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Diss The Person Above You-Freestyle Battle Cypher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trowel, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. Asis

    Asis Senior Member

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    bullet proof vests do not protect
    against a man whos gets amped
    stabbin into old peoples necks
    you messin with another dalmer
    i'm an organ farmer
    collectin em all like pokemon
    i'm gone like a throwie in the W/B
    i'm quick to the kill you kids can't catch me
    don't sweat style if theres no competition
    i come onto this bitch itchin for a lynchin
    intentions of stretchin ya epidermis across
    ya families bed spread with a cut out cross
    yall toss in turn knowin i got out
    who let the clown out the bag
    i'm about to split whigs with a fresh can sky blue
    paint the body lines so it's easier for cops to find you
  2. CorrereLaCitta

    CorrereLaCitta Senior Member

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    What the fuck ya want to start shit with bombing science cunt fuck yas mother fucker we hard rollas
  3. Tampering With Evidence

    Tampering With Evidence Senior Member

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    I'm getting tired and sick of the drama in this bullshit thread
    CorrereLaCitta how come everytime you post you only bump instead
    If you really poppin' shit off then why do you even stop by
    To say how your doing it big time yet you're so supposedly fly
    Nice try guy, you wanna be bitch made poser calling out BS rappers
    You're not climbing the industry's ladder ya rhymes don't even matter
    Shit makes me sick because I only do this for the essence of Hip Hop
    You or no one else here is a thug none of ya really even crip walk
    You internet thug you aren't going to be punching any emcee in the mouth
    Ain't duct taping anyone up and sitting em down on the living room couch
    You aren't killing drums and beats the only thing you are killing is time
    Go ahead call me out for biting the late great Big L's line or rhyme
    No one's gripping the nine or holding a 45. cal stashing a chopper
    You ain't a mobster, aren't making mad money you window shopper
    No show stopper talking about dissing all these web geeks
    No blood dripping out someone's dome only thing dripping is oil leaks
    If you wasting five minutes of your life then why come back?
    Because you get off on reciting my rap just like it's crack
    So in response this goes out to all the BS wanna be rhymers
    Keep doing ya hustle and flow kiddies Evidence the co-signer
  4. Asis

    Asis Senior Member

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    tampering with evidence preach to the boys
  5. La Coka Nostra

    La Coka Nostra Elite Member

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    New Hampshire is doing it big, killing this thread.
    And I ain't talking about sewing, i'm talkin splitting your head.
    Correre, quick to talk heat on the net, you don't run streets.
    My flows are so raw, you catch e.coli, you don't want beef.
    It's in your best interests that you do not speak.
    Keep your tongue clenched up, behind those teeth.
    Celph and Redman would never collab with your ass.
    You just the dude in the video, givin handjobs in the back.
    You used to suck dick for coke, but you ain't no bob saget.
    You just a dick addict, in rehab, tryin to kick the habit, faggot.
    Now tell me how you're such a real hip hop head.
    When you come talking shit about the internet, in a.......hip hop thread?
    You're a bitch. You flip flop more than politicians.
    You can find my tracks in your library, under non fiction.
    Now wait to read my rhyme so you can reply the next day.
    You wont get a response back, i see through you like x-rays.
    You take offense to this shit, you're a bitch, yeah i knew it.
    Talking shit about e-mc's but you're the next one to do it.

    all in good fun.
    felt like honing my battle skills a bit.
    but i didn't wanna diss these nuggas from NH.
    sup fam?
  6. (SoS)Viruz

    (SoS)Viruz Elite Member

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    HEHEHE.... Batman is a noob... I'm so raw. I kill people with Pencils. What you have a BAT Moblie. Key word. Bat Moblie.
  7. Tampering With Evidence

    Tampering With Evidence Senior Member

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    New Hampshire the 603 Area is where I reside
    This thread is where my flows and yours collide
    To my raps you abide you better follow the rule
    You can't keep up with the rhymes you're low on fuel
    Your low on energy rhymes and you're losing stamina
    You get it I'm not a poser not even for a camera
    I rhyme words that create non-fiction tales
    I keep on the run with paint close to the rails
    I never sold crack, reefer or any "fish scales"
    I went to jail once but I made the bale
    Why you looking so pale your lyrics are weak
    I would still crush you on my lowest while you're at your peak
    Save us the space so next time don't even speak
    Unstoppable chaos with lyrics without a beat
    I don't kill people with pencils but I can cause destruction
    I'll drop lines on you til you can barely even function
    The lines I type you can trust they come straight from the dome
    So good you think I'm being fed em from a rapper on a wireless phone
  8. WoeInfinite

    WoeInfinite Elite Member

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    the 603 is so pho-ny
    tamper, come here and suck on my bony
    because you lyrics are weak, im harcore, spit fiyah
    your pussy lines sound like Hey There Deliliah
    you went to jail, made the "bale" like hay?
    why didnt you stay? we all know your gay..

