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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by dense, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    Well heres a little "trick tip" for ya if you will...

    Aproach the wall or fence with medium to high speed

    Jump off of your left foot while extending your arms upward toward the top of the fence

    Grab the top of the fence and use your arms to pull your self up

    Swing your right leg up ontop of the fence and pull your other leg up and over in one fluid motion

    Let go of the fence

    Position your feet for the landing and absorb the impact by bending your knees

    then bend over and remove your head from the anal cavity

    resume running

    [Broken External Image]: threads/Gay Thread congrats.jpg
  2. WoeInfinite

    WoeInfinite Elite Member

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    theres this karate school by me that gives free running classes now, and you get to practice like, in the plaza that its in
    fucking fresh dude.
  3. tha wite rabbit

    tha wite rabbit Senior Member

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    you can get to any apartment roof top, just press every button n someone will ring you in.
    climb all the way up the stairs and take boltcutters wit you because the custodians often chain lock it, and BAM! your on the fuckin roof.
  4. SEE (NY)

    SEE (NY) Member

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    ahahah backed hard. dude just be creative, steal your fucking neighbors ladder w.e. some stupid threads on here
  5. BLTZ

    BLTZ Senior Member

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    look for stairs
    look for ladders(fire escapes are perfect)
    look for pipes

    if that fails then

    go to the flea market and buy a grappling hook and probably some rock climbing cleets(makes it easier to walk up the walls)

    if your too much af a cheap ass to get the grappling hook then just stare at the roof until you finally make it up
  6. seb

    seb Senior Member

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    if u bomb witgh a friend boost eachother..
  7. sly45

    sly45 Senior Member

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    i like to use my telecinisis or however the fuck its spelled
  8. kayotix

    kayotix Member

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    go learn some parkour(free running) and all your climbing problems will be solved, i was doing parkour way befor graff and getting to hard places is easy as fuck now
  9. SAID

    SAID Moderator

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  10. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    im sure im going to get flamed for this but remember i have i right to my opinion

    free running looks gay ass hell to anyone walking by...
  11. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    if you're up on a rooftop you think they'll run prints on the ladders just for some graff?
  12. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    doubt it, plus something like a ladder will have alot of prints on it.... and it really only matters if yours are on file. And you may be right hammer but the good free runners/ parkour people are the modern day ninja
  13. letsgobombin

    letsgobombin Senior Member

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    i agree unless they're actually good then it looks good and could be useful, or if they fall :D
  14. Cliff

    Cliff Senior Member

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    Your fucking sig trips me the fuck out
  15. The_NaMEz_BaNKz

    The_NaMEz_BaNKz Elite Member

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    you can tell its a square..cuz the shadow..
  16. Atom1er

    Atom1er Senior Member

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    way to ruin that experience for me...
  17. Cliff

    Cliff Senior Member

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    haha. Fuck that shadow
  18. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    that sig is hella trippy i still havent figured out the dice sig that someone has...
    i really hate to burst your bubble but csi makes up alot of stuff lets say for example they take a foot print, it turns out to be a nike print, size 11 now how many nike size 11 are there? also what would lead them to you, just because you have nikes? they cant do anything with a footprint, maybe if your barefoot, but ive never had a footprint taken?...
  19. Cliff

    Cliff Senior Member

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    Like someone else said, if you fingerprint isn't in the system, your all set. and yeah, csi gets me peranoid as fuck haha
  20. hammer_time

    hammer_time Banned

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    yea but see thats what im sayin half the shit on that show is....wait for it..... TV! real talk