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Diss The Person Above You-Freestyle Battle Cypher

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trowel, Mar 4, 2008.

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  1. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    rfi spit, stuffin shit, or fudge stuffin,
    your so cute i call you my little muffin,
    hit you so hard have a seizure like you krumpin...

  2. soul_731

    soul_731 Member

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    RFI. SPit? More like RFI. Shhhh.
    See you thought I'd say shit but thats the point of this...
    To show everyone who runs this..
    IT'S SOUL ONE MUTHAFUCKER not this RFI. bitch..
    You say you blasting folks off into outerspace
    But I been there man and lemme tell ya its the place...
    to be
    And what you don't get and what you'll never see
    is when you blastin *****s off you starting space parties
    and everybody in the galaxy throwing up they hands
    saying "i'm glad spit didn't make it to this one, man!"

    And I say "yeah, I know. I told him where to go
    and he'll be there for awhile looking for his ho,
    and he's not gonna find her cause she's down with me,
    well, up that is... she's at the space party!"

    : ) i'm just playin hehe
  3. RFI. SPit

    RFI. SPit Moderator

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    They call you AnteUp, but man you've only got 3 lines!
    Watch out, you're about to step into a field of mines
    Because now i'm going to be forced to write something real
    Would you like to surrender now? Get out your white flag and kneel
    Or you can try to escape now, if you can
    I'll leave you looking like an atom bombed Japan
    Your body in a wreck, fresh shit in your pants
    Now you're the one who's doing the 'krumpin' dance

    Soul, that was dope! haha bravo
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2008
  4. soul_731

    soul_731 Member

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    Man I just love to rhyme. That shit on AnteUp had me cracking up haha. Atom bombed like japan.. that's money. : ]
  5. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    like an atom on japan, i drop a foot on your nuts...

    lmao...just thought it was funny... no rhyming watsoever :)
  6. soul_731

    soul_731 Member

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    Cile one, you're so vile son.
    Why you talking 'bout weapons?
    What you know about guns?
    I thought everybody knew how to commit suicide?
    Oh wait, maybe that's why you bringing me lines!
    See I'm in invincible, I'm immaculate...
    And when I take my fourty five and cock the hammer back...
    It'll be you running
    It'll be you gunning
    Find a get away car...
    Run away from my stuntin!

    : )
  7. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    rippin nuts off, and shovein em down throats,
    see how long you can hold your breath before you croak,
    im a ninja, hidden by cloak,
    crouching tiger nock tha head off ya folks,
    hit you harder than a toke,
    ante up straight takin names, an takin notes,
    im stoked, takin your ass out for a nice home dinner,
    then stabbin you in the head with a 9 inch splinter,
    ante's no good at this rap adventure,
    but he'll straight split your ass down the center

    :) ante bored, ante referring to himself in 3rd person...
  8. soul_731

    soul_731 Member

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    C'mon BS users
    Is that all you got
    I'm everything good baby
    Everything that you're not

    So come on try and take me
    Come on try and bake me
    Some one step up and i'll show you that you're fake b!
  9. MontanaPainter

    MontanaPainter Elite Member

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    yo yo soul
    get your white ass and crawl into a hole
    so fuck yo shit
    youll be lucky to leave wit you and yo bitch tits

    hahahah jk jlk jk

    bored lol
  10. soul_731

    soul_731 Member

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    Hey, how you know that I'm white?
    Can you tell by what I write?
    I'm gonna let you get a bite..
    I'm gonna tell you that you're right.
    But I'm also here to inform
    either you or your friends
    That I cross the racial lines
    When I'm flowing to no end.
    It don't matter if I'm white
    Becuase we all have pink tongues
    And in case you didn't know that's where the words roll from.

    So before I crawl in my hole
    Before I go to sleep
    Answer this montana painter
    Are you a honkey hater?
    Think about tonight bitch and try to go to sleep. beef. : )
  11. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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    I took my seat, laid back, and tried to relax
    Yet while reading such wack rhymes
    I suddenly had the urgue to end my own life, ha
    You claim you can blast someone into orbit
    In that case how come your girl comes
    Running back to Mister Proper to show her
    Out of this world explosions
    Just take my advice and before you think
    Your actually on the right track
    Stop and think to yourself the chances
    Of you winning are as close as Ron Pauls' in
    The Next Presidential Election
    I get so restless when *****hs try and test me
    When in reality the chances of out beasting a
    *****h like me are about as good as George Bushs'
    Scoring higher than a 100 on IQ Test.
    Son RFI you can think you're on my level
    Every bitch needs a dream to follow
    But after me son you'll be left wishing and hoping
    That Hell doesn't really exist 'cause
    Your life is all but over
    I'm your destiny and your fighting spirit
    Is what I'm having for breakfast.
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2008
  12. soul_731

    soul_731 Member

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    Yo proper stay seated and let me get a crack at that.
    I'm just so on tonight you'll want to take a few steps back.
    See hell does exist and you need to check your facts
    I'm the devil mother fucker... be worried 'bout that!

