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Best Getaways - Chase Stories

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by -->MaNiK1<--, Oct 17, 2004.

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  1. Naste

    Naste New Member

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    This isn't a getaway story but still i laughed so much when I heard this I interviewd graffiti writer Ser.

  2. my.favorite.addiction

    my.favorite.addiction Banned

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    Ayyoh I got a real good one.

    I was walking home with my girl,nice sunshiney muthafuckin day mind you.
    I get to the end of the levee,where my apartment building is located,and am informed by the officer in the parking lot that my house is being raided.
    Do not spend the rest of the day playing video games OR getting laid,do not pass go,do not collect 200 hundred dollars.
    Instead Im using this comp to waste time on fucking bombing science cuz Ive got house arrest for a month minimum.
  3. Communisthobo96

    Communisthobo96 Member

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    I saw people. I took a jog and came back to finsh. :cool:
  4. acusaambila

    acusaambila Guest

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  5. Nemo2

    Nemo2 Member

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    Me and my boy were hitting some alley at the back of a restraunt in broad daylight, then we left, stashed up our paint in a bush, and came back to use the restraunt toilets, when we left the restraunt we walked back down the alley and there were 2 pigs and the manager of the restraunt right there looking at what we just did. The manager see's us and go's I think thats them there, we had allready started walking away, but the pigs ran up to us and started asking us about the tags and shit. Then the manager was like "theyve got paint in there bag" so the pig opens up my bag and sees no paint, and just said "sorry guys your free to go" and just let us walk off without us even denying we did it. Not really a getaway but lucky as fuck :)
  6. Urbanosity Ltd.

    Urbanosity Ltd. Member

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    I once got high off my ass and would walk around with a buddy and randomly spray a person in the junk with yellow paint.. we would book it like a mofo and the people were so stunned they couldn't help but just stand there. the cops were called once but we just hid in a shitter at the public library... no one got busted and only like 3 (I can't even remember how many) people got their balls painted piss.
  7. wahdahfuk

    wahdahfuk New Member

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    me and a few friends were catchin tags behind this plaza on our way home from a party, when i look down the alley behind the plaza and see a cop gunnin it towards us. we take off running, and my boy who was wrekin shit around the corner is fuckin clueless when we run past him haha. we had to run straight across the huge parkin lot to this empty feild, probly a good 300 m .. with a cop car right on our tails. i was runnin like a mad man ditchin markers and everthin else illegal in the process. we all made it into the feild, but 2 of my boys got cought in the feild. me and my buddy split up, he dives into a back yard, and i keep bookin it till i get under this bridge. im posted up with my back to one of the bridge supports, hopin someone will hop out a bush and we can continue our escape. then a cop pulls up under the bridge im hiding at and stops. i hear his car door slam. and im fuckkin trippin wonderin should if i should make a run for it. i hear the cop pull off the way he came from, and i poke out and check the situation. and i see a dude in plain clothes ( musta been a UC) walkin up the road now.. weirddd shit...... so i go up on top of the bridge and see my 2 boys still gettin fuckd with by the piggies in the feild. my one buddy who got away with me comes runnin up on me now, and we just chill and have a smoke. this kid tells me he was so drunk......... that he past out while waiting in the back yard waiting for the heat to die. ahaaaaa . so we just went backk to the base and got blazed and hoped the other guys would show up. sure nough they showed up not long after. we all ditched our paint and markers in the feild, so they didnt have shit on us. haha FTP
  8. seskhesmkts

    seskhesmkts Member

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    Alright one time me and my two friends went out bombing and we parked our car and got out and were walking down the street throwin up throwies and big flare tags. then this car drove by and so we hid but he saw we waited like 5 minutes then came back out and kept tagging then the car came by again so we booked it and hid again and waited like 10 minutes in a alley and did some fllled in throwies. then we came back out and kept tagging for like 5 for minutes and then the car came speeding from a side road towards us.....the driver got out and ran at us screaming "VANDALS, GET THE FUCK OVER HERE" then me and one of my friends booked it and jumped through like 5 yards with the guy chasing us. and then we got to the parking lot the car was parked in and we ran to the car and drove off and parked somewhere....then like 5 minutes the same car came speeding towards us so we drove for like 10 minutes at 80mph with this guy chasing us then we lost him and chilled for like 30 minutes and smoked like 3 bowls and then we called our homie and went and picked him up. it was crazy.

