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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by split, Jul 31, 2004.

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  1. Hase-DtL

    Hase-DtL New Member

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    yeh why tha fuk does ppl hate, i hate nobody i give them respect for even gettin up like these ppl think they so good that they can start sayin this is wack n cross em out, wdf give the kid respect for havin the courage for breakin tha law
  2. slimecitymob

    slimecitymob Member

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    any kid can break the law, but not everyone can paint. id say buff anything that is just "there", but make sure that the person your going to buff over isnt alot bigger than you. if your buffing someone you gotta have the muscle to back it up or your going to lose any credibility
  3. RookieX412

    RookieX412 Senior Member

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    ^^^very good points...
  4. the infamous one

    the infamous one Elite Member

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    to be honest, if u wanna then its upto to you...but never ever ever ever diss a r.i.p peice...some dude did one for his little brother up here and some toy faggot went over it with a shitty bomb.......dude got curb stomped by like 8 dudes a weeklater....poetic justice eh
  5. snag

    snag Senior Member

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    hahahaha thats the first time ive ever heard someone say that seriously.....
    no beef i just think posi (the word and the music) sounds funny

    unless this is like the chillest spot youve ever seen, why bother going over someone when you can just find another spot?
  6. RookieX412

    RookieX412 Senior Member

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    ...yeah, to dis an R.I.P...wrong...
  7. Sampson

    Sampson Member

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    Going over a realy shitty piece would be doing a favour to society. As long as yours is better of course. Theres nothing worse than a big shitty newb piece wrecking a good wall.

  8. LongQuan

    LongQuan Senior Member

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    This is the rule:

    If you are a better writer than consider a lesser hit the same you would a clear wall.

  9. denali

    denali Senior Member

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    i dunno if someone already said this i didnt read all the posts.....if so then suck a nut :lol:

    but dont go over a good piece and a shitty one :p thats just silly unless of course u wanan be silly and then get all urs fucked up
  10. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    depends on the spot.

    legal or 'safe' wall. go over it.

    if theres no space empty go over the ugliest piece there. or a dissed piece.

    even if what u are doing is alot uglier. hey u are learning andneed to practice n get better. so just go over it. if they got beef? then they are retarded fools who outta move from painting walls to painting canvases.

    thats my opinion. u dont own the wall. so dont come bitching to me, unless its beef crossing to disrespect. if its jsut 'going over' and not 'crossing out' then it should be fine... if u love your art SO much that u cant stand to see it gone over then as i said take it to canvases or stick to your backyard.
  11. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    stupid advice.

    let me explain. i was like that...

    now i can rock wildstyle 3d on paper.
    i get a can... :eek: oh jeez its not as nice as on paper :eek: :eek: :eek:

    do toy pieces when u do toy sketches. by the time u got dope sketches youll have good enuff can control todo em.

    paint as soon as possible. if its ugly? so what? your a graffiti artist. no rules. do your thing. if its ugly and drippy well as long as u tried your best... if ppl diss u for it tell em to go screw themselves...

    do YOUR thing... not the next guys thing.
  12. pSYKAOz

    pSYKAOz Elite Member

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    oh and another lil thingy...

    ppl who go over street bombing with their own bomb etc... dont do that!

    if its a dope spot where alot of ppl will see it or a heat spot todo etc etc... even if your better in style or more up... it sucks to go over their spot... they hit it first... go find another nice spot.

    (im not talking about piecing here im talking bout bombing like throws n stuff)

    so unless u are gonna like totally burn the spot (ie throwie fill over a hollow or burner/blockbuster over a throw) dont touch it!!!

    well thats just my opinion and advice... so ya do what u will with it.
  13. SMiZ315

    SMiZ315 Senior Member

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    there's a kid that has a whole shitload of kswiss shoes stickers and only uses those as his way to get up and he's gone over my handstyles a bunch...i'm not really one for a lot of confrontation, but don't ya think he should at least make his own sticker or show some style before goin' over ppl?
  14. NiHiL

    NiHiL Elite Member

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    if someone goes over a tag wit a sticker rip it the fuck off!
    if you go over someones peice you gota be prepared to get into beef...
    but if the peice is like new and awsome leave it kiddys and if its shitty and faded from the 80's get rid of it cauz most of them are ugly... beef's fun untill your really good peice gets capped and crossed... and then its WAR... :lol: :ph34r:
  15. BRAINE

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    going over people is dumb
    beef and hating is lame, but if its your thing, whatever
    its stupid to go over another peice, theres always more blank canvas, no city or area is full, just find a newer, harder to reach, and more heat spot, you will get more cred for it anyways then going over someones peice behind an alley
  16. DARK1

    DARK1 Senior Member

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    i personally wouldnt go over anyones shit id jus go find some other place cus im the only 1 in my town.........but its up 2 u
  17. skrim

    skrim Senior Member

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    yeah . but if your toy like ME , find a spot that u can practise like where there is no one . i found my spot and i practise can control so that way when i get better sketches and designs , ill be able to make them look good ..
  18. Wake126

    Wake126 Member

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    Hey I've never been one to cross shit out or whatever but I've been seeing shit like that around my area and was wondering if there are a sort of "ground rules" for crossing pieces you know who your crossing out before you do it..even if its a shitty piece?
  19. daze14

    daze14 Member

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    is it right to go over som1s tag if its on ur territory and u dont like the people who wrote it
  20. eVoL

    eVoL Member

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    I must agree find your own spot, but you gotta be real about it. There is always some fool going over peoples shit. Just go by the old code, they can go over you once maybe twice, third time put that toy on ice. If their out crossin only you out, all the time by the same fool,its a spot they check often so you hide in the shadows for them and do what ya gotta do. I seen a throw up that was up for 5 years or so, crossed out by some toy. Lookin like SPIT. if ya know what I mean. thanks to eckos game, shit has gotten out of hand in my hood, garages in the richest parts of town victim to video game junkies.