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Weapon Of Choice

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by ghost_tsg_2005, Aug 3, 2005.

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  1. AnonymousWaaa

    AnonymousWaaa Senior Member

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  2. MozaOne

    MozaOne Member

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  3. HansSolo

    HansSolo Member

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    any color deco with a flared nib and squeezed casing.. super wide writing with barely any streaks if you have enough pressure on the case/paint on nib/whatnot and it comes off reallyglossy when its done. not bad for a free marker :cool:
  4. wsjrzutcc

    wsjrzutcc Member

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  5. Skeptic90

    Skeptic90 Member

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    its like bringing limp hams to a gunfight
  6. ChadWarden

    ChadWarden Elite Member

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    i love that the thugs come in here and try to start talking about guns.
  7. dujuan

    dujuan Member

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  8. .Cuore

    .Cuore Senior Member

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    molotow burner... delicious

    RETZONE Member

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  10. Phat 2

    Phat 2 Elite Member

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    it's gotta be between a rusto black + fat cap and a week old black pilot jumbo (used just enough for the tip to be a tad worn out)

    but ultimately I'd go for the pilot, easier to carry around
  11. saosb

    saosb New Member

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    I really dig my otr .084 flowpen with blue grog ink in it. Its a little tricky to make it drip but it has to be the most cleanest marker I've ever had.
  12. RAPP

    RAPP Member

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    Really cheap permanent marker with some athletic rubbing alcohol soaked into the filter. It comes off blue on brick, doesn't wipe off with a sleeve after like 10 seconds of application but I've been able to wash the ink off my hands completely after a couple of hand washes with soap. It's something though.
  13. nah!

    nah! Banned

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    by filter do you mean nib?
  14. RAPP

    RAPP Member

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    Well, yes and no. Yes the nib gets soaked too, but the filter as in the little tube that holds the ink. I don't think it's called a filter though.
  15. AUK

    AUK Member

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  16. weedeater

    weedeater Senior Member

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    its called a pump valve
  17. MoF.

    MoF. Senior Member

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    uni posca, al i can relly get ma hands on :/
  18. Vacancy

    Vacancy Member

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    I like me some clash with a german and usually a OTR h2b
  19. Urbanosity Ltd.

    Urbanosity Ltd. Member

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    krylon cans, cheap and a fuckin wide variety.. but their caps suck now
  20. manik00

    manik00 Member

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    what would ppl recommend for mixing with grog ink?