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LF Help with clogged cans

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Rahsoulja, Mar 20, 2022.

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  1. Rahsoulja

    Rahsoulja New Member

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    Yo, I won't flannel, I am a quite inexperienced guy on the scene.

    I've got this problem where some of my cans are straight up clogged and won't spray even a bit of paint. I sometimes keep them for a long time before really making use of them or keep them in a cold place so this may be the case. Shaking them all the way up and down before using and always using fresh caps, they just won't shoot a bit as if the valve got stuck.

    When this happens I try couple caps and shaking upside down but nothing helps. Once I got this with 2x600's and I replaced them at the store. Anyone got any tips or reasons for that? Ty all.
  2. OfoeIsAToy

    OfoeIsAToy New Member

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    I usually use needle caps and stick them in the valve because I myself only use female cans so I just stick it in and press and turn it a little and it does the job for me
  3. odesk_fyt

    odesk_fyt Member

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    not safe to stick a needle into the stem coming out from the can. It's pressurized - you could use an air compressor and set it to 90 PSI, no more. squeeze air into the can.