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Discussion in 'Toys forum' started by Kayone707, Jun 15, 2005.

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  1. dizzle_d

    dizzle_d Senior Member

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    blah blah..

    Ezekiel- that third one looks like your trying to go way to wild, keep it simple for now... the skull character is pretty killer, but, you have to go a little simpler, like lose the little drooping things in the center of the E, and you have to work on your Z's aswell. your best letter is your K, or your L, so work on the others. keep it up though
    Cror- your throwup letters don't seem to really flow, work on the flow of the letters....for example... like on your R you have a thick bar on the left side, put the thick bar on all of the letters on the left side. you'll get it:cool:
    Dawsss- those sketches are so dope colors are good too. I'd say the only thing that looks a little strange is the D, I mean add a little something to it to make it look more like a D and less like an O, maybe make the upper left bar a little more bold. you know what I mean? haha If that made any sense. Keep those eye candy sketches cominnnn...
    RIP Waster12.

    Ok, so it was another late night so I just sketched this up. I went a little crazy with the colors and such(for me at least)( OH AND MIND THE SPIDER MAN LEG!!) ::ahem:: anyways ...
    [Broken External Image]:
    Crits on the letter structure and what not would be appreciated.
  2. ---CRoR---

    ---CRoR--- Elite Member

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    i get ya im better at painting then drawin but i still need to work on my paint skills....... im a lot better then i use to back in 05 and 06

    but thanks for the crits!
  3. Stonk

    Stonk Senior Member

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    Dizzle D that looks real good..maybe on the inside of the holes of the letters make it the same of the 3d..thats the only part thats weird.

    Silent vandal - that shit is hot. love it.

  4. dim

    dim Elite Member

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    tike good simple
    dizzle d i like it but i dont know about all the extra little addons on the upper right of the peice dont get rid of all of em just some
  5. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    dim fresh as hell, reminds me of samp's work

    tike dope simple, fix up the e a lil

    cror all good except the n, shits deformed
  6. HoodRichSucka

    HoodRichSucka Elite Member

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    dim: i like it a lot. wrtie a whole word in the same style, i think it will be sweet
  7. Mr Tasty

    Mr Tasty Banned

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  8. sex without condoms

    sex without condoms Elite Member

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    i like it its a new turn from your usual stuff
  9. Mr Tasty

    Mr Tasty Banned

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  10. klipa

    klipa Senior Member

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    mr tastey= you should try and clean up your lines abit and space your letters out slightly and your style will increase with ease.

    dim= i love that s it would be good to see a full word thrown from that.

    a battle peice. the camera robbed the colour tho but oh well

    on another note i know this isnt the thread but if anyone wants to battle jus pm me peace

    [Broken External Image]:

  11. -Sinn-

    -Sinn- Senior Member

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  12. Akshun

    Akshun Senior Member

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    EzekieL-i like the first two alot but the last one im not feelin as much the add ons really kill the piece to me.

    runt-work on the r a lil bit and str8ten ur lines and ull be str8

    silent vandal-i love the colors in both pieces i think the s in the bottom piece is the dopest s between the two i dont care for the one in the top piece. and ur a id say but a lil hole in the middle so it looks like an a it looks like and n to me

    dizzle d- i like it no complaints

    tike- bring the t down and in some and i think it be dope, and work on that e just a lil bit

    dim- i like the s dope shit

    mr. tasty - i love it

    klipa- nice

    sinn-work on the d

    Last edited: Aug 28, 2007
  13. NEZ89

    NEZ89 Senior Member

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  14. pr0n

    pr0n New Member

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  15. REAL..

    REAL.. Member

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    new sketch not sketched in a while been on a slump i got tired after a while bits are sloppy will clean it up tomoz and fill it in...
    all crits appreciated ive got a long way to go...
  16. -GEKS-

    -GEKS- Elite Member

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    get rid of all the arrows
    then we'll talk
  17. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    dope letters but hidden behind way too many extensions/arrows/extras
  18. jersOneTIC

    jersOneTIC Senior Member

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    bump for crits..
  19. minesweep

    minesweep Elite Member

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  20. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    haha ur sig says no more imposter faces, and you put one on ur

    heres ur crits... thicken ur lines, make the letters shorter