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best bucket paint to buff a wall

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Hoksey123, Dec 28, 2020.

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what paint should I use to buff a wall to paint over with flame blue? what wont bleed through flame

  1. latex bucket paint (CIL)

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  2. oil based paint (tremclad)

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  1. Hoksey123

    Hoksey123 New Member

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    So recently I bought some plywood and built a wall in my back yard to do some pieces and burners on. i did a piece and buffed it with some latex paint (Pittsburgh paints) next time I went to paint in it the paint would bleed through the paint I was using and made some ghost like lines and didn't cover much at all. I even let it dry for days mind you it was in some cold winter weather. And now im wondering for some recommendations on bucket paint from hardware store to use to buff the wall and won't bleed through the paint im using. The paint im using is flame blue ultra acrylic and I have used tremclad and molotow premium and same problem happens. thanks.
  2. Saif

    Saif New Member

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    Not quite sure about the paint type...