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Were Did U Get Ure First Can Of Paint And How

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by grandhonner92, Jun 24, 2007.

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  1. mellowmanic22

    mellowmanic22 New Member

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    went too sherwin villiams and bought three black cans then hit up a local bridge to write some realy shitty tags back in the day
  2. theEmenhiser

    theEmenhiser Member

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    I've always been writing my name on stuff ever since I was a little kid. My mom always tells people how I was getting in trouble for drawing my name all over stuff in pre-school. 4th grade I found a small can of paint in the house and started spraying crap on old plywood boards and stuff. Little by little I kept doing it until about 3 years ago I went out and started hitting public walls and alleys, billboards, etc..
  3. am1er

    am1er Senior Member

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    went to a local hardware store and stuck my hand behind the gate snatched it and dipppppppped
  4. Festo

    Festo Member

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    first can i rusto i found on the ground
    ...felt pretty bad ass shaking it till i realised it was clear coat
  5. Mr. November

    Mr. November Senior Member

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    First can of paint, I was probably like 13. It was one of those big cans of old rusto. Experimented with that for a little bit. It was fun.
  6. HipsterPunks

    HipsterPunks Senior Member

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    I've never stolen a can of paint from a store, Writing graffiti alone builds your arrest record. I dont mind paying three bucks for a can no matter how "un punks" that is, it sure beats court fines. Not to mention it isnt the 80's anymore, hardware store paint isnt even worth racking. With that in mind when i was under 18 i would go with my moms to home depot and get a couple cans and tell her i was spray painting my drums. That excuse still worked when i was alone, as long as you dont dress like a thug they will sell you paint, break out the polos kids!

    However i would love to rack that fucking terrible evolve paint, how are you gonna rave about doing something for the graff scene and release such a shitty, insulting product. Claim its a blue collar hard working American made paint, and that shit is right off the boats of China. On top of that have pictures of Cope2 and Shepard Fairey holding the can like a fucking old spice advertisement. Shit like that is ruining graff.
    Last edited: Nov 28, 2011
  7. 2mor

    2mor Senior Member

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    bought one for £1 at a car boot sale when i was 11, went under bridge and did shitty hollow of my christian name n other 11year olds thought it was awesome for a good 6months..(bearing in mind ,never had the internet or much exposure to any graff)
  8. ッℤëкℯ

    ッℤëкℯ Member

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    Got my first few cans about a year ago from my best friend Rake that ordered them off of Bombing Science and been hooked ever since then.
  9. spher

    spher Senior Member

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    some guy got chased and left his paint behind soo i took it
  10. Fang

    Fang Senior Member

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    I jacked my first can from the garage lol
  11. criscros18

    criscros18 Banned

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    Well my first REAL can of paint, some chick bought for me. But i did find these 3 cans of 10 year old Sherman-Williams spray paint…. They had these caps that id never seen before, and were totally depressurized. Which sucked because they were both full and unused.
  12. B-36

    B-36 Senior Member

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    Found it in mah basement
  13. seskhesmkts

    seskhesmkts Member

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    met a pretty dope graff artist in town who was 18 and he bought all my cans for me for like my first year.
  14. Asis13

    Asis13 Senior Member

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    first one I used I jacked from my dad's workshop. exploded from there.
  15. Daba..

    Daba.. Member

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    I got my mum to buy it!
  16. PlanetVegeta

    PlanetVegeta Senior Member

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    i had a can of krylon midnight blue leftover from building a '54 chevy belair model car.
  17. smokeitup

    smokeitup Elite Member

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  18. SiteGraff

    SiteGraff Senior Member

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    i found my first can in a friends shed, good times man...
  19. graffitiWISCONSIN

    graffitiWISCONSIN Senior Member

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    it was a can of x-o rust that only true value hardware has I think. I used it to fuck around on my plywood cuz I was to scared to paint any walls back then. the next cans I got were fresh paint. they're $2 cheaper then x-o rust & they smell weird. the only thing I can complain about them is that they get destroyed with cold. they cannot handle temperatures lower then like 60 degrees
  20. HaySpray

    HaySpray Member

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    borrowed from a friend. was empty in like a hour so never gave back -.-