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Diss The Person Above You-Freestyle Battle Cypher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trowel, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. framin-It

    framin-It Senior Member

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    now on a normal day id back you up
    but E beef seems to popular these days, so your time is now up
    your talking about dowin a 40 oz bottle
    and you sayin how pop pills till your mind is full throtle
    man yous a bitch on her knees ready to swallow
    and i know how you are and act, your no leader, you jump to follow
    and me, people say im a worse verson of yous
    but im better cuz i speak the truth, and you can trust when i say i CAN hold my booze
    all drunk and sloshed, jump behind the weel and take a wild cruse
    nah dude im kiddin, that shits dumb im no idiot
    you got school smarts not commn sence, your the defanition of Dip shit
    and im out cuz your callin up the celly
    ima go get some grub is this big ol belly

    for reals hungry as shit.
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  2. ·jaikone·

    ·jaikone· Senior Member

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  3. Tampering With Evidence

    Tampering With Evidence Senior Member

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    Framin It just got off the phone with you
    After this lets run this thread like few
    Now Framin It I didn't say that I did that shit
    And look back bro I'm always honest when i spit
    It's actually more like when I sit here and type
    Because I can't spit very well out in real life
    Except when we dissin on crew or hittin a spot
    Those are the times where my rhymes are food for thought
    Could be considered brain candy for your mind
    Paintin a piece and then slowly re-evaluating like rewind
    When I was talking about pills and the 40 oz bottle
    I was addressing Woe and his problem and you're right I follow
    I believe I then say that doing those are the fools way
    Not to mention half my family and yours do that every day
    But you see we're smarter than that we realize these choices
    Thats why when people asking us for help we'll be rollin royces
    Maybe..Maybe not but whatever it is I'll always wanna catch a spot
    So nah I don't drink and don't smoke weed but I've said this before
    Looks at my posts and you'll be able to see all this for sure
    So homie understand what you're calling me out for next
    And no I'm not the best I just do this rhyme slingin for fun
    Never sold rock shot a cop never even shot a real gun
    Well a shotgun once but thats a whole different story
    Hunting well wasn't my thing or for me just kinda bored me
    And no I don't have it all up stairs nor do I always use common sense
    But in no way am I stupid and I'm not any where near to being dense
    Sometimes I just do instead of thinking then acting
    But it's right off the dome just like when I'm rapping
    So yeah if it's a good idea then of course I'll follow
    But if it isn't then nah I'll just wait and see you tomorrow
  4. framin-It

    framin-It Senior Member

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    word, i hear ya load and clear
    good times with your bro, "dont go home yet i need to chug another bear"
    thats whats up, and hes awalys chill
    too bad hes a bum ass bastard, and awalys owes us bills
    what time tommrow do i need to wake my ass ready
    im maaad tired, im almost ready to hit the bedy
    what happined to all the dissin?
    were are the peopel.....dude their all misin
    its sopost to be you spit and then next person goes
    you think they all left and couldent compet?
    ya think their scared and ran off in defeat?
    i donno mabey they still here...
    lets get this thread a popin
    nobody should be stopin
  5. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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    What the fuck framin-it? that didn't make sense
    Probably because your stupidity is quite dense
    Keep trying, cus your having trouble rhyming
    And work on your syllables, it's all about timing
    Hey, I don't know much about rappin and shit
    but you be putting me to sleep whenever you spit.
  6. Tampering With Evidence

    Tampering With Evidence Senior Member

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    Word to that yeah good times with the fam
    Hopefully he gets his court shit straight like man
    You'll have to get up bright and early tomorrow
    A can is there if you need to borrow you know the motto
    Ya need a can I got you, I need a can you got me
    The peeps in this thread seemed to get up and flee
    I don't know somebody gotta start and do the hatin'
    So they can be put in check I'm sick of being patient

    Edit: For Eskimo2

    How you gonna come off typin my rhymes
    You're like a coke addict addicted to my lines
    You like that punchline I can come up with more
    Actually I still gotta bunch more in store
    Syllables have nothing to do with the timing
    You lookin for gold like you coal mining
    Well I'm right here I'll put on a show for you
    I'm the number one act and you're number two
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  7. framin-It

    framin-It Senior Member

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    haha eskimo that was the best youve got?
    recycling some of mine and boys old shit, dissin on kids will surly get you shot
    cuz i DO have a gun and you can check that with my boy
    ayo tamp, why am i even commin back at this toy?
    he know nothing of what he talk of, tellin me time is everything
    what a joke, how much does he know? ill tell you, not a thing
    you think you can come on here and just start dissin
    keep this shit up your mom will report your ass missin
    my rhymes are short sweet, and are aimed at your head
    your fallin asleep beacue your young and need to get to bed
    so let this be your good night story
    sorry youll be alone tonight, ill be sleepin with your whory!

