharp shard!
    Dont dare say nothin that is bizar.
    Do you want to end up buried in gave yard?
    So just please watch what you say.
    Dont en-blame me you'll just fuel the flame.
    Watch me gain fame as your labeled as a lame.
    Im on the bond now anything else you want to say?
    Okay please try another day.
    No Fire too live, No one too hard...
    Im the fire so you better play yo cards.
    Im the game dont put me on very hard.
    To much to pay watch me come with a roar
    Im like a Shootin star,I just soar
    Commin at you like a wild bore
    Shot me NOW
    (Part 2)
    Showin you how to live the life of a king.
    Come to my cattle Im going ask what you bring?
    You take your place in the Crowd.
    Im watchin as you bow down....
    Im have more ppl than a sigma
    Know you are a under figa
    So I came like a Viper.
    Came washed you up and put you in the dryer.
    Hit you hard with my one liners.
    Dont need to stop cause Im miles Higher
    To you I am like a Jedi sentinel.
    I'll just come back and dog you in intervals......

  2. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    send you to the atmosphere,
    this is rap, so only rappers here,
    step back if you a bopper tryna bop us here,
    ante's on the crock pot, cookin up rhymes to hear,
    niga's live in fear, like they always live in the light,
    scared of the dark, and what live in the night,
    creepin up so while you walkin in your fright,
    shh shh shh, give ya throat a little slice,
    shh shh shh, shoulda stayed away from my life,
    livin on the dark side, like i'm not fresh with christ,
    spittin on the mic, like it owes me some money,
    but from fright, i stay away and out of the sunny

    someone get at me.
  3. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    Fool do you listen to music?
    Or do you just skim through it
    Im am one that is above the influence
    My rhymes are hard as your are translucent
    I spit rhymes that are nice and Fluid
    Think you can rhyme why dont you do it
    My rhymes are parallel as yours are congruent.
    I turn conrers as i make right angles
    You just stop thinkin about a paraphrasle
  4. brainlord

    brainlord Senior Member

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    its funny how vulnerable you really have made me
    broke down my eggshell and left me like a baby
    youve made me a baby answered questions with maybe
    upsetted my yolk and exploited my sensitivity
    i mean really what kind of person can make you so insecure
    give me the poison ill take it if you promise a cure
    dont fucking answer with maybe tell me if your sure
    respond my questions with a definate answer
    your speaking in stutters like vocal cords with cancer
    continue to scratch my back strip off my stress
    i must confess your the fucking best
    im the fucking mess and i wont lie im nothing less
    i mean look i went from arguing to being beaten by my own fist
    hits wont miss when im boxing with a kiss
    and teeth wont break if i leave with what i can take
    and fake im sure this isnt even hard to relate
    having that bitch that twists you up and you hate
    but you cant leave because even you know shes too great

    eh sorry for dirtying up the thread
  5. "Riot"

    "Riot" Elite Member

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    I used to be a drug dealer...but now. nothin but a drug abuser.
    dodgin the heat bumpin the beats.
    feelin oh so lifted and homie i dont even believe in shiftin.
    pills goin straight to my brain goin insane.
    cause im pedal to the metal in the fast lane.
    its oh so tragic how i swurve through traffic.
    little homie ive had it! hittin 100 feelin oh so ecstatic.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2008
  6. Idealeyez