  9. Tampering With Evidence

    Tampering With Evidence Senior Member

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    Woe congratulations what a good freestyle rap
    Go ahead give yourself a pat on your back
    It took 26 hours for someone to step
    Probably took you 12 hours to type that I bet
    Calling my lyrics weak when you make up words
    What is a bony was that the only word that rhymed with phony
    Stupid bitch made motherfucker apparently you don't know me
    Well that's ok because I don't want to know your wack ass either
    Woe the only one on this thread who sucks more wood than a beaver
    I had a typo but thats what happens when you type too fast
    When it takes you not minutes but hours to diss my ass
    Should've let someone else better try to freestyle diss me
    Fuck it I'll diss my ass next time just get at me with a fifty
  10. Frantastic

    Frantastic Senior Member

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    it's evident mr. evidence is a kid with no melanine
    judging by your eloquence, you're a square like david letterman
    take your medicine, maybe some excederin so you can be at peace
    freakin geek, you're probably one of those herbs that call herb "weed"
    you're guilty for being a dweeb, that steez you feed is suspect
    i've already tampered with your name, let's move on to the next subject
    you better pace back and 'face facts' like 'encyclopedia face smash'
    and take that..shit to grammar school cause i can connect words like pat sajack

    no beef..just for fun
  11. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    i like your steez cat, mr frantastik
    but my vocabulary is practically elastic
    yours is like plastic, itll only make it so far before you fall below par
    N ill be cruisin by freestylin in the car.
    As i watch yo lyrical demise as you realize youve met your match for brain size.
    cause i stack wins like hustla stack pies, leave em bloody for the flies that materize out the skies. Gettin served son, would you like a side of fries?
    I can do this all day matter a fact i can do it till your hair turns grey cause your rhymes are just la-zay, i do this a day and come up with more technical flow then you could get in a lifetime, so would you like to phone a friend cause you need a lifeline so that maybe they'll be a next time and you can come back with a worthy ryhme.

    Seriously though i like your style homie. Stay up
  12. Frantastic

    Frantastic Senior Member

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    damn, G. that phone a friend line murked me. hahaha. some ill shit you got there. mad props and respect.
  13. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    Haha thanks bro. You got some good shit too!
  14. CorrereLaCitta

    CorrereLaCitta Senior Member

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    That was a modified verse on one of my tracks. I am droppin cds your word is worthless



    now that my jobs done this is my last post

    Fuck the haters you wish you where as dope
  15. Frantastic

    Frantastic Senior Member

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    oh my, i've stumbled upon a worthy opponent, although i keeps it shalom
    but no nonchalant convo for long..
    the katana is long, i'ma test the sharpness and dismember ya arms
    show you who the best be, put your biceps on a plate..let's eat
    you sweat the technique more than bums trying to make ends meet
    don't tempt me, i'll make you pay your price when the reservoir's on empty
    but forget inflation, i don't have the patience
    gasoline poured flames, you'll need some surgery shapin
    third degree aftermath, skin inflammation and your epidermis is caved in
    agh. nevermind, that was a flashback..i'll save it for another mission
    cause you couldn't scratch my surface like you were boxin with mittens
  16. Frantastic

    Frantastic Senior Member

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  17. (SoS) Flu

    (SoS) Flu Senior Member

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    i aint even read your wack shit after i read who it was
    shits weak pathetic most likely your tryin to make love
    your the court and im the score board above
    i can reverse anything you can speak of
    truthfully i want you to comeback
    im doing damage and your stabbing like a tack
    your a kiddy meal and im the big mac
    shit was weak above yet im kinda pissed
    want me to spit again sure if you insist
  18. Tampering With Evidence

    Tampering With Evidence Senior Member

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    Hahah, myspace steeze...I still wouldn't cop your cd.
    Move units then talk shit...

    Herbn and Frantastic how come you go hard dissin each other
    Then next post you buddyin up like you both wanna kiss each other?
    Word to mother Herbn saying that the his vocabulary is elastic
    Well I don't know about that that statement is a little drastic
    If you want I could recite your rhymes to make it sound better
    Your raps still not as hot as mine in the desert wrapped ina sweater
    And Frantastic I hope you meant melanin instead of melanine
    Thats not even a word holmes you better check your rhyme
    Know your definitions of words you spit tryin to sound intelligent
    I must be heaven sent because my rhymes look miles down on yours
    Don't tamper with the evidence unless you really wanna pick that course
    Tampering with the name yeah real original and quite comedic
    But I got bored with your shit quick I couldn't even finish to read it
  19. drunkenshits_one

    drunkenshits_one Senior Member

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    yo yo yo,
    new orleans,
    lil wayne,
    i'm the shit,
    hundred million dollars in the ghetto,
    n.o. *****!!
    smoke weed,
    fuck whitey!
    grillz, son!
  20. Frantastic

    Frantastic Senior Member

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    you're a waste of time, you think i'd do good and waste my lines?
    that's like sneezing after blow and at the same time getting caught for the crime
    you don't pop shots.. or pop pills or pop cops
    you're the type that sucks cops off till their balls drop off
    that's really nice, hoe that you noticed my typo
    little shit's nothin, i stay fat my obese raps need lipo
    i'll cut you twice though, rip you like ginsu through wax tissue
    nitwit fools and bitch dudes like you get split-in-two
    you're just jelly, cause you ain't got no props
    you ain't belly, and your wackness does not stop
    you're below average, you need a helmet to go along with that baggage
    you ain't keepin it real, you sock stuff your stuff cause you got no package
    and that's if you're a guy, if you're a girl that's another story
    cause when was the last time a woman has had respect and has been appreciated for glory?
    now is not the time, and you'll never see it in your life
    cause being jordan's wife is the closest you'll be on the mike(mic w/e)