  9. PattySwagLowe

    PattySwagLowe New Member

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    thats why you skate or scooter man
  10. zachatnca

    zachatnca Senior Member

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    i could write for pages about my escape stories. i remember one time i was in this truck yard by my house (basic white trucks). they always keep the gate open and i know cops check there for kids drinking or smoking or doing anything illegal really. so i was out at about 3am doing a nice throwup on a truck, i was about 18 at the time. before i explain how the cops saw me let me tell you that the way the trucks are arranged is much like how a parking lots is arranged there all in rows so you can stand in between them and not be seen from the front or back. so right as im about to fill in the throwup the can runs out. i go in my bag which was right next to me to grab another can when i hear something. i think its just my imagination or the alcohol, i drank before i left like i normally do but i had a bad feeling. for some stupid reason i decide to stick my head out of between the trucks and then i see the cop car. i look right into the eyes of the officer who is looking back now as they are exiting. i was positive he saw me so i drop the can in my bag pick up the empty can and grab my bag and climb ontop of one of the trucks. once im ontop i hear the cop start yelling and getting out of his car. so i throw on my respirator (thank god i had) so they cant see my face and start jumping from truck to truck. after hoping foward about 20 trucks i reach the last truck which is right next to a building. the jump between the building and the truck was a pretty far jump (something the average person couldnt make) but then my good old friend adrenaline came to save the day. i felt a huge rush and just tossed my bag onto the roof and leaped. i barley made it i was hanging off the hard concrete edge but just my hands. i quickly pulled myself up, it felt like the cop was a piranha below me. after this, nothing really happened i stayed up on the roof and called my friend who lives across the street to tell me if the cops where still there. once he gave me the clear signal after about a half hour i got a nice piece on the roof, and climbed down. one of my closest calls
  11. SneikT

    SneikT Member

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    I remember this one close call from like 7 years back. Me and my friend were bombing this rugged piece of shit on quite a public spot where we could easily be spotted. Well not after long a patrol of cops drove past, I was like "they saw us, I know it. Let's get the fuck outta here now, they'll try and trap us by thinking we're safe"... My friend was like "naw man chill they didn't see shit, why'd they drive past if they did.. ?". I'm like "......Hmm. Naw fuck it, I got the feeling in my spine I'mma take off right about now". And took off to the nearest bushes across the parking lot, my friend followed me as I guess he didn't wanna get left behind.

    Just as soon as we hit the bushes, 2 cops with flashlights walk from where we just stood bombing, and another cop patrol car with spotlights on it's roof come from around the corner scouting the area. I'm thinking to myself "Fuck.. Great, OK we got to the bushes but there's 4 officers like 30 metres from us, they got a car, spotlight, and flashlights and they know we're around". My friend starts getting real nervous and starts running towards the direction away from the cops so I go after him (obviously cause that blew our cover). We run like little motherfuckers in the silent night, the area is very open and we're like 2 red dots on a clean shirt. Adrenaline made us run like hell for almost 1 kilometre and we finally arrived to my friends place without having the cops on us no more. Then we just went in and chilled for the rest of the early hours listening to music and messing around. Good times but it was a close call!
  12. streasies

    streasies Member

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    A couple of weeks ago I was catchin a tag with my friend who was the lookout and he was at the end of the street and right when im done with the tag with my marker still in my hand an unmarked cop car turns the corner and drives right past me. The cop didnt see me doing anything and my friend didnt even say shit about the cop when he was coming. not really a getaway but a close call
  13. SCAM*oNe

    SCAM*oNe Senior Member

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    it was like 4 in the morning and im doing my thrd throw up on the local bank and a DT rolls up and i walk away tryin to be smooth as hell, i jog around the corner and gunn it to an abandond house where i use as safe spot and the car is flyin twords me siren is blaring loud as shit and i thnk to my self its 4 in the morning i run through adrive way and come to find out that the fence is to high to jump so i turn around and run twords the cop who jumped out his car i fake left and run right i finally get to the house and after like half an hour of watching bums smoke crack in the dark in jogg home and sneak back in now theres a car that sits there 24/7 .
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  14. EL_CANSR

