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Ever Get Jumped?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PearlMRR, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. Fliip

    Fliip New Member

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    Once 4 teens started following me and my friend , and i was like meh, we stoped and they wanted to steal our paint, one punched me , and i kicked him and punched him in the nose , he started bleeding and the other 3 ran away , i recommend practicing a martial art like muay thai , believe me it can save your life

    ZIK_ONER Senior Member

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    SSK,first post, dope ass story. Welcome to the cult of bombing science.
  3. wider

    wider Senior Member

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    is this a fucking support groups for faggots? cmon. shut the fuck up bunch of fucking idiots. just toughen up and stick a weapon in your pants and stop telling lies on the net.
  4. superalexballs

    superalexballs New Member

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    I have never been jumped but damn do i hate dogs ... usually if you ignore them and just keep walking the get confused and shut up .... but when they follow you and keep barking ....
  5. Z3BRA

    Z3BRA Elite Member

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    i had some skimpy-ass chihuahua fallow me for like half a block so i lead it into traffic and it got scared
  6. 2mor

    2mor Senior Member

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    yeah toughen up.....and take a weapon?....fuckin big man!
  7. FinRa

    FinRa New Member

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    Never been jumped but if u have paint spray it in that bitches eyes
  8. Mr.GraffIti

    Mr.GraffIti Member

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    Never hotten jumped "yet"

    78 00 8 5
  9. veeksone

    veeksone Senior Member

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    another graff crew tried to jump me there were 6 of them they put my big homie in the hospital earlier that same day but i got tipped off n i jetted to my boys n the fuckers didnt even get outta there van when they saw me with three of my boys fucking pussies i tell ya!!
  10. theartfulbadger

    theartfulbadger Member

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    Handy how-to guide!

    Step 1: You ain't Jason Bourne. RUN.
    Step 2: If (1) is impossible, spray paint to the eyes.
    S3: Punch the Adam's apple.
    S4: Kick to nuts or kneecap.
    S5: Try Step 1 again now.

    I've been in more fights than a pacifist ever should, but I have a serious moral aversion to being taken advantage of. I'm not strong, and I'm not a kung fu master, but this rule has always helped me: I'm okay with going to the hospital, as long as the other guy does too. Word to the young: it's really cool to win fights, until you don't. ALWAYS try to run first. You can't paint with broken fingers or gouged-out eyes or an open artery.
  11. Turb0

    Turb0 Member

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    yeah when i was a wee lad
  12. ur210

    ur210 Senior Member

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    According to "Enter," guns solve problems:

    " It was only two dudes FADED and this kid name LK. Them n------ always had a little 22. with them in the yard. That was all you needed, once a n----- pull out a pistol that stops all commotion. The first day I met them it was just me bombing and the doors open and two dudes get in the car and they were short dudes, but they had the little two two on them, so I felt comfortable with them I’m like “alright lets get this mother f----- rocking”.."
  13. Weed

    Weed Member

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    Spray'em in the face.
  14. SyneOne

    SyneOne Senior Member

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    Havnt really gotten jumped, but ive been a fight or two. Im not a fighting person, but if you insist onn fighting, im not going to be a pussy and back down. If anyone ever gets confronted by anyone that wants to "jump" them, just stand your ground. Unless theres more of them then there are you, or they have knives, just fight back. A lot of them are all talk and wont actually use the knife. I skate also so i get into "altercations" once in a while.
  15. InnerCityRebel

    InnerCityRebel Senior Member

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    You usually get jumped for upping in some gang's hood, which is stupid if you ask me, which is why you take a weapon from my experiences.