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Blackbook Markers

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by dcite, May 3, 2004.

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  1. RookieX412

    RookieX412 Senior Member

    • Messages: 124
    • Likes Received: 0 good as hell with prisma's because of school, but i like to use Permapaques in my b-book...

    ...of course another new page...damn me...
  2. ANTIC

    ANTIC Elite Member

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    y the hell is everyone complaining about markers bleeding through? if it bleeds through then just take 1 or 2 pieces of scrap paper and put the under the page....simple as that
  3. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    its not just because they bleed through.. they Spread out alot also...
  4. Kayone707

    Kayone707 Moderator

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    hahahahaa :lol: :lol: :lol: some funny shit
  5. sink

    sink Senior Member

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    are there any good markers that dont bleed when the paper they wrote on gets wet most of these seem water soluble
  6. DOUK or DIE

    DOUK or DIE Elite Member

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    i have a gallon bag of various sharpies,sharpie paints, and sharpie poster paints , Zig paint markers, AD markers(sick colors & quick fills) fine point sharpies, random prismas, chartpaks, the German TOUCH TWin TIped markers which are in my mind the best theres a color list of like 300 colors a little pricey though
  7. Car2nist

    Car2nist Banned

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    please tell me you didnt pay for it all :X
  8. KAST

    KAST Member

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    Hey if ure lookin for a good ass b-book marker try this shit.Its called COLORIFIC GEL PENS.That shit may sound gay but try it.This shit dont bleed or go through pages.Its water based,writes smooth,sick ass overlaping effects,and looks hella wet afer it drys(within seconds).Its about 5.50$ in San Leandro but can easly be racked.It comes in packs of eight,eight colors,and in a purple box.Get these at Rite Aid,longs,walgreens ect...get some then lemme know wut you think.

    510-Dublin-Fuck da 5-0
  9. Sampson

    Sampson Member

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    Im sure nobody uses dip pens but they have always been the best for spreading ink. You can get some pretty thick tips for them two (half inch). Fuck what am i talking about, i dont think i would use them for making writtings. But they are ment for caligraphy.

    Im done, ill shut up.
  10. CaSoNe

    CaSoNe Elite Member

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    prisma colored pencils are pretty dope
  11. SHift

    SHift Senior Member

    • Messages: 101
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    prismas sound cool so i might get the 24 or 48 pack on eBay
  12. urapangit

    urapangit Member

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  13. "awesome"ONE

    "awesome"ONE Elite Member

    • Messages: 548
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    I just use Prismas and pencil usually, most of the time my scketches are just in black and white anyway, sometimes i'll go back and color them depending on how I feel. I've heard of alot of people using alot of paint pens for blackbooks though so maybe i'll try that later on, I don't know.
  14. the_uniBOMBER

    the_uniBOMBER Elite Member

    • Messages: 2,327
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    Sorry capser, forgot to mention. I have tried them. I find them to be the same as prismas, but that's only because I only tried one marker. They may be able to fade better. However the ability to hook the markers up to an airbrush thing is cool.
  15. Alio

    Alio Senior Member

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    sharipies and little cheap markers from K-Mart work fine for me...!!
  16. the_uniBOMBER

    the_uniBOMBER Elite Member

    • Messages: 2,327
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    Who doesn't my friend, who doesn't?
  17. {MaD MIzE}

    {MaD MIzE} Senior Member

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    I use crayola super tip 50 pack assorted colors.
  18. jape-the-nape

    jape-the-nape Elite Member

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    i just bbuy jumbo markers from cheapie stores they neva leek and they dont even have a brand it just says marker on the side lol
  19. Bass~choker

    Bass~choker Senior Member

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    i use prismacolor markers and im gona go rack some prismacolor color penciles and see if there any good
  20. ->toNE*

    ->toNE* Elite Member

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    currys is a nice art shop, for all u toronto cats