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Close Calls

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by met-trains-r-tha-best-biatch, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. Spyte

    Spyte Member

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    I've only had one close call. My homie and I were out bombin all night and wanted to hit this one last spot under a bridge. We were gonna hit all the polls and i was having my homie watch out because its a busy street and 3:50 in the morning when people are gettin ready to go to work. Cars kept goin by and I started to get careless because I just wanted to finish and leave so I let cars see me and then my homie yells COP COP! and I jump over the barrier and hid behind one of the polls and slowly moved around it as the cop rolled by. I didn't finish my tag haha so it just looked like black clouds on the polls.
  2. Lie

    Lie Banned

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    haha ive noticed that when you do like one tag on a wall, you gotta go and do another and another and your adrenaline builds up and u just keep on tagging and doing bombs fucking everywhere
    normaly u either get careless and then get caught or seen or u calm down
  3. Olick

    Olick Elite Member

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    or you just say "fuck it. if i get cot i might as well make it worth the 500 dollor fine"

    think of it =]
  4. TECKN

    TECKN Senior Member

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    i was taggin a stall in the bathroom at the mall and the janitor was sweeping on the other side of the stall door, i opened it and walked away laughing
  5. innerbleeding

    innerbleeding Senior Member

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    almost caught twice on the one exact bridge and once in another.
    was doin a throwy on a main road but it was like 2 cars every 30 seconds so i didn't care. i did the outline, all of 10 seconds , and i went to fill and i hear sirens real close so i run n there's a fence i gotta jump before i get back on the road cuz it was a fenced off parking area. the second i got over the fence a cop car goes past at 100kays on a 50kay road. i dropped the paint and walked casually and they just kept driving. if i took 5 seconds more for the outline they woulda drove past as i was climbing the fence.
  6. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    Allthegoodnamesaretaken Senior Member

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    I was with my buddy and we were doing some straight letters on a bathroom of a park, Like, a park with one of those buildings that have bathrooms inside, We wanted to do some big ass letters on there.
    Anyways we had a lookout and this guy was shitting himself and saw cops and we just stopped, Walked out the park and we see the cops happened to turn around the park and were right in front of us, but they didnt say anything or talk to us they just continued, And they stopped at a red light for like five minutes and when they left we went back and finished up :D haha stupid pigs.
  7. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    your paranoid

    drunkenshits and i got chased twice within 15 minutes.

    that was the most nerve wrecking day EVER
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2008
  8. STR-WHO

    STR-WHO Guest

    walking down to a bud's house at 12:30 on monday, and decide to tag the sign at this park i was passing, when i finish, this guy walks out of the shadows, yells at me, picks up a rock and decieds to throw it. it missed and i booked
  9. innerbleeding

    innerbleeding Senior Member

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    was trackside n hear a car on other side of the traks. i look and see nothin. 3 seconds later i hear tires squeeling to a stop n i turn bak around and i see the top of a cop car jus sittin there. i legged it and cleared the tracks and the fence in less than 3 seconds i swear. hid under someones car for half an hour while i kept seeing the cruiser pass me like 5 times. spent the time wisely by scraping off the paint on my hands with my teeth.
  10. Andre

    Andre Member

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    You're gonna die some day. If you had such a close call then i personallydont think u should be pulling this shit off. Graffiti is one thing, but risking your life like that is just a whole different story. back wen i lived in NY, me and my krew wud hit up subway tunnels too. but we'd know the schedules and shit AND there are manholes (u know, the things in between the tracks) that u can stand on when trains are passing easily. Try staying around these, itll guarantee your life.

    Anyways.. a close call.. ok.
    it was my 5th or 6th time going writing in subway tunnels. we were in the tunnel between 67th ave and 63rd drive (Queens, New York). a train was comin so we all got into our safe spots where we cant get seen/ spotted (which is between 2 tracks |=| || |=| <-- the |=| are the tracks and the | | between them is the safe spot i stood at. so clearly, u can see i can just turn around and continue walking on the other track. so there i was standing, train passing in front of me, i got impatient so i turned around to start walking the same way on the other track. as i step off my leg got stuck for a sec, i moved it and continued and a train zoomed right past me like half an inch away from my head! that was the clostest i ever got to death in my life. if it wasnt for my leg being stuff i wouldve been crushed meat
  11. CHUB

    CHUB Senior Member

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    this one was kinda wierd. we didnt realize we were almost busted until an hour afterwards.

    dude and i were hitting the river wall with throwies. there is a part of the where it curves and conceals you, and since the place is kind of a tourist spot we did it quick and got out of there. well as we were walking my friend decides to hit a building on a street(we were heading to the skatepark to get picked up) and as he pulls out the can a unmarked police car drove by. i didnt see the officer but my friend did so he books it and tells me to come on, so we hauled ass to our location. when the dudes ride picks him up he tells him that they were at the riverwall right after us and heard a bunch of cops radioing in about some kids tagging the wall and they put a search out for us. so i guess we left just in time. As for the undercover cop, that was just a unrelated close call.
  12. pablo

    pablo Senior Member

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    i was bombing with another guy in winter:( and it was about 9.30 i hit a building and was waiting for the other dude when some guy walkin his dog comes up and smells the shit i guess, says " come over here" and i book it while the other guy has is running while putting shit in his bag and falls then his dog came and jumped on him but the guy was old and couldnt get there in time so the dude booked it
  13. Sanz.Esnesnon

