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Where Can I Get Hello Stickers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by oneshokid, Nov 24, 2005.

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  1. Runk

    Runk Senior Member

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  2. Sire

    Sire Senior Member

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    your kidding right, people can get them from office supply stores and such. your like my jewish friend trying to make money of everything :angry:
  3. cord

    cord Elite Member

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    does staples U.K sell em??
  4. JETc17

    JETc17 Elite Member

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    staples, office depot, all those office supply store.

    BESTR_USBK New Member

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    i always thought that those "hello my name is" stickers were pretty gay. just get some of slaps from the mail store. They look sick when you dont use the whole thing and just cut off likea 2x1 inch piece, color it all one color and then put your shit up on there that looks pretty sick.
  6. -=J=-

    -=J=- Elite Member

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    what about free stickers in the uk?
  7. jape-the-nape

    jape-the-nape Elite Member

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    "im called"
  8. Krylon bomber

    Krylon bomber Elite Member

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    BS has these dope hello stickers in the markers section.
  9. YNOT iN SF

    YNOT iN SF Senior Member

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    Ohhh yea...

    Bombing science has stickers....
  10. Krylon bomber

    Krylon bomber Elite Member

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    yeah it says Hello my name is... and then it says who the fuck are you?

    and then have these ones in french.
  11. Sparti

    Sparti Member

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    If u got a Kinkos store near ya u can print out big sheets of stickers with whatev u want on them, i don't think it costs too much either
  12. onfire

    onfire Member

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    dollar stores man.. $1 for like 100
    im not going to ask why you want them but why not just but sheet sticker paper?
  13. ziponer

    ziponer Senior Member

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    they sell ones with crappy stickem at tatrget stores for 24 cents a pack
  14. retnevni

    retnevni Member

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    try a pharmasave or office supply store...or delivery trucks such as fedex, ups
  15. clamy

    clamy New Member

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    Staples or an Office Depot... ahah pretty well any
    pharmacy or like... hardware store that you could
    think of. London Drugs sells 100 packs for 2.00 canadian
  16. bla

    bla Senior Member

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    in toronto in the bomb shelter they sell hello i write stickers and theya re dope, AND BIG!

    Do they sell stickers at staples (canada)?
  17. BRAINE

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    i got a sticker from bombing science with my last order. its small and just says bombing science, but im gonna hit a good spot with it. and write my name in white in the corner. i wish you could order just the "bombingscience" stickers alone.

    and for free
  18. KAOS ONE

    KAOS ONE New Member

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    Whoever asked where to get UPS stickers, go to UPS.
  19. ...K_R_Y_L_O_N...

    ...K_R_Y_L_O_N... Senior Member

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    THey are selling some on b-science now they say "Hellow my name is: then @ da bottom it sayz what the fuck is ur name. :lol:
  20. -save

    -save Senior Member

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    i think i saaw sum on here but i cant remember where... sry