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Advanced Sketch Battle

Discussion in 'Old battles' started by EsKoNeR!!, May 29, 2007.

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  1. MooMootheMoose

  2. MrTelephoneBox

  3. IlikeChicken

  4. Albert Fish

  5. Krook

  1. Msfyt

    Msfyt Elite Member

    • Messages: 5,195
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    but you like chickens?!!?!?!?!?
    that is the ugliest i and k
  2. b-townbomb

    b-townbomb Senior Member

    • Messages: 85
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    voted ilikechicken. krooks was sick but i think it was a lil 2 wild for my tastes. i also liked telephoneboxz cause it was a littl more simple.
  3. SpLiTbomber

    SpLiTbomber Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,982
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    moose - i like the layout n colors are great, so even though i didnt preferably like the letters img oin wit urs

    telephone - needs to b a bit cleaner

    chicken - nicest, cleanest letters but very plain.. probly woulda been 2nd pick

    albert - i like the letters, but its like a throwup, and the same style as wat u do for teh throwie battles. not to say i dont like it, but i think u could mess around with it n add 3d, make it cleaner, n myb some more add ons

    krook - ur work is an example of having style but no letters. seems like uv got plenty of potential and ur colors are always great, n ur ish is clean... but i cant stand that u try n make it all complicated but have no basic structure behind ur letters
    ur s isnt bad, but the d and c are ugly. go bak to the basics n perfect ur style to b as simple as possible, and ull c the problems in your letters. once u have that figure out build them back up again with all the colors, addons, and funky ish and u will ahve some dope ass shit
  4. MainEvent

    MainEvent Senior Member

    • Messages: 410
    • Likes Received: 1
    i think the worst letter on chicken's shit is the S. the K is solid to me and the I is fine. i dont like LA style shit, fat bars to skinny bars and little thin lines all over the place with sharp lines and all that shit. not saying Krook is that MSK type style but its reminiscent of it to me. kinda a pet peeve i guess, dude is talented though without question. skill wise, krook wins by miles but letter wise its a different story for me.
  5. KrookONE

    KrookONE Senior Member

    • Messages: 321
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    split..thanks for the crits..i was tryin somethng new...always room to improve y'dig

    more of you should really do that
  6. role

    role Senior Member

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    at least it was only a backdrop =o
  7. JETc17

    JETc17 Elite Member

    • Messages: 1,356
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    krook killed this shit
  8. ilikechicken

    ilikechicken Member

    • Messages: 35
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    yo all, thanks for the crits, much appreciated.
  9. Sahe 1

    Sahe 1 New Member

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    idk had to go with Moon
    looked sick liked the style..kinda gay flowers but owell
  10. MooMooTheMoose

    MooMooTheMoose Senior Member

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    Just going with the 70's theme thing, but it is pretty gay.
  11. klauss

    klauss Senior Member

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    mmm telephonebox :)
  12. Stear(Stare)

    Stear(Stare) Senior Member

    • Messages: 117
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    mooses would have been good without the stuff in the back. voted krook
  13. ChRoMa 11820

    ChRoMa 11820 Senior Member

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    i like chicken kinda bit off fezat but okay
  14. Slushi

    Slushi Banned

    • Messages: 2,098
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    MooMoo looked like a shitty attemt at a fezat bite.
  15. Brian Peppers

    Brian Peppers Senior Member

    • Messages: 403
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    Moose, i just wish your disco ball had a little more bling to it.
  16. cityofdevils

    cityofdevils Member

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    EKERONER8UP Senior Member

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  18. ilikechicken

    ilikechicken Member

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    ekerone, why'd you post that?

    EKERONER8UP Senior Member

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  20. ilikechicken

    ilikechicken Member

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    i dunno, it was kind of rando...