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Ever Get Jumped?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PearlMRR, Jan 30, 2006.

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  1. ...uhh

    ...uhh Senior Member

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    im a white yankee and i have black homies but isee what u mean . idont think im afraid of blacks but i have noticed through my life more blacks commiting crimes and what not. but idont think its a race thing as much as a socioeconomic thing
    ya but yesterday walking to hooters 3 black guys tried 2 rob me and i had to talk fast and calm em down then i ran
  2. alcaholic

    alcaholic Senior Member

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    heres how it works

    asians-have balls in groups group=10-40

    blacks-talk hella shit have glassjaws and normally wont fight-not sumthin to be scared of unless u get an older homie they normally wont start it though

    whites-ive only seen two different kinds of whiteboys-the ones that are lil bitches and punks-sorry dude but the guy who got jumped by 2 black kids was one of those and the ones that go out of their way to prove they arent punks-normally can fight pretty good nuthin special normally

    mexicans-all heart no brains normally the ones that go lookin for fights are the ones that are lil punks the ones who are chill and laid back dont push them
  3. JetBlack

    JetBlack Elite Member

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    Fuck that dude, persian are the worst when it comes to that shit. If you get in shit with a persian and agree to fight one on one, he isnt going to roll with less than 60 other fucking persians. Probably his cousins and shit. Im not racist, we have all types round here, but Ive found that Persians are usually the ones to start shit and not back it.

    Aight, I got a story, kinda long. Bear with me.

    So theres this fuckin persian kid who everyone hates, and he goes around starting shit with EVERYONE. But no one really wanted to scrap because his brother was a cool guy that we all liked, not to mention he was like a linebacker and shit. So we pretty much let it go, and let him be a little bitch. Well one time he said some shit to this black kid who wasnt gonna take it, so they met afterschool in an alley to settle shit. Long story short, the persian kid got his ass kicked in front of his brother. So whatever, the brother is kinda emberassed, so he wants to go. But then the guys cousin jumps in and wants to scrap with the black kid. And the black kid is like "who the fuck are you? I already settled the beef." And then the persian kids fuckin sister comes in and starts fucking screaming about nothing "Let him fight blah blah blah." SO everyone is laughin at this fuckin persian kid and then his grandma shows up for some reason to pick them up or something, and then the fuckin grandma wants to know whats up, so everyone just leaves.

    Good times.
  4. Asshat

    Asshat Elite Member

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    i like it when two black girls fight, specifically when one is about twice as big as the other one.
  5. alcaholic

    alcaholic Senior Member

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    i never met a persian
  6. oblivios

    oblivios Senior Member

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    its funny how many pussies their is on the streets...when i get followed or shit I got 4 responses

    1. if they aint so tough or big i turn around and yell at dem or smak dem in the face

    2. if they look like they can fight i take out my switch and keep playing with it while acting like im insane

    3. if they look pretty tough i talk to my boiys with me like im hot shit and put ma hand in ma jacket like im pakin heat...than talk about wishing i had money to buy food

    4. if none of these works or im alone and they look like the shit i just ditch them or get on the bus...

    the third one almost always works when i need it
  7. newname

    newname Senior Member

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    i never got beat up and i never lost a fight, i wonder how much it hurts to get jumped
  8. newname

    newname Senior Member

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    you know how different kids from different races act. You got shot at, are you a cop or some shit?
  9. ...uhh

    ...uhh Senior Member

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    yo i said i dont fight much before but dam son liten to this.
    my friend justin asked me to help his frined rj not get jumped in a fist fight between rj and collin.( rj had already beat collins ass bad REALLY BAD and collin went around saying he got jumped and that that was why he looked the way he did, but it was just rj who stole his ass)justin said it was a one on one fight ... i was like sure. then collin said he was gonna roll 50 deep ou there and stomp us ( we were only like 20 deep not including the girls) so we went out to meet collin in the lot where we were gonna fight adn he didnt show for 2 hours and then someone finally showed an it was collins boys, without collin cause his daddy made him stay home, with this dude named andy, a crazy little filipino drugdealer who is insane. andy and his boys pull up and we say to them alright lets fight lets do this shit now. to which andy replies lets end this shit now and points a fucken gun at us. we haul ass to the cars and start for the high way to out run andys p.o.s. maxima in our fucken vtech accord 4dr! and we do outrun him and then we head back to rjs house where andy is talking to rjs dad and saying rj said he was gonna fuck andy up! lol. so we all talk shit but rjs dad makes us like disperse, and as we are leaving rjs house we see andy and this big black football player for virginia state university( the guy who owns the gun) start following us. we are like fuck! thats the dudes who had the gun, so we starte running our entire city, taking care to not go to to roads with stop lights and sticking to the back country and shit. we were hauling thouhg in a fully packed 4 dr vtech accord we did 65 in a school zone. and we cut off a cop to try and get away from andy but the cop just rolled out man! lmao! he was liek later kids... so we went into this neighboorhood and andy gets his car infront of ours and stops.

