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Blackbook Markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by dcite, May 3, 2004.

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  1. Mr. President

    Mr. President Senior Member

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    those copic markers look sweet but im not big on 5 dallatr each markers
  2. Lesh

    Lesh Member

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    the best thing for me is a mix of tria markers and ultra mini zig painty markers....expensive but crazy looking....for those with a smaller budget, mini crayola felt markers are ideal
  3. trueedger

    trueedger Member

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    on the run have a black book marker like it says black book marker on it it 2.75 at
  4. CR4CK4 SM4CK4

    CR4CK4 SM4CK4 Senior Member

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    Dont buy prismas, rack em'

    *might have already been said*
  5. oblong

    oblong Elite Member

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    you guys can beak me all you want buty i am not a big fan of rakcing shit. first off all u can get slaped with heavy fines and banned form the stores, second uif you get caught racking paint they are obviosuly going to know your involved with graffiti and third of all when you but you shit its like you worked for it and earned it and jsut feels alot better. go ahead and make fun of me but this is my 2 cents on racking
  6. CaliforniaSkan

    CaliforniaSkan Senior Member

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    I feel way better racking than buying.. I actually feel weird paying for stuff now.
  7. RealShitter

    RealShitter Member

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    :ph34r: i use the extra fine sharpies for the detailed peices. Decos and prisma colors are really good, If you dont want it to bleed than just put a peice of printer paper under the page your hittin. I thind prisma color markers and pencils are really good. prisma markers are expensive but i just rack them from michaels. I racked 2 of the 24 color sets I just put them in a back pack and left.
  8. toazt

    toazt Senior Member

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    EDIT: I didn't see RealShitter's post when I started typing mine, he said pretty much the same thing as me in just a few sentences, my bad folks! :eek:

    I got my first pack of primas off eBay, it was a 24 pack for about $35(USD), but the dude tried to jerk me so I had to call him and leave messages saying I was going to call the better business bureau and the police and shit, took me about a month but eventually I got them. so if you're not down with rackin, you can get a better deal on eBay...

    Here in the states we got a huge arts & crafts chain called Michael's, I like to think of it as the free art store, I'm not really down with racking on a whole, but if the place is practically begging to be robbed, well, sometimes I just can't help myself. Last time I went there I strolled in with an empty backpack, copped a 48 pack of the prismas, as well as some decos and microns, strolled outta there the same way I came in 'cept my bag was full, no problem at all...

    As for bleeding, I got half size sketchbook (probably 8'' x 5'' or something?) , so I fold a 8 x 11 sheet in half and put it underneath the page I'm lacing, so bleeding isnt a problem. Deco's are pretty tight, I like them for forefields and shit (I've never had a problem with them bleeding either). For outlines I like to use Pigma Microns, no ones mentioned them, but I'd assume you folks got them in the CA... micron's are crazy dope, china white type shit...

    thats my 1/50th of $1 right there...
  9. Thief

    Thief Senior Member

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    Yea, gotta love michales.
  10. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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  11. toy_ONED

    toy_ONED Senior Member

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    when buying prismas or copics, what type to buy!?!?! it has stuff on the packs that goes like 12% grey or 20% red or some shit....primary and secondary colors...i use to take art class so i would know, but i forgot. so can someone help me out?
  12. BeKON

    BeKON Member

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    yo. does no one use "perma paque" s ?? those shits kill. i dont know, they run out fast on paper though cos the paper soaks it up. For black booking i recomend perma paques though. also, i heard of a marker that holds the same color no matter how many times you go over it. they also layer. sounds like a paint pen to me, but i heard not. ill find the name. those sound tight.

  13. Wombat

    Wombat Member

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  14. RMA

    RMA Elite Member

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    I use strictly Prisma Colored Pencils, I've got about 4 Prisma Markers that I've been playing around with and their not bad better then the crayola and mr.sketch markers I've used. Bleeding really isnt a problem at all, I just always have about 50 pieces of paper tucked in my book for when people ask me to draw them shit or when I don't feel like filling my book with total crap.
  15. Daskins

    Daskins Member

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    i use prismacolor markers and i love the color... they do bleed to the next page though so use like a thick paper underneath what u trying to color in.
  16. DEMO

    DEMO Senior Member

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    with prismas you cant draw over with a lighter colour so you can only do so much.... wack an artist needs the freedom
  17. geezpot

    geezpot Elite Member

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    Prisma are great pens but they dry out to quick for me, so lately I've been buying Letraset promarker series. You can buy them in singles not like prismas where you have to buy a box set.
    I would recommend the Letrasets over the prismas, both are around the same price but one lasts longer.
    My only bad comment is that the Letraset felt bleeds a little more than Prismas.

    I also use a 'bleed sheet' under every page when sketching.
  18. .44magnum

    .44magnum Senior Member

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    i wouldn't only get banned from the shop, i'd probably get kicked out of the country i now live in :) for like five years or something...
  19. *Baozone*

    *Baozone* Senior Member

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    prisma markers and pencils are dope, its all bout crayola muthafuka! haha, im playin
  20. dcite

    dcite Elite Member

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    GEEZ, you can buy prismas in single, for about 2.40$. and yeah ive found better markers, the chartpaks, but like the letrasets your talking about they bleed like crazy