    EL_CANSR Member

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    so once me and 2 other dudes from my crew are all out mobbing we get up on this roof top across from this burger joint thats still open and has a drive thru facing our exit, so we go to climb down and my homie freezes up we look over the edge and see this dude chilling with this fukn 2x4 so we push homie down the steps and all start to climb down im last one down so im thinking im about to get stuck in the fukn back with a 2x4 cuz this dude is on some vigilante type shit yelling the cops are coming you assholes are caught bla bla bla...dude never swings we dip the fuk out cutting thru allies, backyards and shit, as we cut across the street we see a squad car going towards the building and onc coming at us..finally we make it to the car go pass the spot and see like 4/5 squad cars roaming the area and 2 squad cars posted at the building only thing is they arent looking at our shit instead the are looking at this bomb some dumb ass did across from the burger joing drive thru which happened to be the same building we were hitting was fukn crazy
  15. Gust

    Gust Senior Member

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    Went to an abandoned old mill. Right off the tracks. Im heading up to it and there's this little 12 yr old kid with paint on his hands. i start talking to him. he says he's been there hundreds of times. he asked me what i write. i told him gust. all the entrances are boarded except for this little 2 foot by 2 foot window. i couldn't fit. he goes in and grabs a rope. he tosses it out of a 2nd story window. im walking around to the spot of the rope, then i see this cop roll up. windows down, he starts yelling! i see him getting out of his car. buff black dude. i dip. i yelled "cops!" and the kid must of heard, he dipped out the opposite direction of the cop. he's still running after me. i ran through 2 streams, in my shorts. got completely soaked. cop didn't follow me. i dipped through the woods to where my bike was, and bike the fuck out of there. went to a nearby friend's house. cop never found me.
  16. SKOG

    SKOG Senior Member

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    was bombing A wall on an old factory.
    bicth ass dog across the street starts barking at me.
    people comeout and and look as i hit the deck. it took 10 minutes on a throwie because i guess the owners got paranoid theur dog was barking cuz they kept comeing out
  17. jerm_haf

    jerm_haf Senior Member

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    Me and my 2 boys were hitting a wall one night on a side street off this main highway. About half way done and all the sudden we here some dude blowing his horn at us and the bitch hanging out of his passenger window screaming "QUIT DOIN THAT SHIT YOU LIL FUCKERS!!!!" They turned down the street we were on so we bailed and as soon as we start running I hear like 3 or 4 big ass dogs. I knew we were about to get our asses chewed on. I didnt stop to look but realized later we were running next to the fence they were behind but it scared the shit out of us. We hopped in the car and took off and sure enough the screaming bitch was chasing us down the highway. So we got lost in a neighborhood until we felt safe, found our way out again, and called it a night. Crazy ass rednecks in the south man
  18. been in a few but mine are long as fuck stories lets just say i evaded transit cops when doing run ups (the day they added 25+ new officers to a taskforce to catch people like myself haha), evaded cops and consec (rail security) after being red lighted in a yard (if you dont gather what i mean by yard please), what looked like seccas rocking around a corning in a car only 20m from myself and a mate had to hop barbed wire fences and shit and had to go back coz we dropped important shit and got it haha, doing a main road and cop did a u turn so had a fun little run through a park solo

    if it aint cops or security and i aint alone i wont usually run
  19. PIECE

    PIECE Senior Member

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    Not really a chase, but a sly getaway I mentioned in another thread. A bout two weeks ago I was walking down the street wearing shorts, a tshirt, some running shoes, and a small drawstring gym bag/backpack with about 6 cans of paint and a few markers. Cop rolls up to see what I'm up to as a white guy is walking in a predominately black area. I know there's a gym about two blocks ahead so I tell him I'm on the way to the gym. I move and he heres my can rattle...he asks me what I've got in the back and off the top of my head I say "oh just my gym towel, some headphones and my shaker bottle with protein...things are loud but totally worth it." The cop then spends the next 10 minutes chatting it up with me about protein blends. He finally drives off and I see him pull into a spot I had just tagged up!
  20. badder boy

    badder boy Senior Member

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    did you pull into that spot aswell??? for some fun :))))))))))))) :))))))))) :-DDD