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Where Are They Now?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PureSole, Jan 25, 2006.

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  1. capitol

    capitol Senior Member

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    im gonna get in a car crash..get my head stuck in the steering wheel and ill get accidently amputated by the jaws of life. Then ill be a head in a jar, jsut like the famous people from futurama.
  2. Evasion Of Invasion

    Evasion Of Invasion Senior Member

    • Messages: 428
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    -Sinn-'s gonna finally get laid then his fat ass is gonna have a heart attack from guzzling bacon grease and the fact he actually got laid, then all of the 666 crew will walk in scream "LOL" point and laugh then gesus is gonna jab him in the eyes with a dirty needle piss on his face and then theyll skin him and give all the skin to miss acroe to make 500000000 canvases cuz hes so fat and shes so dope she needs more canvases and theyll sell his balls and liver to the chineses as an aphrodisiac...

    and ciles gonna shank Swoe in the fuckin jaw
  3. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    foe's gonna come back to bombingscience someday
  4. silentchaos14

    silentchaos14 Elite Member

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    where the fuck is foe anyway? that is a question i would really like answered.
  5. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

    • Messages: 2,134
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    Gfat, Silentchaos and Nero will be stabbed in the head by Joe Pesci because they talk too fucking much.
  6. mas$

    mas$ Elite Member

    • Messages: 771
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    lol i was wonderin wen someone wud talk bout silent:p
  7. Rots takes your Daughters

    Rots takes your Daughters Elite Member

    • Messages: 939
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    I'm gonna get punched for mistaking SINN for a goth chick and asking for cyber again..

    Rogue will die of projectile diareha, Gesus will live forever, like Will Smith and Oprah, Baze will probably choke to death on 'something', and that emo shemale with sprayed-on-pants will be raped in a Japanese subway train.
  8. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

    • Messages: 2,134
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    That guy is too gay for his own good.
  9. JackJill

    JackJill Elite Member

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    What about JackJill?
    I think Cile's gonna become some sort of underground taxi driver who smuggles shit...He'll die by trying to evade police and choking on a bacon quarter pounder with cheese.
  10. Evasion Of Invasion

    Evasion Of Invasion Senior Member

    • Messages: 428
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    jackjill's gonna be the one to provoke -sinn-'s heart attack:D
  11. -Sinn-

    -Sinn- Senior Member

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    lol evasion and rots consider urselves sigged lol
  12. RUDE_Bwoy

    RUDE_Bwoy Elite Member

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    i sold my soul to immortal
  13. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    i know for a fact that syrup and cmoney are going out in a hail of bullets,
    police shoot out steez.

    seize will spontainiostly combust, all over his moms carpet

    now someone do me,

    oh yea felix us gunna get a boob job that gos wrong and u die from cilicon poising and gangreen of the nipples
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2008
  14. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

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    i read somewhere that hes in college or something

    the punk rock thread completely died when he left
  15. BombingSciences Bitch

    BombingSciences Bitch Senior Member

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    I think someone didn't pay attention in maths..
  16. the.sate

    the.sate Senior Member

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    jetpack will die from his boyfriend pumpin' him in the ass while attempting to flame people on bombing science-due to his baby nuts and inbred genes. as time comes closer to his death he keeps checking his nuts, flame after flame to see if they grew. maybe next time jetpack...
  17. SAID

    SAID Moderator

    • Messages: 3,974
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    all the people in here are gonna die cause the fumes that are inhaled when we paint.
    tsk tsk
  18. BLTZ

    BLTZ Senior Member

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    sketch is gonna die while sprayin.
    heres the play by play:
    hes spraying the perfect rooftop right at highway height.
    then some soccer mom with a hard on decides to do some lethal wepon shit and drive here 1990 nissan maxima wagon through the highway barracade flying through the air and finally smashing sketch into his own piece.. and it was never buffed or cleaned so there is the ultament SKetch piece with sketch splattered all around is for the whole world to see..
    Is that good enough
  19. nero112

    nero112 Elite Member

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    haha i think your right im predicted to fail all my maths gcse hahaha
  20. x{parkour}x

    x{parkour}x Senior Member

    • Messages: 276
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    thats a true say, but it would take a few years of inhaled paint tho