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Weird Anti-graff Coating

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by MrCzar, Feb 12, 2005.

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  1. MrCzar

    MrCzar Senior Member

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    I haven't read any other posts in this thread, but it could have been oil on the freight maybe?
    I have painted over the anti-graffiti coating, on walls, and they still need a high pressure hose to get it off [/b][/quote]
    Yeah um, maybe you should of read the other posts. It's not oil it's teflon.

    Fuckin toy.
  2. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    ummm, wood soaks up your paint.
  3. Bombs Away

    Bombs Away Senior Member

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    true it soaks it up, but it doesnt repel the paint like this shit does.
  4. Havoc411

    Havoc411 Elite Member

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    he's talking bout somehting else. i know what the shit they put on friehgts is and theres really no way to get around it. but wes talking about wood, not metal. painting on wood is dumb, its not gonna show up very well.
  5. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    its a fuckin burner yo...
  6. Bombs Away

    Bombs Away Senior Member

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    its not just on metal. they put it on the walls of highway over passes here.
  7. Helko

    Helko Senior Member

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    if you spray this shit over your bombs and stuff theyll stay there for a madd long time, thats awsome...but if toys get thier hands on it then the city is goin to hell...but im sure all of you knew this.
  8. snag

    snag Senior Member

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    i only read the first half of this due to the fact that nearly every response was along the lines of, "damn that sucks," or "I hope they dont start using this on all walls."

    for those of you who pondered the latter: think to yourself how much a can of paint cost, now think of how much area it covers. this paint resistant probably cost along the same lines (or even more) than a can of paint. now imagine how much it would cost to cover all the walls, or even all the walls that have been hit regularly.

    this is about as likely as happening as that plan to make satalites that can detect when a can is being spayed.
  9. Dayzer

    Dayzer Member

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    hope it's not a sign of things to come
  10. mansnot in your meat taco

    mansnot in your meat taco New Member

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    the dumpsters in my hood are coated with soming like that
  11. MiLoOnE

    MiLoOnE Senior Member

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    Yea, i heard about them doin some type of shit like this in Philly, but not on fr8s thats fuckin crazy.
  12. skateparadise

    skateparadise Elite Member

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    its Trash Juice. see it all the time...
  13. westcoastbomber

    westcoastbomber Senior Member

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    same here
  14. 211_24-7

    211_24-7 Senior Member

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    you are dumb...

    un primed wood soaks up paint
  15. skateparadise

    skateparadise Elite Member

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    you are dumb...

    un primed wood soaks up paint [/b][/quote]
    :lol: haha thats fuckin great.
  16. Kn1ghT

    Kn1ghT Member

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    a teflon coated box car... holy shit how much did that cost?
  17. h0pe1

    h0pe1 Senior Member

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    nope but that sounds pretty gay man
  18. Kev Graff

    Kev Graff Member

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    Are you fucking retarded? Why would I go and try to melt it off. You seriously don't think at all! Yeah while I'm at it, why don't I plant some C4. Maybe I can blow up the boxcar and paint the burning pieces when they land while I'm at it.

    And Christ, stop being a fucking post whore. Please try to think a slight amount before posting. [/b][/quote]
    Yea i could just bring my handy dandy flame thrower along as im going bombing...

    What the hell are you gunna melt it off with? a fucking match? a lighter? Some people just dont C4 i always bring that along with me just in case i see that coating shit :p
  19. >SM!7K<

    >SM!7K< Elite Member

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    yeah man its true, though ive nver see it on a freight, actually i dont hit em that much, and ive never hit a wall with it, the closest ive came to something like that is some concrete walls that arent primed or some shit, and you paint, you shit dosent drip but it sinks in and you cant see it sept for like a ghost....
  20. RoboaShi

    RoboaShi Senior Member

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    If etch can frost into glass then surely, someone could come up with an ink or paint that can frost into telfon ? in england we have this bathroom cleaner called cillit bang that shit melts shower curtains in like a minute. Maybe it could melt into the telfon enough for paint to adhere. Ofcourse this is if telfon coating was to catch on otherwiase you might as well just hit up a trainthat is'nt coated?