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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aero, May 3, 2005.

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why you guys graff?

  1. for the fame

  2. cause you love art

  3. for your friends

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  4. to express yourself

  5. to destroy

  6. for the adrenaline boost you get when you go on a big spot

  7. none of the above

  1. RFI. SPit

    RFI. SPit Moderator

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    ya m n' ume graff tag walls n shit we bomb alot

    i rite graffer n' he rites daking. hurrdat?

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    and most of these kids sayin they do it for the art and cause they want to express themselves and beautify the community, MAD TOYS. you aint beautifying shit if you are a toy, and you arent expressing yourself if you dont put real feeling into your graffiti, which most of you dont.

    also, i enjoy crushing a spot, and i love to hear "yo i saw that new spot you did!"
  3. Rasp

    Rasp Member

    • Messages: 20
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    i started to put up political statements but as time went on i realized people
    are retarded and dont understand when the truth is right in their face
    and now i mix it up characters and political statements on the off chance
    someone will see the light
  4. HadeP

    HadeP Senior Member

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    I dont do graffiti for fame, i wear a mask, i dont care if people know what i write, it doesnt matter. I write Graffiti because Of the feeling you get, once your hand hits the cap, its on. and its just the best feeling you can have with your self, its all about expression, commitment, and balls. if you dont have these from the start. then you wont last, well thats what i believe. i think people who write graffiti for fame, are to competitive. graffiti doesnt have to be competitive, its not about whose up more, whose better, because if you truly love it, you will look at the people who are up more, and who are better, for inspiration. like me, i know im not very good, im 15, i started about half a year ago, whateves, im learning, every day im drawing, i skectch from saturday, to friday, friday nights i hit the streets with things i improved on through out the week. i believe graffiti is a life style i believe its not for fame, its about improving yourself as a writter, enjoying yourself, and of course, respect.
    so even tho im not the best writter, and i probably wont ever be. that doesnt keep me from learning, or trying new things. graffiti settles my mind, and allows me to think about shit.
    so for all of you people looking for fame, i think that you should really start thinking about whats important in the world of Graffiti.
  5. mask_301

    mask_301 Senior Member

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    partly for he rush but mostly cuz i got nothing better to do
  6. bubsone

    bubsone Senior Member

    • Messages: 103
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    i think graff is really cool because you can get a $5 can from a store and go out and thousands of dollars worth of dammage in a single nite. that is what makes me motavaterd to do graff.
  7. PopwarSkater

    PopwarSkater Member

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    I've started it recently because it looks interesting. I'm holding onto it now because it's saving me. Shit has just gone down down down hill. The last thing I was holding on to was this girl I liked, and then this faggot girl I was friends with went and told her when I was considering asking her out on Valentine's day. So, I guess that's ruined, so graffiti is all I really got. I'm gonna try and make something good out of it, not waste my life entirely. I stop graff now, I won't have a thing to live for.
  8. Kaze

    Kaze Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,367
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    i write because i can and i do it for self expression
    goody boy by day badass writer hittin up the streets by
    night no1 knows the other me i just get up and thats that
  9. stado

    stado Senior Member

    • Messages: 98
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    for the fame, it's nice when you hear that people are talking about you, and respect you without really knowing who you are.
    people know me, but they don't know who i really am. i like being mysterious
  10. sketch13

    sketch13 Senior Member

    • Messages: 216
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    i would say a bit for the fame but mostly cuz i love art and i love to express myself and i dont know what other shit i would be doing if i didnt write and plus i love to see my shit when ever i'm walking around
  11. moltov

    moltov Senior Member

    • Messages: 234
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    I do it for the fame, to express myself and to destroy. ANDMOST OF ALL because I have an addiction for painting.
    what pisses me tho, is when stupid ass KIDS and other ppl do graffiti to be cool and put up some tay ass piece of shit word up. I wanna break their fingers!

    CIFILONE Senior Member

    • Messages: 496
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    i could care less about the fame... ;)
    i dont kick it with other writers, or chill where i guess they do...
    most writers are stuck up wiggers...i just like to paint on shit.
    i always wanted to when i was little, like on the walls an shit...
    but now i can just cut loose, and destroy doing the same tag
    73 times on the same door...or bombing the side of an old junkyard car.

    i just do it to shed a little color on this ugly world.
  13. Able!

    Able! Senior Member

    • Messages: 222
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    for me its all about the fame haha i didnt seriously gert into graffiti until some random kid stopped me on a bus and told me hed been seeing alot of my shit and that people where starting to wonder who i was..since then its been anbout hitting the biggest and best spots because there is nothing like being FAMOUS!!!

    CIFILONE Senior Member

    • Messages: 496
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    and i bet you drop out after a while...
    fame eats away at your motivation...

    i mean, once your on top, and everyone knows you...
    you either get busted, or stop, because theres nothing
    left to do it for. i dont wanna sound like remio, but i actully
    have been out eating, and have heard people talking about
    my alter ego...its weird. glad everyone who see my shit has no clue
    who i am...just a select awesome dudes, and dudets....

    btw. im still speeding since last night....bored, cold, twitchy, talkitive hahaha
  15. <SMK>

    <SMK> Senior Member

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    I like the fame but alot of people still dont know who i am thats good shit but i live for the fuck the rest i like to see art on the walls

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

    • Messages: 641
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    i do it for myself, to expresss myself to get that release thats just like a nayural orgasmic feeling, its like busting a nut sure i luv da art but it more for me u kno fame is kool n all but to me i aint bout all that its more of the emotion of wat i did

    JEDI-MASTER Elite Member

    • Messages: 641
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    i do it for myself, to expresss myself to get that release thats just like a nayural orgasmic feeling, its like busting a nut sure i luv da art but it more for me u kno fame is kool n all but to me i aint bout all that its more of the emotion of wat i did
  18. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    I just like being out and bombing. Fuck piecing for the most part, to me thats not reall graffiti. Its not that feeling of being alone in the street in a city at 4 in the morning, killing shit. seing nobody.
    I do graffiti to destroy shit, straight up and down. To destroy shit.
  19. ryskeronerski

    ryskeronerski Member

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    how in the fuck is piecing not real graffiti? ive given up on piecing and stuck to tags and throws but i atleast respect a nice piece when i see one and i definately consider it graffiti especially if it was done illegally.

    graffiti doesnt destroy anything. the only reason people see it as destruction of property is because the average human being, in the U.S. atleast, values extremely boring and uniform aesthetic qualities especially when it comes to their places of business, a.k.a your canvas. other than being an "eyesore" to the property owner graffiti doesnt destroy shit. it doesnt make anything less usable or functional. the only difference is what color it is.

    so you arent destroying anything. youre only changing what color it is. unless your idea of destroying is to do really shitty graff everywhere in which case you suck.
  20. jalleyadikt

    jalleyadikt Member

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    i do it because simply because i enjoy it, its fun to me
    i love all kinds of art, i like the adrenaline, and i like the fact that you can do a piece and some of your buddies will talk about it not having a clue that you did the piece. the mysteriousness of it intrigues me alot.