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Concealing Your Paint

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by MisterSpeak, May 2, 2004.

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  1. perkonezor

    perkonezor Senior Member

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    man this is nice stuff. i need this shit, people where i live care sooo much. once this lady pulled over and started questioning me. <_<
  2. []RENT[]

    []RENT[] Senior Member

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    Skandal, what state/province you do you live?
  3. clockwork

    clockwork Senior Member

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    All of this is good Ideas. I never thought of the pringles thing. But if the local athorities found out here Id be fucked.

    They remember shit like that.

    Im gonna try the pringles can thing. Im surprized this isnt a more popular thread.

  4. NosE2

    NosE2 Elite Member

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    in my city ( i live on ohio) the legal curfew is 12..if your seen by police after that they probably just ask what your doing and tell you to go home..
  5. Fluffy Bunnies

    Fluffy Bunnies Elite Member

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    Our curfew is 10 on school days and 12 on weekends... you have to be 16 and over so haha to you other guys!

    300TH POST !!!! YEAH
  6. mmmburgers

    mmmburgers Elite Member

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  7. asiam

    asiam Senior Member

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    lol. B-R-I-E-FCASE. jesus christ. but no, i just carry my regular size cans in my backpack, and keep my shortcuts in my hoodie pouch.
  8. EGO31

    EGO31 Elite Member

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    8 pages of logic...
    Seriously, you're asking how to stash can's... Are you retarded?
    The simple answer is personal preferance.
    Holy crap.... I cannot believe there is 8 pages of this.
  9. Clown705

    Clown705 Banned

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    yeah dude if you carry around a pringles can that is right sneak
  10. SeapNSR

    SeapNSR Senior Member

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    take your woman with you and put it in her handbag word
    you never look as dodge with a lady

    although i gave my mrs my markers once and i was like yo im totally tagging this wall and shes like nah cunt you aint havin them so i started tryna get her bag then i looked like a really stupid drunken bag snatcher
  11. wired_615

    wired_615 Senior Member

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  12. I_Like_Monster

    I_Like_Monster Member

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    i just has a cool pair of cargo trousers

    can fit a can in each pocket caps in the back and then theres another two pockets near your kneecaps where ye culd shove another 2 cans and the ther back pocket for markers and ye can still move easily and no-one notices them :D
  13. Nesk1

    Nesk1 Senior Member

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    yeh, nice.
    one time i got this thing called a bag
  14. wired_615

    wired_615 Senior Member

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  15. Halo G.E.D

    Halo G.E.D Member

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    stupid drunken bag snatcher lol
  16. Sieda

    Sieda Member

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    750 ml who can handle that with any style on a little tag.
  17. Osie

    Osie Member

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    McD's cup yoo'
  18. TrandomnesstwO

    TrandomnesstwO Senior Member

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    Lol I was out today from 1-3:30 am,around 3 I was fooling around a major road and shit,(this was my first time out this late) and decided in a second to lay down infront of this fast-speeding car ,and when it gets close then just jump up and continue on with me cell.
    Fucked I know but the thing is that it turned out to be a TPS cruiser,and I pratically shit ma pants.
    Ran and hid in the bushes but fuck nothing happened man Im living in a lucky city...but im moving to fucking Parry Sound!!!!
    Anyway I had to put this story on the net and randomly choose this BS page.
    Have a nice day/night 8==ID,s.
  19. The Most Sadistic

    The Most Sadistic Elite Member

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  20. -Empty-Can-

    -Empty-Can- Elite Member

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    I just put paint in my pockets. You can't even hear it especially if your riding a bike. Even a montana wont make any noise