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Basics Of Painting On Freight Trains

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by west-dmk, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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    If thats true,damnit.
    Im eating a really good dinner right now so Im out.
  2. west-dmk

    west-dmk Member

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    yea i have the book
    "freight train graffiti" and i know about not painting the engines and tagging the freights is for hobos! (no diss to the hobos) and i keep my empty cans btw
  3. klk79766

    klk79766 Banned

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  4. tuvw404

    tuvw404 Banned

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  5. provinT13

    provinT13 Senior Member

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    Follow these rules, basically summed it up.

    Don't paint the walls of the yard, it only brings heat, espically if there aren't many writers in your town already. Don't leave your cans either. The yard works don't care about painting freights (in my town, they'll just tell you to leave because they don't want you getting hurt) but they do give a shit when you leave your empty cans and they have to clean them up, that's just a dick move, don't do it and they won't care.
  6. TrikAssHoe!

    TrikAssHoe! Senior Member

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    quit playing mark ecko you dumb fuck.
  7. TrikAssHoe!

    TrikAssHoe! Senior Member

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    fuck youre dumb!! vandalsquad is fucking painting over the computer. you should seriously go into your alcoholic dad's gun cabinet and load some slugs and pull a Kurt Cobain you braindead piece of shit.
  8. TrikAssHoe!

    TrikAssHoe! Senior Member

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    yo where do you live?
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2009
  9. CrustOner

    CrustOner Elite Member

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    Hey, Vandal Squad is also (in some areas) a graffiti prevention/cleanup group who volunteer to report graffiti, prevent it, and clean it up.
  10. -Empty-Can-

    -Empty-Can- Elite Member

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    Does anybody know if you can take the freight's numbers and find out where it's been/where it's going? Theres some abandoned ones by my house and it would be interesting to find out where they were and what they carried and stuff.
  11. TrikAssHoe!

    TrikAssHoe! Senior Member

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    i know but dude had said and he said he wasnt a cop. haha
    yeah its in like major cities and shit. none around here.
  12. Stoked2PaintNY

    Stoked2PaintNY Senior Member

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    just scope out the yard douring the day, go there at night nd do ur shit, if u catch a beat down? oh well, i u get caught? sux for u dude. been painting for about 5 years now nd did trains in DC for my first time on saturday, everything went smooth except the hood i was in was way sketchy but i got my first freight experience and was more then stoked. so just got for it (with respect of course) and see what happens
  13. Zookyook

    Zookyook Elite Member

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    not unless u can get into a company computer lol im guessing no....

    and hey guise shood i outline my bombs with chalk first?!! ? soundz liek a dopee idea yo!!! lol
  14. Culture_Shock

    Culture_Shock Senior Member

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    the best thing a rail head can do is move to a small town with a yard. i moved out to a town that has less people in it than the highschool I graduated from. Only one cop car on patrol at any time, no patrol between 3 and 7. they've recognized me as "that nice young man who often goes out for a late evening constitutional". there's little security in the yard, and the far end is like an all you can paint buffet. if you can't live there, take a trip out there. if your local spot is shitty, look abroad, you'll find something.
  15. weakfingers

    weakfingers Elite Member

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    I've only walked around some freight and had little experiance but Ive heard some rules that I would keep in mind if I would ever would consiter to paint any.

    -If you drip take the rocks and throw them in the bushes,
    -Take EVERYTHING you bring
    -Try not to go over monikers
    -No matter how old and rusted graffiti is, you should refrain from painting it, writers names can be a little hard to see that night.
    -Dont paint 2 trains beside each other
    -Some big writers own yards, So do your research before you get your ass beat.
    -Milk crates are a great thing to stand on.
    -Tape and cardboard over numbers works pretty well
    -Keep a low profile, you can get ticketed form just being in there,
    -You should be extreamly careful when walking in between or under (never walk under) the trains,
    - My tip is you should stay on the same side as your exit just in case a line can block you form getting out of the spot if something happens.

    You should be brought into the yards by an older more experienced writer if you ask me, Theres just way to many things that could go wrong or you could easily put yourself into danger. Trains aswell as everything in graffiti demand alot... ALOT of respect and you cant learn everything off the internet, the best way is to go to your local yard and bench them. I've heard of yards that have designated spots where people can shoot photos of the trains at a safe spot, I'd imagine there would be train buffs there you could chat to and learn alot more then the internet has to offer.

    If I ever moved to a small town in buttfuck nowhere, I would be in heaven.
  16. Zookyook

    Zookyook Elite Member

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    small towns are ok if they have large yards, but most small towns are nowhere near heaven lol... my town has a decent sized yard and its relatively 'buttfuck nowhere' so i like it... but after u hit a yard 4-5 times u start to realize that its not big enough... i wish i had a big-city sized yard even if it had more security... at least id be able to just go wild and hit more cars, a big yard can seem really small once u hit it a few times is what im sayin...

    and i dont know why u wouldnt paint 2 cars that are next to each other??? maybe dont do 2 pieces right next to each other but if ur tryin to get up then its not a bad idea to do one throwup on every car u possibly can.
  17. syne7

    syne7 Senior Member

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    My town is somewhat small, about 2000 kids go to my highschool, the yard i use is a little concrete factory or whatever and its closed on the weekends with no security. It holds about 8 cars and it even has its own ladder to climb on. No one ever uses it but it can be a bit scary because there is a road that runs right above it and anyone on the passenger side of an on-coming car can see you so I don't stick around after im done. I use a side of a building to get onto the tracks and they do have cameras but the building is quite tall so I just walk on the far edge of the parking lot so they can't really see me. The best thing about the yard is its about a 15 min walk 5 min bike ride from my house. I never leave cans behind or go over the numbers or anyone elses stuff unless its some half faded tag and I need a bit more room. Pretty much no one cares except the police if they see me and I could be at my house in under 5 minutes if I had to really run, the best advice is to either have someone come with you that is calm cool and just wants to see whats up and try to paint or go by yourself because i've had friends that wanted to tag along to see some "cool graffiti, brah" and it ended up with them tripping over the tracks every 5 minutes because they don't know how to walk correctly.
  18. Phat 2

    Phat 2 Elite Member

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    we don't have trains or freights here or anything, the only trains we have are stationary and broken (funny enough that they're also guarded :S but I still infiltrated that shit just to try it out and say that I've bombed a train in my life hehe :p)
    anyway, quick question what does "getting stamped" exactly mean ?
    (could be a stupid quest, but like I said we don't have that shit here)
  19. RhodeIsland

    RhodeIsland Elite Member

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    When the workers put postal stamps all over your piece so you can't see it anymore.
  20. Zookyook

    Zookyook Elite Member

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    ... just tape out the numbers so this doesnt happen to u lol