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Bags You Carry Your Gear In

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Wise One, Mar 9, 2006.

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  1. ShIfTeD

    ShIfTeD Elite Member

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    so what you're saying is you'd rather have the cops follow you to "the party"

    a.k.a. your house
  2. SENDone905

    SENDone905 Senior Member

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    I just use a regular dakine backpack, markers and caps in the small top pocket. Markalls, bandana, fence cutters etc in the big front pocket. Then cans in the main pocket, it works pretty good but its also my school bag so I don't wanna get chased and have to ditch it.
  3. streasies

    streasies Member

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    mcdonalds bag and rack with it too
  4. double

    double Member

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    just got a sick american tourister bag at the goodwill for $1.99!
    (they usually sell for a fuckload more)
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  5. wolfgang2142

    wolfgang2142 Senior Member

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    True dat man I thought I was the only one who thought of this, I mostly buy MTN Megas or MTN Maximos. When I put the megas in I cant put the top on but its less than a centimeter above the pringles jar. With the Maximos it's even better since they stick up outta the pringles container enough that you dont have to take them out to use them. It's good if you have big enough hands that you can cover the top of the can. This shit works if you wanna go bombing in the day its great or if you wanna not look suspicious.
  6. wolk

    wolk Member

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    a small plastic shopping bag (two sprays max cap.) or a sport travel bag (i usualy wear my hoodie and running shoes so it looks like you're returning from some sport activity) works pretty fine
  7. indyvet

    indyvet Member

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    Look up the blackhawk I think is the name
  8. InnerCityRebel

    InnerCityRebel Senior Member

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    Obviously if you carry a backpack around at night it makes you look suspicious, which is why you still do it. Chances are cops might not think you're up to something with a backpack, there's bums all over the city with one.I usually take my Jansport backpack.
  9. DEEE

    DEEE Member

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    black grocery bags are the best
  10. thirstyeye

    thirstyeye Member

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    guess you can stick it in your boxers..bonnner
  11. DEEE

    DEEE Member

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    ive been there no one fucks with a guy that has a boner win win.
  12. PHREEone

    PHREEone Senior Member

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    nothing u can carry 3 cans with out a backpack.. depending on the misson
    2 on the nuts and 1 on the back like u have a gun( xxl or xxxl shirt recommended )
    but if u want more cans of paint, id go with an old fusion backpack. fuck the hand bag u look like a tagger walking with that shit and u get stoped HERE whre im from..
  13. Eurothrash

    Eurothrash Senior Member

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    Backpack, messenger. Grocery bags sound smart.

    TENSONE New Member

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    thank you I was going to post this. Simple black plastic bag noone thinks twice. Walked all around NYC with it no problems and you can chuck them on top of roofs easily when need be.

    SEAK_CAPSS Member

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    "transport cans in the jansport" ... but for real though just a cheap backpack.. i still have my same jansport bag i got at wallmart back when they where like 10 bucks.. they cost like 40 for them now but stores like walmart still have cheap 10 - 15 dollar bags if your not about racking

    SEAK_CAPSS Member

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    or go to a head shop.. they have big ass black bags for bongs and shit that you cant see through.. i cant immagine them not just giving you a few
  17. Abe13

    Abe13 Senior Member

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    Camo DC bag. We have 2 party colleges in our town. So kids with backpacks is pretty normal. I also keep a college book in my back just Incase I get asked to see what's inside. I made a second pocket on the inside of the back so it particians the paint from the book. So it looks like I'm a college kid. (;
  18. BridgeRat

    BridgeRat Senior Member

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    Black corner store bag, or 2 grocery store bags, one inside the other, to conceal the contents.
  19. Lich

    Lich Senior Member

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  20. triphippie

    triphippie Member

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    i just got a duffel bag and put magnets in the bottom to keep cans from shaking