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Blackbook Markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by dcite, May 3, 2004.

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  1. viseversa101

    viseversa101 Elite Member

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    same here, prismas r in the bak but decos up front...last time i went i grabbed mad prismas then downed in the i was picking out decos a worker came in to place things ona shelf...10 feet away behind her back i pocketed em n walked out
  2. wasted1

    wasted1 Banned

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    iv never sketched much with markers unless one liners.. i tried last year few sharpies what i got from my bro who arrived from sweden.. they are decent.. i dont know about leaking stuff cause it depends on paper too.but if id have chance to try them all it would give more quality for my sketches instead of cheap ass filt pens..
  3. eL.kORE.ONE

    eL.kORE.ONE Member

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    i use painters and decos. Cuz you also have to know how to use them not just right with them. Cuz if you dont know how to use them then they come out or the piece comes out not so good.
  4. stylz 27

    stylz 27 Member

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    if anyone wants 2 buy a box full of prismacolour markers ill let them go cheap and there brand new2
  5. CanalSt

    CanalSt Senior Member

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    For writers here the decos are in the front behind a cage behind the register. the decos are in the front too, however I have racked some of those. But they're fucking retarded considering that they put the metallic decos, prisma brush packs(the one from the grave has ten of) in the back. the Gelly rolls are nice liners too, especially the ones that have a weird symbol on the cap, those are more like paint. so while they have the decos and the paint locked up, we can still rack the other shit that can make much more damage. A staz on mop with thinned yellow green oil paint can cause much damage than a broad tip deco. Still, you're all lucky for having the decos in the back. When I want to do a canvas I have to buy them.
  6. SEES 2

    SEES 2 Member

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    am i the only one that uses crayola??? lol i use what i got
  7. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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    Same here, the decos are put behind the registers along with the Zig and Garden Craft shit, although not locked up. Its a little tricky to rack them but I managed to grab a few..dope enough. Ive been looking for the most vibrant yellow and between prismas and decos, decos win.
  8. SOUF420

    SOUF420 Member

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    i know where you could stick a marker if a cop ever questions you.. :eek:
  9. IllLogic

    IllLogic Senior Member

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    Word make that shit work
  10. MFONE

    MFONE Member

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    Prismacolors Yo
  11. SoZoner

    SoZoner Member

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    what about OTR are they any good ;)
  12. BoomSlang

    BoomSlang Senior Member

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    ones i have used so far and crits:
    copic ciao- very smooth to use, not overly wet, brush tip can be a bit of a pain for fine work, blending is achieved with minimal effort
    letraset pro-slightly dry compared to the copics but the fine tip is easier to use than the brush of the copics, dense color sometimes a bit rought to blend
    touch twins- way wetter ink than the copics, almost to where its a problem when you first use them, blending is easy because of the wetness, good color coverage fine tip just as good as the letraset pro's

    all in all i still say copics are my fav, touch twins would be second and letrasets 3rd but still not a bad marker
  13. cocacola

    cocacola Senior Member

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    Prisma color markers
    prismacolor blender
    All sorts, those are the ones i own above i listed
  14. SoZoner

    SoZoner Member

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    no one uses otr ? O.O agyazo.com_00fcf153bcf356c4b0fdf4da04b57a34.png
  15. SoZoner

    SoZoner Member

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    I use OTR, my school has lots. :cool:
  16. Kostonee

    Kostonee Member

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    Well, its all nice for all you american writers on here, these markers seem to be easily available over there to rack, where i'm from I can't get any of the good brand markers racking or buying unless online... Any help would be thankful... I'm from the UK
  17. illegal_drugs

    illegal_drugs Senior Member

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    to Kostonee
    go to graff festivals
    and there are sketch battles just take the markers and put them in your pocket
    that waht i did

    and otr makes good markers got couple of 260
    freaking nice
  18. Kostonee

    Kostonee Member

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    Yeah I feel that still, ok well I'll keep my eye out for them thanks
  19. Im Acro

    Im Acro Member

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    I don't have alot of money and theres no art store near me and I can't drive yet so im stuck with sharpies and crayola :(
  20. Frogz

    Frogz Senior Member

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    go to dickblickDOTcom they got some good cheap markerslike copics n prismas and all that good stuff!