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Bags You Carry Your Gear In

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Wise One, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. desokidd

    desokidd Member

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  2. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    Get one those Huge tool packs. You Put it on you waist and it has covers on it so no one will know what you doin. Also its easy for gettin to the stuff you need.
  3. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    Heres a Example of One. Their are different variates
  4. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    a bright yellow duffle bag? that wont look weird. Are you gunna wear a hardhat to? maybe some orange reflectors
  5. NiL

    NiL Elite Member

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  6. GaZm13

    GaZm13 Elite Member

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    No construction worker or contractor works past 2p.m. Everybody knows that. Bad idea.
  7. Prime

    Prime Member

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    a backpack or one of those drawstring packs work well
  8. intaout

    intaout Senior Member

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    it's the fanny pack uprock!
  9. mai87142002

    mai87142002 Member

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    my travel kit the Art Bin

    maipic2 017.jpg

    Art bin is my fav brand to carry, the vandalizing equipmento as i like to call it
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2008
  10. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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  11. Prime

    Prime Member

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    i need one of those bags
  12. Hater-AiD~>

    Hater-AiD~> Elite Member

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  13. Baron

    Baron Moderator

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    For the record they do the majority of road construction at night, but being just by yourself kinda snuffs that idea. Personally, what i carry my paint in depends on what the likely hood of me being seen is. I will only use duffel bags if its extremely low because they tend to hold alot and I'll use my backpack if its a little more likely that someone may walk by.
  14. ##sable##

    ##sable## Senior Member

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    leave now.
  15. ahboi

    ahboi Member

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    get those draw string bags like jordan or nike
  16. TAN_ONE

    TAN_ONE Senior Member

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    i use a platic bag or my back pack or a messenger bag, i mostly use my bag 4 tunnels and my messenger bag 4 street and racking becasue of easy accses
  17. unreal180

    unreal180 Elite Member

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    mesinger bag for racking
    normal back bak for bombing
    i just carry normal bags so i dont get 2 much attenction
  18. nero112

    nero112 Elite Member

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    when i go n do a planned simple on a rooftop just a tesco bag with biscuits coverin the burners n shit ... other than that a rucksack

    FLIP FLOP Senior Member

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    go steal some little girls bike and fill up the basket on the front with paint :D
    easy to get around with and everyone will just think your retarded or somethin.
  20. Hobbes

    Hobbes Senior Member

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    I wanna have like 3 bags. A messenger or bike bag for day time to look not suspicious, a small bag pack for discreet night missions that might require than more than 3 cans, and some sort of gimmick back maybe a laptop case I unno though.

    I think I'll switch it up a lot though no one will ever say "yeah hes always carrying THAT messenger bag around, wonder what he keeps in it" because instead they'll think "oh he doesn't have his bag today hes just shopping"

    I don't think any of that shit is real necessary though. Like...straight up, you should get 3 cans in your belt line no problem. Wear a hoodie 'n it won't show hardly at all. You should be able to run like that, I ran with 2 in there and 1 in my hand and was making good way till I got cutoff.

    Oh, 'n for those of you who say that messenger bags are good for racking, whats the best way to pull that off and the easiest things to get? I would imagine is hella suspicious to walk into a store with one of those. But if you can get good shit, I'd make mine into a magic bag for sure.