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Urban graffiti vs Suburban graffiti

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by killEr, Jul 26, 2019.

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  1. killEr

    killEr Member

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    I've noticed urban graffiti is fancy and colorful and has all kinds of cool effects. Typically graffiti's more common in the city too. You see it basically everywhere.

    In suburbs though it's only really seen under bridges and in drainage areas. Graffiti in suburbs looks a lot more simple too. Don't get me wrong, sometimes you can find cool stuff in suburbs. It's just that typically it seems simpler. Like, there's less colors used and that sort of thing. I'd assume it's this way in suburbs because cops have less to do so it's easier to get caught doing it. Maybe it's also that people in suburbs are mainly just teens. There's not really any place for an actual graffiti artist there.

    What would you say about this?
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  2. A Blue Jay

    A Blue Jay New Member

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    There is definetley a huge difference between the two. Both different environments. It's better and more live in the city because it's more of an urban sport and spot to do so, where as suburbs lack that potential of having decent graffiti, I have seen some but it's more lowkey, suburbs are hot with more patrolling police. The suburbs also clean it up faster more because they are stricter on their image and thats why you mainly see them in drainages, tunnels and under bridges more. There are graffiti artists everywhere.

    GRAFOS Member

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    I guess it might be more the fact paint isn't cheap at all, although at my hood where I grew up is pretty poor so we used to steal spray paint to afford it, and when we had to pay we usually just buy a couple chrome and black or white due to the lack of money, maybe that's the main reason behind it, money.
  4. Ian Henderson

    Ian Henderson Member

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    It is buffed quicker, and there are less graffiti artists in the first place.
    But it can be satisfying to do graffiti in a gentrified suburban area.
    I live in a suburb and I do lots of graffiti in this drainage tunnel that runs underneath my town.
    The only other paint down there was from middle school kids over ten years ago.
    A lot of the time it feels pretty lonely doing graffiti in the suburbs.