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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by willomite, Apr 4, 2006.

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  1. willomite

    willomite Member

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    does the metal detector at a store still detect the metal of the can even if the barcode is off??
  2. daze14

    daze14 Member

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    i dont think so i walked out with lik five cans to day i just ripped off the barcode and left
  3. minor crimes

    minor crimes Elite Member

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    i duno... ive never racked paint :p but i think ther not metal detectors because if u have like a watch on wont that go off?
  4. kill

    kill Elite Member

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    barcodes dont set of alarms

    or do they?
    anybody know dont say anything if u dont know
  5. snail

    snail Member

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    Barcodes themselves do not set off alarms. A barcode is just a graphical representation of numbers.

    There are, however, sensors that are placed on items, underneath the barcode, so that the alarm will go off if they are stolen. I've never seen them on paint though. You'd most likely be able to feel the sensor under the barcode if you rub it lightly with your finger. It should be a thin piece of plastic, about the size of a postage stamp.
  6. dark\gbk

    dark\gbk Senior Member

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    there are 3 elements


    now the detectors are the tall pillars at exits of shops

    deactivators are built into the scanners that are in the checkouts

    the signal is a little barcode that has an elctronic device in it which is then placed on expensive items(normally not paint so u should be fine)

    wen the signal is stuck on a product it is not coming off ok so if u feel 1 on there just ditch wateva u are trying to rack case u will just waste time and look sus
  7. aoime

    aoime Senior Member

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    dont say things like this, now it makes me wanna rack and get arrested for something stupid
  8. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    Racking is a fucking vocation man.
    If I hit three stores back to back. i can get like 12-14 cans at each store. Thats roughly 30-35 cans depending on each pull.
    Now with about 30 cans, i can save the colors i want, and i can also practice, and just learn with them.
    Also, its that much paint for free aside from a bit of gas money.
    So its not that stupid when you know how to do it and where to do it.
  9. T R E O

    T R E O Elite Member

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    some items have a little metal strip on the and when the item is scanned,it is dactivated so when you walk through the detectors,they dont go you just rip off the barcode and rip off the metal strip on it.
  10. Mute1

    Mute1 Elite Member

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    AHhaha wtf...those arent metal detectors smart guy...they detect those thick ass gooey barcodes they only stick em on expensive shit. Most likely not on paint. Ur safe, thats the least of ur worries.
  11. MuramZA

    MuramZA Senior Member

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    Stores usually don't bother with puttting that metal strip one everything, and paint is usually safe.
  12. snail

    snail Member

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    Indeed. What you really have to watch out for is cameras and people. Moreso little hero customers, rather than staff.

    I dont rack my stuff. I think stealing is wrong, no matter who you're stealing from. I dunno, some people think bombing some dudes house is totally OK, but again I see that as totally off-limits. I'm old enough to buy paint, and I'm not living on the streets, so I see know reason that I shouldn't invest some cash into my hobby.

    But whatever... When I was under 18 I stole my paint, but I was in a totally different frame of mind back then. Ya know, 'fuck the world, I'll do what I want' sort of thing.
  13. samurai_paintfreak

    samurai_paintfreak New Member

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    Not to be a dick or anything. But that is fucking lame. Stealing paint? I don`t care how good you are at bombing. I think it gives a bad name to the shit. I buy my paint because I feel a greatewr sense of pride knowing I worked for my tag.
    You do what you do though, don`t blame me when shit catches up with you in the store. Got busted and it wasn`t even for doing Graffiti...
  14. Mute1

    Mute1 Elite Member

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    Lol...geeks. It's not lame... I don't do it because I don't wanna get caught AGAIN, but if you can, go ahead.

    Your right tho, if enough people stole, all spraypaint companies would go out of business and then where would we be?
  15. BRAINE

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    shoplifting makes prices increase
  16. MAC504

    MAC504 Member

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    yea it does... but it seems to make more sense if they would drop the price.. then people might actually buy it if it was cheaper..
  17. selle

    selle Member

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    its a lot easier to justify racking when your underage because youll probably just get a slap on the wrist. But being over 18 like others on here Im not going to risk getting caught shoplifting. Already paranoid enough while Im out painting. I have the money to buy cans and I dont mind spending it.
  18. settybomb

    settybomb Elite Member

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    Not to be a dick or anything, but if you steal shit in great ammounts alot of times, and know about the stores system for inventory, and how they stock and how often you rack and the right places to do it, it takes a bit more work then crotch 2 cans. I steal alot of paint everyother week. I dont have money for paint, and i love graff enough to risk it. But im not some fucking petty theif, i dont steal from people, like independent hardware stores, i steal from corperations, who dont even inventory there paint for the most part.
    Im just saying man, I work just as hard for my tag as the next guy, and racking is a personal choice, much like smoking cigarettes or drinking alcohol or doing drugs even. Its all morals, and i dont think someone with a drug problem is lame, or someone whos addicted to cigarettes is lame because of the choices they make in life, Its just there decision.
    you had the right to say what you said, Just realize its not all senseless, and alot more goes into it with somepeople such as myself then youd think.
  19. BRAINE

    BRAINE Elite Member

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    yea when someone steals from walmart or home depot its no big thing, but franchises like ace and small hardware stores really get hurt from it, especially if you hit them up for a huge sum of paint.
    walmart is so rich, i hope people steal from there, i just dont do it myself because i dont need to go to jail again.
  20. AMW

    AMW Senior Member

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    ya wanna rack like crazy? ya know those keep cool freezer pac things (those silver bags) like a lunch bag...just get 1 like that, they sell them at cub foods and stuff, just put your paint in there and the detector doesnt detect it :)