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A Better, Faster Way Than Wheatpasting

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by MrCzar, Apr 16, 2005.

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  1. pocket_change

    pocket_change Elite Member

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    i tried many spray adhesives but what about the long lasting affect is it better than wheatpaste? personally just use heavy duty wall paper paste that dries clear
  2. MrCzar

    MrCzar Senior Member

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    Technically yes because it's for mounting and use in portfolios. Super 77 is also water resistant. I've noticed that all the posters I put up with it, water beads up on them instead of supersaturating the poster. Plus it dries clear as well.
  3. eternal

    eternal Member

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  4. underground_culture

    underground_culture Elite Member

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    ^ thats one for the signature

    what a sicko.

  5. Skin-page

    Skin-page New Member

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    What is wheatpasting? I totally brand new, so just don't ask. What is it?
  6. underground_culture

    underground_culture Elite Member

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    you make a poster, large or small

    then you make a blend mainly containing wheat. search the froum for recipies

    this sticky "wheatpaste" acts as a glue for your poster

    you spread your wheat paste on the wall, then put your poster and and voila!

    you have wheatpaste

    hope it helps
  7. KaL1

    KaL1 Senior Member

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    instead of that cheap spray glue you should use molotow streetwise spray glue.shit sticks!i think its reallMOLOTOWy ment for posters.
  8. "REACT"

    "REACT" Member

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    yo i got the mini version of that stuff. its so great about the size of an axe can and covers like 70 square feet. I had a post like this a long time ago and everybody was like thats gay wheatpaste rules. ive always used this.
  9. T R E O

    T R E O Elite Member

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    molotow has a good 600ml spray adhessive.
  10. G-RAF

    G-RAF Senior Member

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    haha i have those..elmers glue tho... nice for flat/smooth surface
  11. mad ethics

    mad ethics Senior Member

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    this shit is not good for the streets, trust me. It's only good for stencilling to get rid of underspray.
  12. FWBMeth

    FWBMeth Senior Member

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    u fuckin toy spray adheisive for stickers not wheatpasting, the whole int of it called wheatpasting is that u wheat paste, and thats product has been look down upon on this forum for a long time except for stencils
  13. Abeone

    Abeone Senior Member

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    guys, wheatpasting is meant to be done by wheatpaste, not spray adhesive. The whole idea behind it is making something less harmul to the environment that you can easily do in day light, because people see it as putting up a flyer for a show or something. Face it, people see a can these days, they think graffiti. If spray adhesive is your thing, thats cool, but i think ill stick with wheatpaste.
  14. pdxmith

    pdxmith Senior Member

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    super 77 is also nice because it doesnt have a mixing ball and doesnt make a lot of noise

    use a fat cap with it i use pink dots o.g.
  15. Siner

    Siner Senior Member

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    If anyone wants this go to Staples, they have it.