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Ever Get Jumped?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PearlMRR, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Atom1er

    Atom1er Senior Member

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    alright so now that we finished all that...
    how bout
    back to
    getting jumped????

    o goddamnet
    we get it
    your a foreign liberal douche bag
    who doesnt know shit about war
    take it to PMs or another thread
  2. PureSole

    PureSole Elite Member

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    I think I posted in this thread a long time ago in dog years. I got jumped last year at friends house by some faggots in the backyard because I was talking shit about some bitch.
  3. xFatel.Onex

    xFatel.Onex Senior Member

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    i havent got jumped but 2 faggets told me there gunna get me rolled(jumped) and i laughed
  4. tense

    tense Elite Member

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    some guy told me he wanted my shoes (said he'd give me a 5 rock for them) needless to say I didnt take him up on the offer
  5. Lion

    Lion Member

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    haha I love this place
  6. ILuvHoodRats

    ILuvHoodRats Senior Member

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    i almost got jump last night
    i was in the subway at like 10 and some writers come up telling me im in a crew that im not
    so i say im not and they keep saying im in it and that they were gonna beat me
    i told the guys the shut the fuck up and leave me alone
    they kept following me so i pushed one of hem and they didnt push back
  7. Brian Peppers

    Brian Peppers Senior Member

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    I was jumped the other day by a shit load of wasps, thats the only time i was jumped. They stole my dignity...
  8. connordavies

    connordavies Member

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    i got jumped

    first time i went taging in my whole life i got jumped by lyrical assasins only 5 ov em thow 2 o em kiked shit oda my m8 and uvas came 4 me and my uva m8 ran home crying
  9. PROMO

    PROMO Senior Member

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    Almost got jumped today. Me and a couple of my friends went scoping an abandoned warehouse and then when we went inside, about 6 kids were walkin around in the dark. We got the fuck outta there quick(bullet holes everywhere plus we were in crip turf) then we saw two kids walk out wearing gang colors. Probably not gonna go back there
  10. Tode

    Tode Elite Member

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    i dont tend to split noggins but i will if i have to ..... too much bs if u gonna fight man up and use the fist not the gun or shank people who use weapons to fight are pussy bitches...but i have been jumped but i have never lost {yet} *knocks on wood
  11. 0lick

    0lick Banned

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    i dont see the poin of jumpin. i mean. its 5 on 1. its not like you should be ashamed if you loose.

    ive been told id be jumped after cuz of fuckin dodgeball "i just stood thier and never got hit and i was the 1 man who won the game" after school a group of kids walk up to me. i just dog them down and walk straight threw em.

    another one is 2 kids tried to jump me but i threw one off and hit the other guy and they backed down.

    other then that i cant really say ive been "jumped" into anything.
  12. anie 1

    anie 1 Senior Member

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    naw i got jacked for 12 cents ones so i told the fool not to spend all at once and then my buddies jumped him lol
  13. Cham

    Cham Elite Member

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    lately hella mother fucks been trying to jump me for no reason....its pissing me the fuck off
  14. paste

    paste Senior Member

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    One time these three wanna be bangers from my school came at me when I was out painting under a bridge. Theyre like "Hey, what the fuck do you think your doing on our turf?" so I was like "fuck you, I dont see your names on it anywhere" So they jumped me, I got the first two got one in the throat second one in the face with a right hook, and got the second one, but the third dude was a huge mutherfucker and he stomped me the fuck out. Then they just ran away, eventually though, me and the rest of the entire wrestling team caught up with them. Payback.
  15. 0lick

    0lick Banned

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    football team is bigger at my school. =D
  16. AnteUp

    AnteUp Elite Member

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    i was on mah way home from tagin sum bitches forehead for talkin shit, then a fly that he kicks it wit attacked me, i slapped that bitch in midair, he started twichin on the ground then i taged his wings an his fly penis...fuck wit me...i dare you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!!111
  17. vegimite on toast

    vegimite on toast Elite Member

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    a lot of fabricators in this thread

    BOOGER KING Senior Member

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    I got rolled by my 'crew' .
    pretty jack, but its a big crew so they all didn't know.
    and i got punched in the face by a black guy.
  19. vowels

    vowels Senior Member

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    ive been mugged by like 15 nu metal skin heads but everytime a kid at school or something comes up and starts beefin with like 6 friend behind him, i just say what lil bitch need an army?
  20. lordloss

    lordloss Senior Member

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    almost got jumpped by like 10 wanna be scraps from my school for no reason but i was friends with some white priders at the time so they didnt do shit. also one time i was walking home and these two skin heads walk up and tell me to give them everything i had and they were like fucking 16 and i was 13so i just gave them my shit that sucked balls