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Diss The Person Above You-Freestyle Battle Cypher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trowel, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. sketch_three

    sketch_three Banned

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    fuck that show er ur flows a joke like scrubs
    words im spittin fuck ur nervouse system
    like drugs, got u seein me when im not there like the guy from fight club
  2. 1stGu32.wh0?

    1stGu32.wh0? Senior Member

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    You couldn't drop hot shit sitting on a sauna
    Youd have a better chance winning this battle if the judge was your momma
    Your small talk so pardon the comma
    I'll leave you fucked up worse than ER trauma
    Every dude in my crew got nukes, WE ARE BOMBAS
    The dynomite like retards llamas
    What's the drama?
    Ain't no body want it with me
    I'm the type to eat comets topped with karma and cheeze
    You ain't harmin me, please.. I got more harmony than E
    And when it comes to keys I turn em into profit and start up my G
    R-I-N-D like some stones i just glisten
    Rhymes hotter than hair extentions, just listen
  3. 1stGu32.wh0?

    1stGu32.wh0? Senior Member

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    I would say the same about your sister if she still had a tight hole..WHOA!
  4. Lunchbox

    Lunchbox Senior Member

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    Just that she looks like Samuel l Jackson,
    droping baibes off like she packin
    a truck o' hate, load it up
    shut door and gtfo, cause you be less than a pup
  5. triple6inthemix

    triple6inthemix Senior Member

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    got em
  6. Scheme*119

    Scheme*119 Elite Member

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    triple six in the mix, known to suck dicks, never fucks chicks and always flicks bicks, when smoking the rock, living on a suburban block and shits at the sight of a glock, hes got two gay dads and he farts out jizz, you know the biz, drinking martinis with his pops, got out of a ticket by blowing the cops

    *b boy stance* jah blud.
  7. BBQ812

    BBQ812 Member

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    scheme (one nineteen) don no a thing about cream
    when u gets laid its in ur dreams
    and big fat dicks ur favorite theme
    u only get up with a latter
    u like hot dick served on a platter
    is somthing rong ? now whats the matter
    o ,youd perfer that dick a little fatter
    your shit cant be thought of as a diss
    its much more like a swing and miss
    so ill play r kelly
    u drink my piss
    while i play with your mothers tits
    Last edited: May 3, 2009
  8. wiserism

    wiserism Elite Member

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    B-B-Q thinks he spits sick like flu// but wen i get on a track a sream ha chu// nd take ya bitch on her knees nd have her do wa she do//nd wen i come threw yu betta look like yu kno me// cause i'll make yu suck the fuckin cream out my canoley// yu be on ya preskool shit yea yu kno rollie pollie ohllie// on sum disney chanel shit// lookin like tht nick cannon cock smacked yu wit mickey mouse dick...shit
  9. jape-the-nape

    jape-the-nape Elite Member

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    hey hey hey // this ***** sound like hes gay
  10. FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle

    FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle Elite Member

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    jape, jape, takes tha rape
    however he can get it, whatever it takes
    getting drilled in his ass til his sphincter breaks
    then they pull out and blast on his face
    spraying that shit like a can of mace

    ill kill this rap toy and take his place
    he will never be found, gone with out a trace.
    they'll have detctives on the case
    but his body'll be up in outer space

    im the true king of the mc game
    ask all them heads and they'll say tha same
    jape the grape aint even in the game
    sandstorm would kill this bitch, i make that claim
  11. snielsgreen

    snielsgreen Senior Member

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    ur faggot ass would talk about some homosexual activities/
    but i'd rather talk about how im in the back room getting dome from ur chickity/
    tag my name on her skin while i fuck her from the back/
    "sniels green was in ur bitches puss" but don't worry mother fucker cuz i cept my dick wraped/
    "king of M.C.'s" bitch don't make me choke on my laughter/
    cuz u couldn't play like a king if ur stupid ass was an actor/
    i challenge any MC to step to
    and ill wash this thread up, matter o' fact u can call me mr. clean/

  12. FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle

    FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle Elite Member

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    you "dissed" me up there so ill spit right back
    and let me tell you right now that your flow is whack
    you better man your defences cuz im on the attack
    dis me bout my girl, well you're on the right track
    but let me ask a question really really quick
    which one you fucking cuz i got like six!
    you know, i taught YOUR girl some of them tricks
    that she says you like while shes riding your dick
    she told me you gots a little bitty prick
    and that she wishes it was just a little bit thick
    but i promise its the last time i dip my wick
    in yur girl cus im afraid i might get sick,
    cause, and i swear i aint tryna be mean
    but his girl told me just why they call him!
    he might try and brag bout the pussy hes seen,
    but it dont matter kids cus his dick is unclean!
  13. slipyslipyslipymegeee

    slipyslipyslipymegeee Senior Member

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    i dont need to say shit about the guy above me look at his sig
    thats what hes gonna do when he reeds this
  14. slipyslipyslipymegeee

    slipyslipyslipymegeee Senior Member

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    lol bc its that bad yea ha the guy above me is so gay look he has a gay skeleton
  15. immoral

    immoral Elite Member

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    This fag is so fucking dumb he doesn't even know where bamboo leaves are from.
  16. snielsgreen

    snielsgreen Senior Member

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    u can teach my trick all the tricks u want/
    as long as i get ur paper in my hand for this pimp to flaunt/
    u tellin' me ur bitches amount to six/
    i didn't know u had an extra finger on ur hand thats disgusting and sick/
    u would be the type to ask my trick about the size of my dick/
    u probably have her suck ur shit while u fantasize about it/
    of course she told u my prick was little she wanted to make u feel better/
    cause the better u feel the more she gets in the chedder/
    eat a dick mother fucker and fuck the bitches i smashed/
    cuz i murda more M.C.'s than infinity times the amount of cheeks on an ass/
    be real faggot u ain't shit to sniels green/
    and u couldn't make a dent in me if u had a whole team/
    that little verse right here was for that faggot ass freek/
    and these little two bitches above me ain't worth starting a speech/

    Last edited: Jun 6, 2009
  17. FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle

    FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle Elite Member

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    freeks back in the house, cant stop me.
    imma rap this up like 123
    if you seen me on the street man youd wet your pants
    cause you more pussy that the south of france
    have you shaking so much ppl think you brake dance.
    ill be back to ontinue this and ill give you some time to clean up the piss
  18. battle36

    battle36 Member

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    wrap what up like 123?
    your rhyme was kinda simple like ABC
    Best bet I wet from laughing tee-hee
    dont get upset just yet or let MR. G
    disagree just get your victory
    and possibly a new ryming scheme
    three with me? wheres your dignity?
    old school rymes are elementary
    And old school like a pention be
    just mention me in this next song
    dont get me wrong your ryhmes strong
    mad respect for your grammer
    and peace to the 905 aka tha hammer.
  19. FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle

    FrEEk_nine-o-fizzle Elite Member

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    so you from h town too, huh thats nifty
    prolly a crackhead in gore park, so shifty
    getting up with bingo daubers that you find, so thrify
    your skills are weaker than mine, times fifty.
    and now im gonna count back, 321
    your whack steez prolly worse than "NONE"s
    now pull your dick out of keenurs buns
    ang get the fuck out of here, your ass is done.
    p.s. being from hamilton aint nothing to be proud of
  20. battle36

    battle36 Member

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    what a pity you live in a city like that
    your pretty witty too bad that you write wack
    I dont do crack like krylon ultra flat black
    dont slack on the chit chat, please write back