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Who Are Your Local Heros And Why?

Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by youngboy, Oct 17, 2006.

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  1. crit1caL

    crit1caL Member

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  2. frankgrimes

    frankgrimes Member

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    Tokyo -
    MSK: Sect, Wanto, Ceaze
    SRT (my crew) - Gld, Tosm, Sys, Kento

    lots of others, but these guys are the best.
  3. ZorK

    ZorK New Member

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  4. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    i live in london and my local hero is pure hes amazeing and ive met him and he tahught me can controle
  5. clockwork

    clockwork Senior Member

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    I would kill to have a great painter teach me some CC lessons. Im slow at learning when I have to experiment alone. Which Im sure theres a million others just like me.

    I wanna get ahead to start doing some sick throws. Just 2 tone ones.

  6. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    ur sigs has given me nightmares no lies,and iv forgotten every thing he taught me,i should get back into practice
  7. T_R_O_N

    T_R_O_N Senior Member

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    i wouldnt say heroes, but the ones i look up to are pretty much the most up writers here in D.C.
  8. really poor

    really poor Member

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    dam right now in la i give it up to AUGOR, FUCT, BUKET, PRYME, TANK......the NCTs, LOLs, TKOs(as always), NBCs, HOFs, and of course RPs and BRUCLKS....these foo smashing some shit in la!!!
  9. gypsy rose

    gypsy rose Member

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    in ottawa its gotta be daser, none and plus 3....yea i deffinatly look up to them.
  10. Myth

    Myth Member

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    Dont have any local heroes. No graffiti scene where i live... Yet!
  11. c0ld

    c0ld Senior Member

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    slip, i suppose.
  12. sheist

    sheist Senior Member

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  13. use it

    use it Member

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    sukoe for mad style
  14. _Lofty_

    _Lofty_ Member

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    dont have any as they are shit.. and are all toys...

    would like it if there were a few that i could learn from !
  15. G - Wahl

    G - Wahl Elite Member

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    Mad ups to Boser MSG, even though we got beef.
    We been hitting eachother for a while now, ill be the first to admitt hes kickin my ass.

    Respect to Reso. My " teacher ".
  16. BAPKEB

    BAPKEB Senior Member

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    I live in sacramento california so i mine is EMER and i also know him he goes to my church
  17. hardkore toy

    hardkore toy Member

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    Mine would have to be DONE, hes toy but hes everywhere.
  18. shamee1991

    shamee1991 Elite Member

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    ma cuz cuz he shows me pic of when he met t kid and abnsky lucky shit got to work with them.
  19. RemoZ

    RemoZ Senior Member

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    Sooz, Jake, Noun, Anti, High, Ideas, Merk, Tiero, Nero
  20. enuf.

    enuf. Senior Member

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    Sifer for his mad style, and being my inspiration.

    core for taking it to a new level.
    sukoe for the crazy characters he does.
    nus for his insane fills.
    and some more on the way when i get good pics.