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After You Finish Bombing For The Night...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LOST, Mar 28, 2005.

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  1. peng.2

    peng.2 Senior Member

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    rub one out, then go to sleep
  2. Nemz

    Nemz Member

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    well i go home n go straight to bed as i always get home late
  3. Code_sucht

    Code_sucht Banned

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    Set my bag in my room.
    Wash my Hands.
    Open Bag.
    Organise items where they were located beforehand.


  4. moltov

    moltov Senior Member

    • Messages: 234
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    I noramally just sneak out then paint for like 1-2 hrs then sleep but I smoke at better times lol
  5. cast LI

    cast LI Elite Member

    • Messages: 805
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    eat drink and be merry. then pass out in my bed.
  6. swich

    swich Elite Member

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    come home, upload the pics of the night, edit them, shower, TV, sleep...
  7. slick dick willy

    slick dick willy Senior Member

    • Messages: 245
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    usually I eat some hotdogs with sliced bread then go to sleep,
    then there is other times that you smoke the resin of your pipe.
  8. mada focka

    mada focka Senior Member

    • Messages: 154
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    i eat a lot (especially if im stoned :) ) and then sleep or watch tv until i fall asleep.
  9. tesk

    tesk Member

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  10. nemzone

    nemzone Elite Member

    • Messages: 559
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    word. i come home, tickle le pickle, upload flicks go to sleep with mp3 player on
  11. 3mpir3

    3mpir3 Senior Member

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    after i bomb during night i prob just go to friends house and hang out and fall asleep there or just go home and chill all night

    [email protected] <_<
  12. geritto

    geritto Senior Member

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  13. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    smoke me a cig, smoke a joint if i got it, sketch, jerk off or get some pussy if it's available and then by the time 5 o clock comes around i pass the fuck out.
  14. nero112

    nero112 Elite Member

    • Messages: 2,437
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    walk around n bomb the night away either sleep at a mates or sneak back in or go to a girls used to go to my ex but that ships sailed so now to a new chik yay lolz
  15. shalf

    shalf Senior Member

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    For me I usually get back from painting around 5 or 6 cause I go out around 4ish (it's mad quiet cops aren't even out half the time) out away any paint or whatever I ended up not using, then either go to sleep get something to eat or go chill with whoever I went bombing with...
  16. MF The Super Villain

    MF The Super Villain Senior Member

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    My favorite thing to do after a long, beautiful, successful night of bombing is come home, take a shower, slip into something a little more comfortable, throw on my favorite porn of Shy Love<3, play with my cari (penis), eat some junk with a can of TaB and fall asleep to dream of my wiz.
  17. Sadistic.Child

    Sadistic.Child Elite Member

    • Messages: 536
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    i go home, turn on the tv. and crash the fuck out on my couch.
  18. KASE2

    KASE2 Elite Member

    • Messages: 525
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    smoke a stouge, drop my shti off, go bak and grab a flick(jus in case i get pulled ovr i hav nuthn on me) its jus a precaution
  19. Bazer

    Bazer Moderator

    • Messages: 5,141
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    After bombin i usually do a victory dance that pretty much looks like this.

    haha... nah i really do a victory dance but all its i do is some uprock that looks like an old dance called the charleston.
  20. EgoZen

    EgoZen Elite Member

    • Messages: 923
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    Just put up some good tunes in the cd player and drive home...
    smoke a cigarette or two on the way...