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Best Getaways - Chase Stories

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by -->MaNiK1<--, Oct 17, 2004.

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  1. -->MaNiK1<--

    -->MaNiK1<-- Senior Member

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    The best 1 i heard of was this kid named NOL and his friend from NSW cru, MA
    They were gonna bust a HUGE roller on the roof of their school. they had just got done with tha giant NSW roller and then they were starting on the NOL piece when a creepin pig spotted them with his search lite. NOL took off, running across this roof, jumped down two stories and then hid somewhere. The other guy did the same and tha cop was runnin after him screaming and there was a helicopter and a couple of police cars, he jumped in the dumpster and SUPPRISE! There was NOL. They heard ppl creamin outside, but they never looked in the dumpster. They jumped out a hour later, hopped on a bus, and stumbled home at 3 in tha morning. The next day they saw it on the news and when they went to school they still hadn't buffed it. They took some picks and had something to look back on when they're geezers and can't paint anymore..heheh..

    U got some stuff tell me about it
  2. LOST

    LOST Senior Member

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    :eek: ... :huh: no offence, but 2 stories is one hell of a drop.I have never herd of any bus runing at 3 in the morning and a helacopter? I don't beleive that shit at all. Do you got any pictures of the graff? what town was it in?
  3. Alyte

    Alyte Elite Member

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    uhhh 2 stories isnt that bad if your landing on grass or something soft. but it depends what you mean by 2 stories like ground floor, 1st story, 2nd story or just 1st story 2nd story. i jumped off a 1st story balcony at my school onto concrete . slipped and fell on my butt as i landed. got a little bruise...
  4. denali

    denali Senior Member

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    what u mean 2 stories? like jumped down 1 story, landed, then jumped another story onto th grass? or 2 stories the whole way down?

    2 stories whole way down i would have like borken my legs
  5. thewall13

    thewall13 Member

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    BULL SHIT... a helicotper definetly wouldnot come for that small crime. YOu wouldnot even see a helicopter if you robbed or shot someone and you were on the loose.
  6. MyTagsASpanishWord

    MyTagsASpanishWord Senior Member

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    this was one story i heard, it wasnt me ... i forgot who it was that told me .. lemme just tell you: My friend and his other friend got caught, and the cop was like i gotta bring you in, so my friend cracked him with his paint can in the head and ran as fast as possible. He got chased, jumped into mad backyards and took a rest in a kiddie pool (not filled). He saw mad cop cars around the block, and put all his fattest caps on his spraypaint cans, and so did his friend. they both took their darkest colors into both hands, shook well and ran out. The cops were still in their cars, and snuck up on both cars, jammed something into handles and the cops couldnt get out of the car, and painted the car's windows so that the cops wouldnt see where they ran to.
  7. snag

    snag Senior Member

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    not nessicarily....the helicopter could of been in the area..that shit happened to some friends of mine who snuck on the roof at my old elementary school. they werent writing or anything just being idiots...and they got caught when a copter spotlighted um and the cops caught um on the ground, so a copter coming isnt completly out of the realm of possibility. i know in some cities like san antonio those things patrol the city every night just like the patrol cars
  8. thewall13

    thewall13 Member

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    Yo you say that copters patrol da streats at nite is it because of the graf or more the crime and shit?
  9. Nikon

    Nikon Senior Member

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    if thats true thats fucking incredible

    but i doubt it is
  10. the_uniBOMBER

    the_uniBOMBER Elite Member

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    What say you? The people of Bombing Science. Close or Open?
  11. halo

    halo Senior Member

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    Open. I want to see were this goes....some interesting shit could happen here..............(PS>I'd give a link, but I couldnt find one....sry uniBOMBER....I have failed
  12. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    they dont call choppers
    for graffiti atacks
    do you think tis fucking 911
    check your head
    2 stories would be 2 broken legs
    grow a brain
  13. Skore_One

    Skore_One Elite Member

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    one time an old man caught me and i yelled "hes trying to rape me" then left
  14. halo

    halo Senior Member

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    whooooaaaaaaaaaa! dude! thats unbelievable! how did you do it? omg! omfg!
  15. expo

    expo Senior Member

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    yes in miami they have my friend ohm was painting a rooftod and they were making tons of noise kicking dead birds off and shit. when they finshed they went across to BK and they saw a helicopter looking at the graff a few cops came too.
  16. expo

    expo Senior Member

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    i think i heard that story in the BS news letter. they hide in a trash can

    :edit: maybe i should learn how to finsh reading before i post:edit:
  17. shyone

    shyone Elite Member

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    haha.. :lol: my best story is some alians came down and abducted my friends :D :p :lol:
  18. MoNkEy

    MoNkEy Elite Member

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    my best was when some old granny like 75 chased me for about an hour lol i was jogging but she kept it up lol. She was chasing me wid a broom. I ran to the local woods and climbed up this tree she ran past and the branch snapped. I fell into a big bush of stingin nettles lol
  19. thewall13

    thewall13 Member

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    Yeah well in miami the police are fucken real pigs ..we think we go it bad here in canada!
  20. LOST

    LOST Senior Member

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    one time i was on top of a 4 story building and a cop saw me. By the time he got to the roof, i had finished the peace, and to escape, I jumped off the building with my cans pointed down and spraying them. it acted like a parashute and landed safely and walked away-true story, i swear B)