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Getting A Blackbook

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Runk, Nov 18, 2005.

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  1. beefgerky

    beefgerky Elite Member

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    god damn, i understand asking for advice to do with graffiti..but asking what to write on? how to purchase or steal something? jesus fucking chirst lemme wipe your ass while im at it.
  2. Vagrant

    Vagrant Elite Member

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    any available toy forum mod.... DELETE THIS

    or at least lock it.
  3. Beautiful_Crime

    Beautiful_Crime Member

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    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ or u can find a blackbook shove it in ur waist and walkout then come back tommorow and shove another one down ur waist and walk out
  4. tha.dank.bomber

    tha.dank.bomber Senior Member

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    any legitimate art store will sell you a blackbook, otherwise steal 1 or get it thru a high school art teacher(like 2$)
  5. white

    white Senior Member

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    think im gonna buy one soon cause im tired of using lined paper....
  6. jawsy

    jawsy Senior Member

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    ^^^^just use printer paper
    this thread is the worst ever
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2008
  7. thats me

    thats me Senior Member

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    man,my dad buys my blackbooks but everytime he buys it,he buys the wrong one...

    think im gonna start racking mine
  8. -Leski

    -Leski Senior Member

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    I hope someone finds this thread funny, I dont.

    Someone should close this.
  9. revid!

    revid! Elite Member

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  10. just 1

    just 1 Senior Member

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    why is there a thread for this?????????
  11. blunttokes

    blunttokes Elite Member

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    just go fucking rack ur shit or go buy it if ur not gunna jack shit... like cmon fuck this threads pointless shit i must say!

    deleting this wuld be key!
  12. zeekoner

    zeekoner Member

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    ahahah go to art room in school they got shit loads and they are great!!! just tak eone not that hard..
  13. blunttokes

    blunttokes Elite Member

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    my boy did that back in 04 n he got smashed in the head by the teacher

    if u got michaels arts n craft store go there jack that shit n walk out easy as pie...

    why there athread for gettin a blackbook lmao
  14. einsamkeit

    einsamkeit Senior Member

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    build one out of bamboo and tree leaves... it's what daim does.
  15. RUP'E

    RUP'E Senior Member

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    go to ur art class at school, rummage throught the draws, find black book, take blackbook.
  16. maso1

    maso1 Senior Member

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    Man toys arn't just shit at graffiti they must be spastics as well. I mean why is there a thread on how to walk to the store get a black book and pay money to the person at the counter!
  17. RUP'E

    RUP'E Senior Member

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    hahah you are a toy maso.
    just a toy with common sense
  18. maso1

    maso1 Senior Member

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    Haha fuck off man we're representing the same crew haha shut up or i'll come to your house and bash you haha jokes

    INDO1SNMK Member

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    i been wrtting 6 years and i went from note books to crayola sketch books to just the hard bound cover black books it doesnt matter wat you practice on its about when you go and do that peice in reality

  20. KBP

    KBP Member

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    i sketch in a unruled notebook :)