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All About etch

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by salem1, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. UrbanDecay212

    UrbanDecay212 New Member

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    Etch tags could last a pretty long time, you just gotta use what you have at the right time and the right place. It could really blow up your spot though, so be careful
  2. whatunead

    whatunead Member

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    unless you want drips and speed, coarse sandpaper gives you similar resuts with less risk.
  3. Awesomefarts

    Awesomefarts Member

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    when i was younger nobody would let out the secret of how to make the markers
    i got etch bath, mixed it with everything and tried to put it in a marker, shit never worked so I gave up.
    probably a good thing.. heats out your name.
  4. guywithacamera

    guywithacamera Senior Member

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    why does etch heat your name?
  5. Crafer1-Stay-Real

    Crafer1-Stay-Real Member

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    Cuz if popes see it,they know your a high risk writer,so they right ur tag down and if they catch you tagging with that same tag it's additional charges

    Etch is dangerous shit,they don't want anyone getting burned by accident
  6. cek!

    cek! Member

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    etch does NOT "heat" your name up unless your writing on peoples home windows
    cmon people be real for a second cops are gonna want to get you anyway and its really not that dangerous
  7. City of Trees

    City of Trees Member

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    yea and alotta time it ruins the window and the store or wutever has 2 replace it and thatz bout 1500 dollars so wen u get cot youll probly catch a felony
  8. Fang

    Fang Senior Member

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    Thats sooooo true, except the buffing part
  9. BennyBoii

    BennyBoii Senior Member

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    etch takes awhile to dry so if u squeeze the fuck out of it and get drips some will come by and with out knowing brush there hand on that window and well u know the rest
  10. l2U©/\*0Ul2¢

    l2U©/\*0Ul2¢ New Member

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    Yeah why would anyone want to catch tags that can only be buffed by changing the whole pane of glass(sarcasm). Personally i love tags on glass, the catch the eye and they look almost angelic the way they seem to just float but what i don't like is having those tags literally get washed off. Etch is awesome and in my opinion any graffiti writer that wont use it is just a...
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2012
  11. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    im sure people said this before, but dont mess with etch, seriously. there super illegal and i cant see a point in taking the risk
  12. phillysake

    phillysake New Member

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    where can you find etch cream?

  13. maizy

    maizy Banned

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    Lol thank you, it is perfectly legal to have etch but toys don't know their elbow from their dick...
  14. phillysake

    phillysake New Member

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    what would you put etch in? in about to grab me some and i heard of it being used in like an eye drop bottle but idk. i dont wanna put it in a normal mop or something if thats not what your soposed to put it in
  15. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    yes it is legal but if you get caught using it your completely fucked
  16. Jaset

    Jaset Senior Member

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    thanks for posting that info
  17. graffitiWISCONSIN

    graffitiWISCONSIN Senior Member

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    don't even fuck with etch. sure it might be more permanent but that's because it's acid. i've seen shit where people have it in a marker & the marker gets melted open so when the people reach in their pocket they get etch all over themselves. it's just not worth the risk of injury & stuff like that. plus if u get caught using it u get in major trouble.
  18. fingerlickingchicken

    fingerlickingchicken Senior Member

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    Yo homie I racked a bunch of etch, good way to use it is ya put it in a bucket, dip your cock in it and start writing. Do that on the daily
  19. loki0

    loki0 Member

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    SEXWOUND New Member

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    I almost agree with some of these kids saying etch almost defeats the point of writing/tagging, but it really depends on what you want to do. I love the feeling of doing a fresh piece on a wall somebody spent weeks washing clean, the only true permanence I like is my smaller throwups.