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Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by dense, Aug 16, 2005.

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  1. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    Its a weird plasticy foam material that makes a hell of a lot of noise when you walk on it. and its almost impossible to not leave foot prints. Sonitrol is the security people you gotta look out for because the moniter the store all night and can hear you walking on the roof and will call the popo. I know this cause ive worked at a store with it, and got in trouble causei left the music on over night and sonitrol could hear it all night. So look for a sonitrol sticker in the window before you go to the roof. or just get up and get out quicky like
  2. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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    There is this spray stuff that rock climbers put on their shoes to get grip and climb easier. I bet that would work well for climbing shit. I would also suggest not using skate shoes.
  3. DLOOO

    DLOOO New Member

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    seriously, roofs aren't hard enough for this to be here.
  4. DLOOO

    DLOOO New Member

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    oh and, most roofs in any general downtown area in most big citys have new cameras that catch the sound of spray paint and it sends it straight to the pigs.
  5. BigBlueViolence

    BigBlueViolence Elite Member

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    4 month bump AND double post for your first two posts?
    Fucking awesome, man.
  6. acereborn

    acereborn Elite Member

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    and a faggot that reads the article on the front page of bombing science, and doesnt even understand it

    ps, it doesnt detect spray paint... it detects scratches.

    pps. willing to be youve never hit a rooftop.


  7. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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  8. Ziggy455

    Ziggy455 Member

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    i do parkour and freerunning so its not hard for me to get to any haven spots or really any place-parkour really helps with graffiti in so many ways.
  9. ErrorOner...

    ErrorOner... Elite Member

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    ^hahaha too much Marc Ecko's Gettin' Up eh kid??
    are you sure you do both freerunning AND parkour? haha
  10. Skitz

    Skitz Senior Member

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    i dont know what kind of cities you guys live in but even if they do have cameras they may be on 10 percent of the buildings if that. how does that increase the risk u take going out any night?
  11. TASR

    TASR Banned

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    It's called a bandana and ninja gloves son^
  12. Ziggy455

    Ziggy455 Member

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    well not as much parkour when i go bombing-parkour is more stylish while free running is getting somewhere quickly and fluently-and yes blah blah mark ecko.

    i have other things besides graffiti one of which is parkour, free running only helps if the pigs chase you or your trying to get to a high spot quickly.

    oh and even this "kid" knows that in getting up you don't do parkour/free running you just climb shit
  13. tiny tim

    tiny tim Senior Member

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    well with your "inneffectiveness to..*chuckles*...draw graffiti" and "drawing in sketchbooks", its a good thing yuo can freerun and jump from building to building while your dogdin pigs after crushing those makebelieve heaven spots
    please. teach me something
  14. Maste

    Maste Senior Member

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    ps parkour is getting somewhere fastly
    freerunning is the mroe styleized got em mixed your wrong...go jump on shit
  15. ErrorOner...

    ErrorOner... Elite Member

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    parkour is stylish too retard.. the only reason there are two words for the same thing is cuz parkour originated in France or wherever those french ppl are and then came to US and parkour didnt make sense to you english bastards so they renamed it freerunning. DuRRR!!
  16. Ga.nK

    Ga.nK Member

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    wow ziggy, and a little bit towards error.

    its obvious you are
    A) An internet white person.
    B) Some ignorant guy who read comments on youtube and thinks hes hot shit.

    do your research, bucko.

    parkour is moving efficiently.(the only stylish i can think of is cleanliness..which is for the preservance of energy, not actual style)
    freerunning is an offspring of parkour, with aesthetics.

    don't even bother to argue back. I'm a pretty big nerd when it comes to knowing the roots of my hobbies. no beef or anything, im sure you can burn me and all sorts of other e-beef statements
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2008
  17. ErrorOner...

    ErrorOner... Elite Member

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    lol yeah you're right I am white and ignorant! and fuck your research i'm too busy painting!
    ps. don't call me bucko...
  18. ONCE*

    ONCE* Member

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    buy a jetpack fools
  19. Maste

    Maste Senior Member

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    lol hey bucko...kiddo..pal..chief.. do pullups and get strong it makes climber easier (my contribution)...oh oh story i once beat a group 0f 30 marines in a pullup compitition XD
  20. _ORGAZM_

    _ORGAZM_ Member

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