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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Zeos, Sep 27, 2004.

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  1. caron_400

    caron_400 Senior Member

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    Any paint is good, Montana is high quality so your straight with that. But try out as much as you can afford, you will find out what you prefer, usually high pressure cans for throw ups and tags, and low pressure cans for piecing
  2. Monea oliver

    Monea oliver New Member

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    ok thank you so much
  3. Idkwatmynameshouldbe

    Idkwatmynameshouldbe Member

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    ive been sketching in my blackbook for two years now, but im pretty new to painting, so i have a question. what caps are fatter, pink dots or astro fats?
  4. caron_400

    caron_400 Senior Member

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  5. caron_400

    caron_400 Senior Member

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    Bless your little heart :)

    ERUP_WON Member

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    Don’t sleep on this DANG paint, it’s very good, the stock cap is a soft mid even tho they say it’s skinny… the valve is very smooth, the low pressure is super low pressure, I also like Flame Blue paint a lot, more so than Molotow to me it’s over priced… anything Montana is great, I prefer the Montana Gold to all of Montana’s lineup… Black is also good I’m not a huge fan of the MTN94, it’s good but rather have the Montana Gold… but for my money and what I like, can’t beat this new DANG paint. Also made in Spain and the colors are all super dope..
  7. sl0rs777

    sl0rs777 New Member

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    yo clogged's a pro tip use brake cleaner put the cap on the red straw that comes with the can and unclog your caps. it works.
  8. mozAf

    mozAf New Member

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    What's your favorite cap for tagging?
  9. Buff proof

    Buff proof Member

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  10. Toy Asf

    Toy Asf Member

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    What caps are better? Male or Female? Or do they function the same?
  11. noob_

    noob_ New Member

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  12. Holahoops

    Holahoops New Member

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    Great youtuber. Always shows what caps to use for those who want tipsss
  13. Verse

    Verse New Member

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    Hey new to painting w actual cans was wondering if flame cans are any good there’s a store super close to my house that sells them on the cheaper side.
  14. osmoes

    osmoes New Member

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    yeah flame is good but i wouldnt go spending all ur money on tha good paint. practice with rusto and then move up 2 tha graff cans
  15. slick dick willy

    slick dick willy Senior Member

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    true,word. start with cheap paint with ya graff game when starting out.
    dont use stock tips (the tip that comes with the can).
    can control willl get better throughout the graff quest
    new caps will come out in shops also paint too.
    at the graff shop back then :rustos,ny fats,ny thins, bananana thins, and german thin and
    german fats.
    favorite cap: rusto
    "rusto is a musto"like they said back then.

    now theres uprok caps and so on.
  16. slick dick willy

    slick dick willy Senior Member

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    ****ghost hollow throwie

    lighter fluid

    wd-40 (any)

    brake fluid (now to mess with metals)


    bucket full of liquids HIGHLY FLAMMABLE

    Do hollow throwie.
    wait till the paint dries.

    lick with the brush of liquids lighter fluid,wd-40, brake fluid.
    repeat or realign throwie to original hollow.

    if the buff uses cleansing ,the hollow
    should stay.
    If its buffed with paint then its over.