    My rhyming is sooo hot it stings when it hits ya
    That's why I brought along a nurse to fix ya up and stitch ya
    Cause I don't want you falling out in just one round
    Falling would be hard for you though, you're already on the ground.
    Hold steady I'll pitch fork ya
    Take ya down to hell and work ya
    IQ don't count for shit down here these lines don't break they hurt ya
    If you pass my test though, I'll have to let you go
    But i know you wont, my shit's to hard to be beat by some joke

    much love : )
  13. SKriBL*666

    SKriBL*666 Elite Member

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    Hello Mr. Fucking cile.
    You a bitch, i'll chop you to pieces and sweep you into a pile.
    First i'll take your head
    Then give it to my dog that must be fed.
    Then i'll pull outcha eyes leave them out for the flies
    because im tired of your bitch canvases and your bull shit lies.

    I'll take your stomach
    Stretch that shit out and make my Hammock
    Swing back and forth while your Ex is on my dick.
    Then i'll chop off her right tit, but she wont through a fit
    because the dick thats in her mouth that she loves to lick.
    So mr. borg, i'll take your feces rub it in your hair
    Whipe my hands, drink my smoothie, then sit back in my wood chair.

    wow i suck.
    i love you ciles. =D

  14. soul_731

    soul_731 Member

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    Haha no beef was part of the rhyme man. :)

    It's cool though Cile man
    you can have my momma
    I'm to cold for family ties
    I'm to busy fucking bombin
    Not just spray though
    I write, rap, skate, and move blow
    I don't have time to reel these rhymes
    And show you you's a ho so...

    I'm out.
  15. Smithy

    Smithy Member

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    check your watch, you know what time it is,
    its time for the one with rhymes so fresh,
    they get stolen by bitches in show biz.

    you poor ass bitch, take out a loan,
    ima get o-sama on your mobile home.
    and at this present moment your girlfriends giving me dome.
    your mums puttin on the kilos, tut tut,
    starting to resemble mr jabba the hut.

    ill take a gun, you'll beg me, 'oh please'
    then then a bullet through your thighs, youll live a life on your knees.

    haha no beef, im just paying out the person above me lol. Peace
    Last edited: Mar 13, 2008
  16. Proper

    Proper Elite Member

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    Borg is a morgue addicted whore.

    Daayyyum! Got 'em. 1 bar.
  17. soul_731

    soul_731 Member

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    Ahem... Owned!
  18. soul_731

    soul_731 Member

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    haha i like that shit.
  19. v1nc3

    v1nc3 Member

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    soul buddy what the fuck is up with ur name?
    ur tryna put up ur shit, tryna get in the game
    u think with all this crap that ur guna get some fame
    but let me tell u boy, all ur gettin is shame

    lock up ur mothers, lock up ur sisterz
    cuz vinny g is here in the house to diss turdz
    yeh thats right soul, im talkin to u
    your mums a slut, u aint even got a clue

    yo skils are wack, u walkin down the street FUCK,
    u see some of ur shit, on the side of a truck
    and everyone u see walk past, the hope in ur eyes, then they look at u, and the hope just dies, they turn and say to you, "yo man, this shit is you? "
    your thinking "fuck yeah, im better then can2"
    then they say to u "this shit sucks balls, i see better crap with rust on walls"
    then u got nuffin ta say, they just walk off cuz u aint got no calls
    u cant say shit cuz u aint even got the balls

    ur can controls just as good as a granny
    except the only diff is ur the one with the fanny
    these rhymes i be spittin, these words of wisdom
    to cut you down, cuz son, its bout time u realised u aint got no crown
    ur shits so bad, ur just takin urself down
    cuz in ur shitness son, believe me, ur gunna drown

    peace out
  20. soul_731

    soul_731 Member

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    Look at you Vince, repping sesame street?
    I've seen harder *****s bangin in the suburbs b.
    You dipping with elmo popping caps with bert
    Counting money with Count and riding high on Big Bird
    Eating cookies with Monster and robbin bitches with Grouch
    But i can make all of that money while sitting chill on my couch
    Besides you shouldn't be bangin while you in kindergarten
    I'll have your nose in the corner you'll be callin me warden
    And that's not just for you, but for ya homies too
    I'll gun blast on big bird put that bitch in my soup
    I'll put grouch back in the trash, but he won't be in one piece
    And cookie man will be on wheels when i'm done with his knees
    You'll see the count hanging from a streetlight by his cape
    Bert and ernie will be watching their mom get raped
    I'm saving elmo for last, that little tickle me bitch
    Ask him if forty five shells tickle or itch
    Cuase by the time i'm done, that answer he'll know
    I just hope he can answer through the blood in his throat

    : )