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Ever Get Jumped?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PearlMRR, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. madsencarl

    madsencarl Senior Member

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    if you knew what was cominhg, why didn't you hide your shit in the store or your shoe or somethin?

    "oh, lets go out and get jumped, you guys sure you got your ipod and camera?"
  2. HEX

    HEX Senior Member

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    iv only been rolled by 8 middle eastens they made me pull out my wallet and i gave them my $5
  3. FuLa

    FuLa Elite Member

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    ive been jumped several times...2 times in the US and countless times in Bolivia....ive never JUMPED anybody but we've beat a few kids up but always for a reason....mugged a few times, ive been chased w/ machetes, I used to cary knifes damn...I do'nt know, all this shit was second nature in S. america, now in the US i feel like a criminal haha.
  4. dirmaster0

    dirmaster0 Senior Member

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    I almost get jumped--never actually gotten shit taken from me though--always have a mother fuckin switch or razor on me so if they want me to get shit outta my wallet ill grab it outta the pocket n try taking em down n slittin shit for throats you know?--

    most thats happend is I was with some buds and these couple of wannabe whateverthefuck--trying to act hard, who fuckin cares, anyway they tried to get this blackzilla somali guy to beat us or whatever--found some pipes from a nearby playground, chased em down n hit em shins


    You-Numbers=Fucked, unless YouXRealfuckingoodweapon=A Chance

    do the math ;) (whips out h-bomb) I got mine, how bout u :eek: :blink:
  5. sika_2002

    sika_2002 Elite Member

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    iv never been jumped but iv been close to it when i was walking home from a gig one night
  6. Mse

    Mse Elite Member

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    ive gotten jumped once
    and had the shit beaten out of me many many times
    but i tend to hold on to my keys and uh.... keys
  7. Drow

    Drow Member

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    it wasn't really being "jumped", but one time i was going to my locker and some dude that had some beef with me came up from behind and grabbed my head and slammed it into a locker. i didn't know what the fuck was going on. I just turned around, saw who it was, and stuck him one good time in the face. Teachers came up and grabbed both of us. (pissed me off though, cuz i wanted to just keep beating the shit out of him.) that fucker tried to pull some sneak attack bullshit!
  8. Drow

    Drow Member

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    Another thing that just happend was with my friend. He asked some redneck (which was smoking a cig) for a light and he told him he didn't have one in a sarcastic smartass way. (Probably cuz he's fucken racist) so my friend says w/e yo. and as he starts to walk away the dude's all like, what did you say boy and tries to start shit. so my friend grabs his keys and puts them in his hands like wolverine and sticks the dude right in the mouth....crazy shiat bah!....(he told me afterwards that he was origanally gonna stick the dude in his eye.)
  9. koper

    koper Banned

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    fuck sounds like alot of you live in some pretty shady neghbourhoods :eek:
  10. Cleo

    Cleo Senior Member

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  11. Optical_virus

    Optical_virus Member

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    once and now i know better..
    the guys in prison.
    i know a few martial arts moves that will help keep me safe now so he probably did me a favor in some weird way.
  12. nemzone

    nemzone Elite Member

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    well one time, i was wit all the lads getin wrecked, as u do on the weekend. my girl foned and i went to meet her at the shop. so me, her and her frind go to my house, just drinkin in my house. my m8 comes round and is like yo u gotta come we just got in a scrap wiv these cunts from this other part of town. we went down but no1 was there. so more drinkin followed. soo i was bangin it out with the gal back at mine, her friend was on msn in the same room lol and the door goes again, well it was bout time for the girl to go home neway, had work the next day. so we walkin the girls down and get to the shop. i see 6 guys cross the street bout 100 yards down staring at us. i say to ma man, we bout to get in a rukus and hes like nawww. so we get to the shop, and i could hear loud bangs, and across the street they came back with fenceposts (hence the bangs) ma man fuckin splits!! so im there wiv 2 girls, and i no ima bout to get layed out. the taxi comes just then believe it or not, so i bolt. im fuckin wrecked tryin to run, wasnt to fun. run straight down sum1s drive and intoo a 6ft fence, i flew over it lol and on top of the shed i got hit in the back of the head with a plank. fell off the shed and caught a good fuckin hiding. they get spooked by police, and left. so i picked up a brick and walked home, all bloody n shit.

    getting jumped sucks.

    the weekend after tho me and my cuz see 2 of em in a fonebox, so we go pull the door n fly in with the boots. and robbed em lol. i saw one guy on his own and he str8 up apologised lol, and he was like 3 yrs older. so nailed him on the spot, he went to the ground, and i jamp on his head. i duno y he never tried to hit back, must of felt guilty.

    and im writin no more today. il post another story next time
  13. explosivo_420

    explosivo_420 Elite Member

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    when I was in elementary school I got jumped alot, cus I had a smart mouth towards this group of black people,, dubbed "The Houston Gang", roughly ten brothers in this shitty ass house on 10th street.

    I remember one day there was everyone from pre-k to 12 grade pounding on me, and I realized, fuck them niggaz. so i started swinging on heads and caught a few.. after that they stopped and left me alone.
    In middle school I had the problem with hispanics in the Mia-yayo. That shits just a blur. I remember fighting this one kid in the playground, and I was kinda loosin-but then the stupid fuck bit me, and for some reason that shit hella pissed me off I got up, knocked him back down and started smashin his face inches from a concrete barrier. i should have made him eat sand
    recently i've been fighting, not really jumps even thou he wanted it to be. fuck man scars from fights suck
  14. Bruce_1nR

    Bruce_1nR Senior Member

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    Depends on where you live :)
  15. pesci

    pesci Senior Member

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    back when i was 13, my two best friends were 15 and stick up kids. i wasnt into that shit (karma). but ppl knew them and i thought i was cause i hung out with them. long story short, second day of school walking home after bball practice. some kids came around the fence and clocked me, i fell they took my sneakers, i chased but couldnt keep up in socks. later i found out it was some kids that my friends had mugged two weeks earlier from the next town over. later that night they beat my friend with a pair of roller blades half to death a some basketball courts by my house.

    i never jumped nobody, one time my boys sister got raped by this kid, the charges didnt stick so like 20 ppl went to his neighborhood looking for him, lucky for him he moved away cause he got kicked out of school.
  16. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    iv been jumped a few times or nearly jumped,the worst 1 was when my friend was gunna fite this kid from our skool,i saw a huge gang off kids looking for him to fuck him up. they asked me were he was,i said i dunno.then went to his house to warn him on the way there i saw him going to meet him so i tell him not go but he fucking dose anyway,so i go cuss im not about to let him go it alone,we get there,its empty no 1 there.
    on our way back to his we see about 6 of them,my friend gos up to the 1 andsays lets beef.he says naa itss cool the shacke hands and we walk off.about a minute later some one runs up behind us and hits him the back of the head.he turns round and they hit him in the head wid a hammer and run off,wat pussys
  17. wiggahata

    wiggahata Senior Member

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  18. coke831

    coke831 Senior Member

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    this kid at my school got jumped by some scraps, he pulled out his pencil and stabbed em in the face like four times, the next week he got jumped again by twice as many guys, and this time he didnt have his pencil, he got fucked up, but thats just what i was told...
  19. faime

    faime Senior Member

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    my homey got jumped :angry:

    friday we gonna get him an his friends :)
  20. alcaholic

    alcaholic Senior Member

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    ive always made friends everywhere i went never really had fools walkin up tryin to start shit were u guys talking shit to them or sumthin or? i dun get it- i got shot at but that wasnt random i knew why i was getting shot at does that count?