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My Way Of Keeping Cans Upright And Quiet

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by b4t0g, Jan 17, 2006.

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  1. AKnR

    AKnR Senior Member

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    i wrapped them in old t shirts and tried not to shake the bag so much
  2. Apse One

    Apse One Member

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    I use Dakine Camera Blocks. work perfect.
  3. wahdahfuk

    wahdahfuk New Member

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    yo thats retarded. wayyyyyyy to much work . get a 6 pack of beer fill it with yur paint. same shit but not as complicated.

    it keeps ur cans up right in yur bag.
  4. wahdahfuk

    wahdahfuk New Member

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    yo use a 6 pack of beer. fits in your bag nice. and keeps the cans upright.

    u can always stack 2 6 packs on top of eachother . its wut i do
  5. Paint Can

    Paint Can Member

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  6. Walt

    Walt Senior Member

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    fill your backpack and put a sweatshirt around the top of them
  7. SiteGraff

    SiteGraff Senior Member

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    thats a good idea and all with the styrofoam but its way too much work man, just throw your cans in a bag or a backpack and go
  8. Jade1997

    Jade1997 Member

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    you can get really strong disk shaped magnets at hardware stores, they fit well on the bottom of cans to keep them quiet.
  9. R3bel1995

    R3bel1995 Senior Member

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    I agree, if you spend too much time worrying about keeping quiet, youll never get out there, your cans are never as loud as you think, its just your amplified paranoia. Just prop them up in a bag, and be careful, its not that hard.
  10. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    yeah i had like an old thing that came in a case of wine and it was like a cardboard grid thing. so i just put that in my bag and put something around it so they dont move as much. wasnt perfect but it worked.