    haha far to late. i need sleep. and as awalys no beef
  8. ESKiMO2

    ESKiMO2 Elite Member

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    It's funny how he threatens to shoot me and calls me a toy and then says "as awalys no beef"
    I actually laughed when you rhymed everything with thing.
  9. framin-It

    framin-It Senior Member

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    hahha you really take this shit for real dont you. i actually laughed when i see a kid whos feelinf are hurt in the DISSS THE PERSON ABOVE YOU THREAD. watch out kids, your feeling could get crushed on eskimo. i hope your a lil more chill in real life.
  10. ·jaikone·

    ·jaikone· Senior Member

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  11. brainlord

    brainlord Senior Member

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    fuck a duck? hm that shit keeps me masturbating
    and battle rap threads that keep me tough and hating
    feelings are crushed like a kick in the heart
    and your practice son shit play your part
    ill pull out a gun and fire a clip straight to my dick
    reflecting bullets and using the gunshots to make my music
    no shit and no diss im just having fun with this
    like middleschool, days of learning how to french kiss
  12. brainlord

    brainlord Senior Member

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    straight to your dick now what kinda talk is that?
    there might be ladies on this forum its a matter of fact
    be polite and kind its a matter of mind, rehearsed in rhyme
    clean cut dirty like a mutt clean the edges and define
    and first off a gentleman doesnt really lie beneath
    your scum whats left, what gets stuck to my feet
    ill pick you off pick my teeth i know you better than anyone
    i know what youve lost what youve gained and where youve come from
    youve scraped your knees more than youve walked
    your trying to express yourself that heads busted and still locked
  13. TylerDurden

    TylerDurden Elite Member

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    did you just battle yourself?!

  14. brainlord

    brainlord Senior Member

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    yeaah yeahh man and ill do it again

    oh so you say your heads busted and has a lock
    naw thats paralysis side effect derived from shock
    ill break open your head and have sex with that ass
    you cant touch me with words cause im spitting to fast
    knuckle to knuckle ill battle like a boxing match
    ill cut open your skull lift and break the latch
    pushing out blows you cant even touch me with hits
    im so fly so hot your shit evaporates when you spit
    complimenting myself shit i should be on the mainstream
    because these rappers so dumb they dont even say what they mean
  15. HëRbN

    HëRbN Elite Member

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    Aight ima start out slow fo ya homie then pick up the pace, show you how ta get first place in this rap rat race. Cause all your shit sounds the same but thats just the case in this place, mods needa just hit E-Rase.
    Seriously dude, battlin yo self?
    I guess its better than battlin me, cause thats bad fo yo health
    cause I dont do this fo the wealth, and i do it with stealth
    just ta rip up kids like you, then tag up yo face toss you over a line like an old shoe
    So stop frontin cause that beginner shit just wont do
    I hyperbolate, lyrically eat emcee then deficate leave you the need ta medicate just ta see straight
    and my rhymes are never late so kids tend to get irrate, i dont even need ta hate. The words just come like it was fate.
    They dont grip the concept, i have nothing left, so this be a hip hop hypocrysy, bought it all, my monopoly, no democracy. No stoppin me on my rise to the top ya see?
    I run this game, i have no face but my name holds fame. You raps are lame all you little shits sound the same it makes me ill, wheres hidden technique at i needa battle someone with some skill.
  16. brainlord

    brainlord Senior Member

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    your right your words dont grip the concept you have nothing left
    my raps actually make sense and with that im content
    i dont think its cramming in as many rhymes as you can
    i think its being creative with sentences to make you understand
    just because i wont rap seriously about how much better i am
    doesnt mean i dont know how to grip words and make stilts to stand
    you should check yourself before heading to battle someone with skill
    because with me or anyone, hidden technique your next to kill
  17. Frantastic

    Frantastic Senior Member

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    brainlord, your butt's claimed-sore, queer lame whore
    i'll cut you and your raps off with the same sword
    and you ask 'what the pains for?' nothing much, i do it for amusement
    you're guilty for losin and it's proven, you couldn't 'get down' if you were boozin
    watch what you're choosin, to rap or get clapped up
    wack fuck, you'll get smacked up..leave you shook like the cans i racked up
  18. PureSole

    PureSole Elite Member

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    Frantastic you a clown that belongs in a casket
    A basket case, I mask my face, with the task I face
    Putting morons like you off the face of this earth
    Its what I was birthed for, this is the pain your hurtin for
    Cause when you posted here, you know you wanted fuckin war
  19. G-Fat

    G-Fat Elite Member

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    puresole you a hole
    not by the literal
    i mean a bumhole
    smelly and flooding brown
    my rhymes will give you the RUNS
    right outta this town

  20. SKECH-91

    SKECH-91 Member

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    yo G-FAT
    who you trying to get at
    im the one that walks around with a base-ball bat
    im the one you point at and be like "whos that"
    im the one that will make your guts and brain splat
    im the one who finishes his shit with ......... THATS A RAP