    he gets out and says why u runnung? and our driver delray says why u chasing us?
    and they do this a couple of time and then andy says well lookie the accord has some pickup. andy is talking to his frineds , and while that is hppening delray says i can make it around andys car guys...., and the rest of us in the accord are like oh shit. delray calls andy over and says hey , PEACE NIGGAAAAAAAAAS and floors it. and we skim past andys car and we start running through this neighboor hood again doing like 50 and shit,and were passing slower cars and shit and jsut running balls to the walls until we take a right turn and bam a fucken culdosack! we all yell FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK

    andys boy(black va university boy was drinving now) pulls the fucken e brake and andy fucken falls out the passneger side of his car comes up and starts punching delray and says what the fuck u bitches trying to do! huh! huh! and del ray is like (all cool and calm he says ) yo man quit hitting me... andy says get out the car bitch and were like we would but yall btches got a gun , we dont play that shit, if it was just a fist fight wed be out, but yall bitches wanna shoot, hell nah andy then trys to reach ito the drivers side door lock controller thing and trys to unlock all the doors andwe all had a hand on the door locks so as soon as he opend it we locked em all again, then he trys to get the marlin , whos siting behind the delray, to open the door by pulling at marlins fnger, wrong mov marlin makes andys middle finger bend back and touch his wrist annd andy doenst come back to marlin again( marlins a big ass balck dude hes nice but he will tear ur ass into parts if he wants, nad remember andy is a small filipino guy maybe 5'6 or 5'7 lol) so andy says man u bitches made us run out here for nothing and we wasted gas...we need gas money he fucken ran our pockets! and and then he was like john dont u need gass money too! and jphn (some frined of andy) was like yes i doo, ....all in all they got 11 bucks . but we still had my ten cause we didnt tell em and cause we needed gas money too

    after we gave him the money he is like uall can go its over and they all leftalll like 10 of em and all five of us in the car jsut saat there and delray goes , " i shouldnt have said peace niggas huh?"

    that was a crazy saturday night man and now two or three of my boys are getting ak 47s from thier filipino gangster who has the hook up for full auto...but im outa this hsit now man as soon as the guns come i go...its was fun thouhg , and even more fun going back to skool withe them all
  10. ptownbomber

    ptownbomber Senior Member

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    i dont have any really good stories but whenever i got to the ghetto, these dumbass kids try and jack my skateboard
  11. slEEt

    slEEt Elite Member

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    Man enough of all this crap, someone steps to you, just scream "RIVERSIDE MOTHER FUCKER!" Grab yo' gat and pop two in his leg, just like Wayne Brady.

    CIFILONE Senior Member

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    true...some assholes desrve a fucken beating.
    and then some people are just chump pussys, and
    have to jump people....

    but ive been jumped before....
    FUCK tagbangers and FUCK gangsters.
  13. RepUrSet

    RepUrSet Senior Member

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    yeah i fuckin hate ppl these days
    no such thing as a one on one now
    never been jumped
    almost been jumped 3 times

    first time was on halloween me n 4 of my boys were just practicing parkour and messing around n shit then like 24 guys with facemasks and halloween masks n shit come and start walking towards us
    so i climb up to my coat(had 300$ on me and a bag of pain, so fuck no.)
    and then one yells whats in the bag so i said spray paint then they started running over lol so now im a lil shakey, then one kid said ohhhh nvm we noe them
    and was thinking" im sooo fuckin lucky" lol its good knowing people in the ghettos of your city (toronto)