    Idealeyez Elite Member

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    Nabonidus predecessor, Nabopolassar’s successor
    Nebuchadnezzer, rebellion expeller in Ketuvim lectures
    Babylonian law, what was the chapter on seduction?
    Eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, limb for limb was the punishment
    A hundred yin for a hundred sins, That about covers it, doesn’t it?
    Fighting two zeros behind me like James Julian Southerland
    The coming winds in the tundra mist hides the enigma in front of it
    The corruption and plundering and the trouble that comes with it
    Oil is poison, sons and daughters in the morgue for it
    Mom drops the cordless, father standing on the porch tortured,
    My skull is a submarine hall
    Bathyscaphe through the Cambrian’s fauna on the deep sea floor
    Dr. Hillyer, David, Weena and George
    Watch in fast forward the horrors that form as man begins to wage war
    Sargon, Sumer, and then even before
    Pre-historians even thought that they ought to record
    Mid-Atlantic Ridge smoldering, Rodinia in molten seas
    Before Pangaea drifted and before the oceans freeze
    In my dreams, I’m yelling it, on beats I’m telling it
    On streets I’m selling it, strong speech imperative,
    For the words I derive, I should get the Pulitzer Prize
    PEN/Voelcker is fine, PEN/Faulkner’s declined
    I’ll get White Lion class 5, just give me some time
    Harold McGraw if I strive, Otto Hahn if I die
    Ansari X if it flies, Polar if I can get it to rhyme
    Jean Nicod Prize if I manage to open their minds
    Went south west in a straight line, Trent Texas from Lake Lime
    Because a message I was blessed with suggested I make time
    I got there a little early, the sight was other worldly
    The sky was filled with hues of blues and burgundy, 30
    My contact looked down, every light beam was searching
    The ground beneath was scorching but I wasn’t hurting
    I’ve got nothing to prove, nothing to lose, nothing to do
    Except to, lead you to a sky more blue
    We are clearly designed by the thoughts of a predefined fate
    The Theory of Mind, and the walk of a primate
    The Scarecrow’s Brain, the foresight and foreshadow of change
    Not nearly as important as the forbearing from which it came
    From thrashin and bashin’ to tracking’ and stabbin’
    From lackin’ to stackin’, from grabbin’ to rations
    From factions to cabinets, from draftin’ to askin’
    To sacking resources clean from every land we plant our flag in
    Heavy is the burden of the world that we carry
    “Are we up to the task?” is the Cosmonauts Query
    I scream out “YES!” But up there nobody hears me
    Too many bombs going off to transmit the message clearly
    Chainsaws in the forest, fleets of barges heaped with trash
    Concrete streets under my feet instead of Reed Sweetgrass
    Innocent are the thoughts that a youthful mind brings
    Before he is taught by the blind as the blindful eye leads
    Killing ourselves as our makers watch from Luna craters
    They’ll be our enslavers if we ever lose their favor
    “That is not dead which can eternally lie
    And with strange eons even death may die”
    The Pearls of Time by Gerald Klein, collective works of James Hynes
    Will McCarthy and John Varley in my mind
    The ground was damp, the air was warm
    In the jungle I sit. In the jungle I mourn
    My shirt ripped by thorns, body tired and worn
    Bruised, bloody, and burned, still i plot my return.....

  7. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    lickin' mush off the black book
    what that is some cat crook
    dissipating thoughts waiting patiently off
    the top its non stop because the sandwish might drop
    the mushy mushroom was turnin' blue but the smushed up
    sandwish was filled with goo
    now what to do
    tumbly rumbling like a tummy fumblin not sure if gonna puke
    hope not 'cause the trip needs to come through
    sick of kicks not doing what their supposed to do
    dry of herb so absurd the catalyst woulda been fine to serve
    but the worst is the anticipation like I'm deny the effects 'cause I'm pacin
    its basic, but the waves are gonna come in thick
    like a water drip transparent but leaves an embeveled bevel
    like an engraved stone is a fucking pebble

    oh but homie this is the freestyle not to diss that was straight but ferreal don't think you be trickin' any real cyphers into thinkin' you some cat who just all the sudden busted in with amazing skill, put in more work if you want more thrills. Straight up it looks like you spent an hour researching words to use in that, theres no way you have some of those words on LOCK in your word arsenal enough to bust 'em out in a freestyle.

    ...straight up I can't feel that shit at all though but i'm comin' up on a trip
    Last edited: Jul 20, 2008
  8. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    All you cats in here think that you're rhyming tough
    I ain't in the mile high club, I don't give a flying fuck <-----(get it? lawl.)
    I'll break inside your house, kidnap you and tie you up
    Grand Theft Auto your whip, I'm makin you ride the bus

  9. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    fuck rhyming tough
    every motherfucking MC knows that motherfucking talk is CHEAP
    forreal B, listen to the beat and do somethin' street, talk shit after you done it
    and you'll see that your still runnnin' to catch up with that rep
    gotta blast cats 'cause you gotta prove that you step
    seriously people be hearing us so don't front on that stuff
    'cause its gonna come back and attack you with a devastating blast
    you gonna mouth off to the wrong one, one day and see the gun spray
    while your paint can is punctured its gonna be a bloody function thats
    depictin' your last seconds on this earth like suction out the window
    a black hole is killin' you like a minnow gettin' caught in a fish trap
    you gotta avoid the whirlpool so your ship don't catch a wave
    and take you down under like why am I rhyming about fucking water
    its hotter than your shit that is it cause I'm flowin' with a notion that will
    constantly mock your debauchery because your honestly flaunting schemes that
    you will never accomplish frontin' on some cabbage when its rotten as fuck
    but its the internet so just duck
    nobody knows you
  10. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    a "sippin barr" production
    featurin unconscious the sideways tippin grippin and sippin lean
    directed by 32 oz of promethazine
    im fucked up son, get like me