    Sanz.Esnesnon Member

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    My homie Raze and myself were up on this rooftop workin on this big ol piece. It was a nice little spot with a main street curving around the building. I'm up on my toes reaching as high as I can, completely visible from the street, when I here Raze start cursing up a storm. He comes over and tells me that our city's graffiti van just rolled by. They didn't see us, but definitely a close encounter of the 5-0 kind
  14. duke101

    duke101 Member

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    i was on a metal awning hitting up a peice of sheet metal that wrapper around the whole building and i hear a car so i say fuck it and finished what i was doing. as soon as im done i hop onto the building roof and duck nbelow the ledge(the roof is a half foot shorter then the walls around it) and it turns out to be a cop driving past...........another time i was being lookout and i see a cop turn the corner onto the street me and my buddy are on. my buddy just finished hitting up a mailbox and we start walking away through a parking lot. the cop pulls into the parking lot and circles us once then stops right behind us. we kept our cool and kept walking and he left us alone.
  15. KevinFlys

    KevinFlys Banned

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  16. simple zen

    simple zen Elite Member

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    well noone almost lost their life in my story but here it goes...

    just got off work and my buddy and i were plannin' to go bombing right after so i told him to meet me outside my job. he's got a can of krylon black and i got a shitty can of white for some reason. long story shorter put... ditched the white cuz it was whack.. saw a huge wall facing a main road with a fence put around it.

    my friend is skinny and not as strong as me so i had no problem hopping the fence while he's struggling. i'm already at the wall and i start bustin' the biggest throwie i've ever done and my boy follows.. a white truck stops in the middle of the fuckin' road right where he was hopping that fence. they just stopped and looked at us. i heard yelling.. i fuckin' HIT IT!!! my boy was either finishing up or being a doofy fuck, unable to hop the fence. i hopped over the wall i was bombin' into someone's backyard. i made direct eye contact with buddy sittin' there watchin tv on his couch and i'm all hyped up. i run through his side yard gate and i'm fuckin' joltin', all sketched out. then i get stopped by a 5-0...

    hey, where you goin', where you comin' from...

    just comin' back from work ma'am. see my shirt? *turns around*.

    do you have ID?

    uh, actually na i don't think so...

    ok have a good one...

    still got the scars from the brutal ass fence.
  17. SKILO1

    SKILO1 Member

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    me and 3 of my friends went to hit up this fence by this house and while we were almost done this car pulls in the drive way so we duck and lay down and when they walked inside we bolted seperate ways then found eachother and hit a tower thing then the next day we go look at the work and the same ppl drove past 3 times and asked us if we needed anything haha
  18. San2

    San2 Member

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    one time me and my mate was bombin in this alley on the middle of a saturday which was pretty stupid shit but i was a toy
    and this cop starts coming down the alley and yelled "Oi" so we bolted into the high street which was luckly packed so we lost the cop in the crowd
    scary shit but pretty awsome cos of the adreniline rush
  19. LAN3YFS

    LAN3YFS Senior Member

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    me and homeboy rawk were finishing up at the yard and were walkin down the street around 9 or 10 and he starts to tag a new building's windo and someone turns on thier light and starts to call the cops and right when we cross the street the cop pulls into the lot.. thank god for heavy trafic.. fuck that yard... almost every time..
  20. nero112

    nero112 Elite Member

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    i got 2 k 1st one:

    so id finished a rooftop n as i left parking structure i saw cid roll up so me n my mate ran down the stairs,past m&s to see another one like right behind us in cars obviously so we ran about a mile through tesco parking and through a like truck yard thing ,got our bikes n rode like fuck . so i decided to hang over a bridge n do some bombs , haha i slipped but grabbed onto the lil bit if railing luckily .
    anyway so were on our way home n as were going down the bridge theres a wall, so i pull out the chrome n as i pull out the black my mate says'fuck this car just do it' hahaha its a fukin police car goin at like 80mph, so i look at the guy in the car n he looks at me taps the driver on the shoulder n by this point ive stuffed em back in my bag n am riding like fuck , so as soon as we hit the road we just hear a screech n fuckin get out of there quick as fuck.

    2nd one:
    so my mates been wanting to do this rooftop on a school by a mainroad for a while, so we go up there its not too high but visible,anyway he does the fill n outline starts the forcefield while were getting high as fuck lol n as he finished a cop car stops at the lights n the light is like right next to where we were perfect veiw of us too, im just like shit police jump off the roof with my bag of paint , sprint acroos the sports field n hit the fence wich is like 15ft n im climbing in fuckin dunks lol so i get to the top, theyr halfway up n my fukin cargos are caught up im shittin it , cos as i jumped off i hear them hit the first fence to get over to the plot.
    so were over ,i have a huge ass rip in my pants, n were on the tracks so were runnin up like hell n all of a sudden we hear a helicopter so we pull down some barb wire , climb over a wall n split up 2 under a caravan n me n my mate walkin to his house , i quickly changed jackets stuffed the other in my bag stashed it n we just walked away lol it being 1 am on a sunday morning lol ,hoping theyll think we just went partying we hear another choper as were like 10 mins from his house so we just carry on walkin n all we here is sirens n all kinds of shit so we stay at his for an hour n a bit.
    so we phone our mates n get em to get my bag n then we walk up to meet em afterwards we just go bombin n then i went home haha.
    i found out the next day from a friend that while she was walkin home with her boyfriend 6 squad cars stoped n asked em if theyd seen four boys runnin in any direction n 2 meatwagons aswell .. luckily she lied cos she thought it was us lol ... n in the end we gots aways.