    the second time, SAME NIGHT lol we were still there, maybe like 15 mins later 3 kids bout same age as us walk in and were ignoring them and doing stuff
    so one goes up to my boy (prolly cuz he wears glasses) and pushes him against the fence. and starts shouting "do you know who i am?!, im from regent park!"(meanwhile so are we) so my boys like "oh yeah?" then grabs him by his collar and starts pulling it and says "lets go to regent then!" and now the kids scared and shouts with a crackly voice "get off me" meanwhile, theres one behind me and my next man and we didnt notice him till later, and the guy behind us made some kinda noise and we both turned, and just laughed at him, made him feel stupid i bet.
    one finally comes up to me and says empty your pockets, so i looked him in the eyes and i recognized him from my childhood lol and told him and they just walked off.

    third time was just some guy in regent that i nvr seen before acting like he runs the place, just decked him and walked away
  14. SHAZAM

    SHAZAM Member

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    LOL RIVERSIDE?! hahahaha :lol:
  15. sens1

    sens1 Senior Member

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  16. runci

    runci Elite Member

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    pakis! fuck them!

    ive been chased countless tiems by them
    one white guy was killed here last year by them
    they grabbed him into a car tortured him in teh car for 2 hours
    took him down by the river n stabbed him n set him on fire while he was alive

    n one guy was jumped by 6 of them a while back
    knuckledusters n all sorts
    while his girl jsu stood there screamin
  17. beltonuk

    beltonuk Banned

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    i've never been jumped been followed and heard some1 sayin you hit him first and we'll join in so i turned round and smacked the biggest one there then they all ran like the little bitches they are

    end of the day take out the biggest and the rest will 80% of the time run away
  18. wickedmainframe

    wickedmainframe Senior Member

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    this wasnt to long ago i was just chillen drinkin and smokin... and i see about 7-8 kids .. just chillen and im chillin on a bench and shit across from them so they walk away so i'm like w.e they bounced so ill just stay about 10 min later they all roll at me walking fast .. they come up to me and i reconize like 2 of them (fake ass thugs) i fucked like 2 of them up when i was in grammer school so they start saying run your shit and i blow smoke in 1 of there faces and im like "no" so they look at me stunned and shit like that i aint like all the other punkass motherfuckers around here so at this point im surrounded drunk off my ass sittin on a bench one of them kicked my drink and shit then i got kicked in the head like 8 times the whole thing lasted like 3 min they all ran after they kicked me i didnt feel shit i got right back up until my head was fuckin leakin i mean i was litrally coverd in fuckin blood i ended up goin to the hospital gettin stiched up and shit all i had was a deep cut to my head, 4 staples ...
  19. mada focka

    mada focka Senior Member

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    ive never been jumped but i have a story about my sisters friend getting jumped. this kid (ill call him kid1) got with this girl at a party and he didnt now she was going out with this on other kid(kid2) who found out about it. so kid2 rounded up his crew (of 4 people) and jumped kid1 when he was hangign out at his high school wen it was late. so those 4 little bitches jump kid1 and got more than they bargained for because they found E and weed on kid1 and a lot of it. so they run away with all this guys shit but kid1 is able to crawl away and find some people who called the cops. so kid2 and his gang get about a block away thinking ther all tight and shit but then the cops show up and notice they have bloody shoes and fists and drugs in ther pocket. they wer arreted and they wer all over 18 so they went to jail for a bit(one of them was 22) and dont no wat happened from ther but im sure they got boned in the ass by some judge. wow that was probably pretty boring to read.
  20. *570 Ambush

    *570 Ambush Senior Member

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    this was dumb. i beat the shit outa this one kid like 4 years ago when i was like 15 16. i forget the reason. its probobly cuz one of my best freinds always got picked on and beat up. so i beat the shit out of him. the next day he called his like 20 year old cousin and they waited at the bottom of the hill where i was walking to my freinds house who they always ratted on. and they pounded my face into the ice and white washed me for atleast 10 minuts. boody white wash. i had no choice but to let them do it. 20 kids maybe. then they threw a glass bottle full of piss at me as i was walking away.

    i dont know if the video is still on there but the ''West coast graffiti'' video on youtube has this kid gettin jumped by like 20 people. i honestly think they killed him