    a plain closed soldier, u wouldnt expect brutality from me, but n.i.c. grasp the m.i.c. and rock it like a arab tea party. hardly even spit when i speak but my wits are never weak im like a geek too much knowledge for ur brain, my cerebellum leaks inteligence outta my cheeks, get ur toilet paper ready cuz here comes a bomb, droppin like bushs hunt for sadam after he fucked up iran. icon, im an idol i khan ur chinese roots, i destroy territories melt the rubber souls off ur combat boots. fruit troops, u loops arent shit so step off, fall back or feel the wrath of my words that seem soft, until they creep into ur mind and rewind time to the times of suckin nipples and surely u will find, my face replaces that of ur fathers, i hope it bothers u deep down in side that i reside in ur brain, some call me insane but i remain at my peak of sanity and it will never drain. refrain from speakin my name or find ur self under the dirt, 6 feet deep burried alive forever hurt. ill rip out ur splein and feed it to my pet pirahnas, ill leave u stinkin like shit, bloody and covered in rags jus like the pussy of ya momma, like obama ur chance of survival after election is very slim, i may be thin but i hold each and every skill required for the win, with pens ur corny like jokes of stimpy and ren, ur flow is so fucked up i figured u was immitatin snoop, sippin the juice and gin, ur kin folk is nothin but a bunch of thermo nuclear radioactive and braindead bitches. like the hills have eyes ill leave u broken from just one of my pitches. u cant bat with the best so dont step to the plate, ill leave u slumped over bleadin from ur cranium like JFK. yea i went there but now im back to spittin raps that hack ur mind into a million peices just cuz my new breed of species is swingin like paul bunyan the lumberjack while spittin theses. a number crack, crackin codes like a nerd, the way i spit these words so absurd, the way it curves ur mindstate and sends it headfirst in a nosedive directly towards the curb. bite down and taste the cement, cant repent for ur sins, its too late, i am supreme and the judgement now begins. ur crime: spittin whack ass rhymes all the time, so tell me how u plead and ill tell u how the court finds


    haha not directed at anyone inparticular... just my random ass rhyme spittin minds u feel me?
  11. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    metacarpals grippin your throat,
    just cause of the rhyme you last spoke,
    put you under water, do an underwater stroke,
    ok guys, let's take a vote, nevermind...
    i don't need people to tell me no one can step to me,
    try it, i leave your voice silenced.
  12. Frantastic

    Frantastic Senior Member

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    ^nice nice

    i jump in ciphers with a knife, i'm the type that'll strike ya/
    cause half these 'cats' are 'women', not nice like 'michelle pfeiffer'/
    i'll bash you with a 'bat, man' if you try to gimme dap, man/
    i'm a 'terrorist', i'll 'break' ya like 'afghans doin headspins' and handstands/
    there's no match man, you need extra ignition and a flickered bic flame thicker/
    bullyin' lames and snatchin their dames quicker cause my game's bigger/
    inside, makin cream..basically my lazerbeam switched her face like maybelline/
    i think you need a cover girl, there's cherry blood on your faded jeans/
    and her anus, G? the circumference was in circum with a vortex/
    the space was a vacuum, inside the planets aligned from the raw sex/

