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Blackbook Markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by dcite, May 3, 2004.

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  1. geezpot

    geezpot Elite Member

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    Are you in the 604 area code?
    I can't find singles anywhere, and I hit the art stores frequently.
  2. Tony

    Tony Elite Member

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    Are you in the 604 area code?
    I can't find singles anywhere, and I hit the art stores frequently. [/b][/quote]
    michaels sells them in singles. i dont think they are in the same area.
  3. jurass finish first

    jurass finish first Elite Member

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    ya it would suck if i got banned from michaels or something cuz thats where i get most of my markers now but about that stealing montana thing. . . its not that i respect the paint company more or anything, its that only graffiti shops carry their stuff and most of those shops are independant. . . and where im from theres only 1graf shop so theres no way im racking anything from there
  4. "Sharpies and Touch markers... But the sharpie is only for the outline. If you want to fill with a sharpie it's sure that it will "bleed"."

    That was just well said Newz12.

    Sharpies are perfect to work in the book. Well, my book tho. peace
  5. darkling_stalkr

    darkling_stalkr Senior Member

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    what the real different between a cheap brand like crayola and a brand like primas or a more expensive name ? i really dont see how i marker for a bbook could be that much better.
  6. *Baozone*

    *Baozone* Senior Member

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    prisma are just so called " high quality"
  7. MASE

    MASE Member

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    prizams are the best period u can get them at michchels jus steal them they are easy to jack
  8. MASE

    MASE Member

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    peisams marker are better becase like craolya markers the dont smear and and like craola like if u use yellow next to a black line or any color they the black does not smear on to the yellow market
  9. odd_laws_broke

    odd_laws_broke Elite Member

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    I`ll put it to you straight. If you use crayola, you belong back in kindergarten.

    Prisma is the hottest non-paint marker PERIOD. There`s no debate about it. Look at quality work done with prismas and realize how many techniques can be applied to these things. Prisma gets a bump for life.
  10. jurass finish first

    jurass finish first Elite Member

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    to be honest i dont see what all the hoopla about prismas is. i tried one out on that demo paper at michaels and it bled and didnt even look that great. i still like using sakura permapaques except theres not too many colors
  11. glue

    glue Elite Member

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    i tried a prisma, it was like a highlighter with more variety. i use sharpies because im poor.
  12. prophet

    prophet Member

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    im too poor to get all these expenxive prisims and stuff so i get my dad to get me some sharpies from his work and i go to liquidation world and stuff like that and u can get mad deals there i found a place that sell painters for $2 and those uni pens 4 2 bucks too its dope. and for the bleeding from the sharpies that ppl are comlpainin about just have a crap piece of paper that u put behind under it plain and simple :D
  13. Demur1

    Demur1 Member

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    i use little kid markers cause that's all i got at the moment :(
    i'm gonna get some prismas soon though
  14. HeTaK-cac

    HeTaK-cac Senior Member

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    prismacolorz sont bon mais les crayola pointe fine sont aussi bon pour le fill in
  15. ALGAE

    ALGAE Senior Member

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    Who cares, use whatever. You can tell from other threads whats good, Copics and Prismas. But use what you have I guess or whatever works best for you.
  16. MANiAkONe

    MANiAkONe Elite Member

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    all i know is that i use crayola markers cuzz they dont bleed when im just taggin on paper and wooden crayons for graphs and euro style shit there...
  17. Skippy

    Skippy Senior Member

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    i like messin with alot of blues like true blue royal blue and all that.i like the prisma blue they dope and i like using with redish and all that....but the orange and redish prismas aren't all that great for me..what other good amrekrs are there those colors that will work good.
  18. dcite

    dcite Elite Member

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    chartpacks all tha way
  19. CaSoNe

    CaSoNe Elite Member

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    crayolas suck
  20. DA'SeLMeR''

    DA'SeLMeR'' Elite Member

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    copics are 2x more expensive :rolleyes: