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Tips For Sneaking Around!!!

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by graffman12, Mar 5, 2006.

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    WIZDUM Senior Member

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    Just use common sense. Obviously if you dont know how to creep quick and silent then dont write...silenty. And if it's like 2 am and your wearing all black and a person happens to walk by (As if just getting off of work) and they see you, leave because when a suit sees you and a small group of people wearing all black beanies, hoods, and bandanas they gonna call the cops.
  2. stabbyjoe

    stabbyjoe Senior Member

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    if its an early morning mission just dress normal or dress in some nappy ass clothes possibly, pajama pance or somthin, besides looking normal- if a cop stops you be polite say you coudnt sleep, and your out for a walk, this isnt some james bond shit. besides plads and stuff with broken up colors and dark patterns are better camoflouge, and i think grey is a better color for hidding at night not black,dark grey.
  3. fuck your life!

    fuck your life! New Member

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    hahaah..thats aa burn... the ideal look for graffiti artist to cops is.. baackpack skateboard..
  4. Wise One

    Wise One Member

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    stay home and play splintercell
  5. kill

    kill Elite Member

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    splintercell pssshhh!!!
    metalgear solid blows that shit away
  6. mad ethics

    mad ethics Senior Member

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    come on, do we really need to learn how to "sneak around"?

    everyone has been sneaking around since humans learned to walk, no need for a thread.
  7. minor crimes

    minor crimes Elite Member

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    if any of u kiddies are worried about ur cans shaking 2 much. grab a pair of socks n put the can in 1 then put the other sock on ova the other sock and fold the rest of the socks ova the can and its really quiet and perfect for when ur going out bombing. its worked like a charm for me XD i liked it n so did my mate so it was all sweet
  8. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    get naked shove lit newspapers up your arse while yelling such things as; RAPE HELP OR OH GOD NO! in a loud voice cop's will never notice you but seriously where mottled coulours bag with a jumper or porno over your cans ( a cop seeing this stuff will usually try not to embarass you..... hopefully)
  9. wanted 3- slave

    wanted 3- slave Member

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    i go out with my bandana on my face and for the rest i am yust naked
  10. Tade

    Tade Senior Member

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    go out wearing that rediculous get-up that trane wears in Getting Up lol... with the SFC hoodie, and the little can holster in plain view. =P
  11. Flash_One

    Flash_One Elite Member

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    yea you fuck i know read who made both of them you stupid ass toy go fuck your sister or your dog or cat and there both made by me!!!!!!!!!! :angry: [/b][/quote]
  12. meks

    meks Senior Member

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    i think it would be mad funny to dress up like one of those faggy joggers with the tight pants and shit and just jog around with a few markers, cops wouldnt think for shit and youll get your lazy ass some exersize
  13. HeiSk

    HeiSk Banned

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    become a ninja :ph34r:
  14. bigbomba'

    bigbomba' Elite Member

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    that is a 100% uderr waste of a post...more than mine...

    and i have dressed like a jogger b4 and done a few bombs no one looks at you at like 4 in the mornin
  15. bombingwalls420

    bombingwalls420 Member

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    lol. thats funny. dont be a bitch. its not hard to sneak around.
  16. tjoy221

    tjoy221 Member

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    dress up like flava flav and run down the streets with your homemade spraypaint can(bottle of horseradish)and whip out your dick and start jerkin off if the police give you any shit. :ph34r: be vewy vewy quiet,i'm witing gwaffiti!
  17. C-money fresh!

    C-money fresh! Elite Member

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    act normal arange spary cans verticly they make alot less nois alomost silent you can jojj up and down stairs with up to ten cans in a back pact and still be silent if you do it right.
  18. crates

    crates Member

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    dress up like zanta. no one can touch zanta. B)
    ...yes yes yes
  19. tha boy in da corner

    tha boy in da corner Elite Member

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  20. PanDEMIC

    PanDEMIC Senior Member

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    r u mentally challenged?

    hoodie? black backpack?
    thats not obvious at all. <_<

    think about it. if you were a cop looking for graffiti writers would you ignore the shady looking kid in all black with the hoodie and the backpack or would you ignore the nerdy looking kid carrying a GAP shopping bag?

    stupid. <_< <_<
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