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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Zeos, Sep 27, 2004.

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  1. no-sleep

    no-sleep Senior Member

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    yeah some caps are SHIT
  2. 0nly10fmikind

    0nly10fmikind Senior Member

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    shittier then the ones i have now? they would have to come already clogged.
  3. no-sleep

    no-sleep Senior Member

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    needle cap looked like piss when it came out
  4. Out Ta Bomb

    Out Ta Bomb Member

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    ny fats are the #1 cap to use for tags fill in throwies and outlines, best bombin cap u cant go wrong with it
  5. 0nly10fmikind

    0nly10fmikind Senior Member

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    yea i love them ny s. i got all my supplies licked last week an all i got now are dollar cans frm wallmart. i tried a throw last night and i was standin there for like 10 whole minutes...then i was finally done and the shit looked like it had been there for 10 years.
  6. omiz

    omiz Senior Member

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    new ultra wide cap.
    great for fills. i got mine off of some spray adhesive at michaels.
    filler cap.JPG
  7. Reger

    Reger Member

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    Do u like the universal german outline cap?
  8. no-sleep

    no-sleep Senior Member

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    omiz show us a picture of the lines from it
  9. BigO

    BigO Member

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    yeah dude all i had was a white dollar can from walmart an a black one. Took me 10 minutes and just like you said it looked like it had been there forever. Alright so the caps in the first pic made like medium to small lines. The caps in the second pic are supposed to be fat caps as far as i know. But i looked at them closely and the holes don't really look any different from the ones in the first pic. So I'm just wondering which one is a fatcap. I hate showing up to a spot and start painting and realize i'm using the wrong cap so i end up wasting time, and paint.
    View attachment 80538
    View attachment 80539

    sorry the pics are sideways. they downloaded wrong or some shit
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2012
  10. no-sleep

    no-sleep Senior Member

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    wont let me see those picks man
  11. Friidom

    Friidom Senior Member

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    just ordered some female fats and thins from ebay for the new rusto with the male valves. supposed to be modeled after the ny fat and thin so hopefully they're worth it. i'll post pics of the lines once they come in
  12. MiDo93

    MiDo93 Senior Member

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    cruiser caps ftw
  13. fingerlickingchicken

    fingerlickingchicken Senior Member

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    Ny fat on a hardcore
    Got damn is that a nice combo
    Or one of those AP 49ers the gold cap with red dot god damn
    Last edited: Aug 19, 2012
  14. PURP

    PURP Member

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    Rusto for bombing Montana for piecing belton or ironlak for trainz
  15. barish

    barish Guest

    Don't ever use ironwak on trains theyre best for spots that get buffed because that's how long the color stays for anywayz
  16. Junkfreejunkie

    Junkfreejunkie Member

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    Any reviews on fresh paint from ****? Shits hella cheap with decent colors. Can't wait to get enough money to try it. Every can comes wit a fat
  17. Turb0

    Turb0 Member

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    good stuff in here
  18. Balo

    Balo Senior Member

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    anyone tried the winged tip from the shop on here yet?
  19. PIECE

    PIECE Senior Member

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    Montana Gold caps are terrible. Can't get them to be consistent at all and they clog up.
  20. quicksilver_slick

    quicksilver_slick Member

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    Homie, keep a tissue in your free hand, and wipe the nozel of the cap frequently, this will make your golds last alot longer with out clogging. Its a smaller hole so the paint particles get stuck much easier than the rest.