  13. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    i pawn u motha fuckas got u bustas stuck in my mental
    its so simple the way i control ur thoughts its not a rental
    u only gettin paid in knowledge and for that u should be thankin
    me, im rockin beats and sendin u somethin higher than rocky peaks
    i got that bomb bomb son, taken from afghani mountins
    the weed there gives seeds, supplies my flow, im flowin fountains
    for real jus inhale deep and want to rap within the second
    start bustin them flows about how ur brain i start infectin
    spittin virus on papyrus cuz im tracin my rootz
    im lookin back n burnin camps, my fires meltin ya troops
    salute the general, i loot general stores, i buck at bores n fuck the whores,
    no relationships so that means im stickin more
    they come in fours, suckin on all fours-fuckin suckin to the core, rick-rick rock it n dont stop it keep it on poppin hoppin whores
    drip it, pour-out the tip-onto lips-man it hits like acid trips acid stamps, keep on lean wit acid sips
    do u kno wat im sayin, wat im sprayin out the mouth man
    this one man band man is up in the house man
    cuz im betta than swizz beats, i am swisha sweetz
    killin these fuckin tracks wit my raps i bring the heat
    take a seat, before i fuck up ya face, step up pace and leave u hangin n danglin from second place
    as a matter of fact, ur in last, im in first, i am phax, yes i graff, and more than half of killerado will-will follow will-kill all those steppin in my way, cock back k's n fukin spray.
    they kno i rick-rock the hip-hop n every day i fuckin spray another line from my mind no need to time ur lyrics right
    cuz im endin this fight before the sky turns to fuckin night.
    its 3:24 my lyrics shake u to the core, rattle ur interior, bi-bi-bi-bi-battle more
    in this race u runnin slow and i blow u out the water, i spit this shit much hotter
    than the reminince of hittin pigs wit diesel fuel on top of sauder,
    i plotter wit evil thoughts and in ravines they team will rot
    cuz im not missin-missin shots, my aims precise im nice wit glocks
    wit the deagle, im like smeagle, its my precious-precious so lethal
    n if u people think u can keep up wit flow, ull see a sequal
    to this devistation at hand, im bout to land on ur moon and kick up some lunar sand
    i can, rock ur style n pile bodies for miles, spittin bile into viles, creatin hostile seeds
    my kids will fuckin eat ur familys greed, my seeds will fuckin feed on ur flesh, its a mess
    fuck the stress hittin maryjane while im eatin the delecasy called ur brain
    u kno im sick wen spittin shit, i come wit heat i spit the flames
    u lames is same witcha game, wen i came, i came wit train
    understand wat i speak cuz if u reply to mine wit weak, u will leak from ur thought process u fuckin geek

    the beat...
  14. Klaz

    Klaz Elite Member

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    i'm not better than anyone
    i probably cant test sage son.
    never held a glock let alone fuckin pop one
    i ain't got bitches, i ain't got hoes
    girls wont even talk to me cos of ink stains on my clothes
    usually found diving headfirst off speakers at shows
    the kid whos mad violent but nobody knows
    till they push it and i switch out
    take the fuckin bitch out
    till im shatterin his face shoutin "WHAT THE FUCK YOU KNOW ABOUT?"
    but nobodies pushed it, and its relaxed times
    so i just cut them up with the switchblade rhymes
    got the pride of 100 crews on a chain round my neck
    1000 more mc's just hit the fuckin deck
    with a blade in thier back
    for talking nothing but smack
    talkin bout straight-dope try advancin from straight whack.
    so if we battle and we draw, yeah all votes are null.
    ima get you outside, paving slab through your skull.
  15. ODonthesetrees

    ODonthesetrees Elite Member

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    popped three hydros and im feeling alright
    theres also a blunt in sight
    and its my birthday tonight
    so as i sit back, and i roast the greens
    inhale some milk, and release some steam
    feelin high as i let it go, pass the blunt to the right and so on an so...
  16. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    i grip the blunt, liplock and inhale
    takin deep breaths til both of my lungs fail
    sail into the sky, a new high, a new journey
    flyin wit big bird, grover, burt n ernie
    and on this trip to a magic land
    i deside to stop by good ol amsterdam
    a fan of maryjane, both the bud and the girls
    if not one than the others guaranteed to rock ur world
    after about an hour of fun in amsterdam
    i deside its time to go, continue on with the plan
    traveling accross the world in search of the best plant
    hydroponics or natural, u decide cuz i cant
  17. Frantastic

    Frantastic Senior Member

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    i think them trees is cloudin your brain b
  18. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    u cant hack it,
    or stand static,
    fake wen u grip mics,
    like ur hands plastic,
    my plans drastic,
    i ban wack shit,
  19. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    im still a teen,
    but im swingin gullioteens,
    killin feinds,
    leadin gurilla teams,
    thatll grill ur spleen,
    if u fuckin spill the beans,
    lookin like a pysco thriller scene,
    i feel to scream,
    when i cant smoke a dealers green,
    cuss i got no money,
    underground like a drill machine

    edit im bord

    u aint hip hop,
    ull get smoked like the blunt,
    or a blood in a crip spot,
    u liplock with cock,
    ill fuckin score if ur chicks hot,
    like i just threw a trick shot,
    but if the bitchs not,
    she can piss off,
    get dumped faster than a brick drops
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2008
  20. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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    Yeah, Bombing Science- the best graff site, bitch
    We have loyal members would never try to snitch
    There are some people who are mean at times
    but we always love to kick back and write some rhymes
    Just be yourself- there's no need to act dope
    or pretend like you are writing as good as cope
    We give crits to toys and help them reach their goal
    and always try to respect cus that's just how we roll.