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Free Stickers, Anyone?

Discussion in 'Tools and tips' started by Thane, Aug 19, 2005.

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  1. jonowev

    jonowev Senior Member

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    dude, just go to a stationary store!
  2. live-EVIL

    live-EVIL Member

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    wow, you guyes are fucking stupid! those full sheet stickers suck ass, one becuz they stay up for about an hour, then someone goes and rippes it off, and two, they cost like 16$ for 20 of em at staples. jsut go with the DHL stickers, their pretty big, and really hard to rip off, plus their free and ship fast at, or get the smaller stickers for free at dont waste your time trading your markers and paint for some lousey stickers you could get for free online!! plus, some people selling online here coud be cops jsut looking for your adress, becuz if you posted any stuff about how you did a piece on a wall and showed pics of it or something on another topic, they can jut use that as proof, didnt your parents tell you to never ever ever ever tell anyone your personal information or talk to strangers!
  3. AoAssis

    AoAssis Elite Member

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    yeah your a douche bag, not everyone can get usps or dhl.
  4. N.O.T.E

    N.O.T.E Senior Member

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    • Likes Received: 0 - has EVERYTHING!!! go there

    or - also has a shitload....

    p.s. style wars was a lame movie. [/b][/quote]
    are you fucking kidding me? style wars is the best movie that every graffiti artist should watch.

    heres my list of graff vids if anyone wants to trade for stickers, markers, cans, and other vids:

    10 Minutes
    Beat Street
    Bench Warmers 4
    Bench Warmers 5
    Bomb the System
    Cant stop fanatics
    Dayz of our lives
    Ditry Handz 1
    Dirty Handz 2
    FUk Graff
    Friendly Fire
    Graffiti Instincts
    Kings and toys
    Masters of Crime
    Men in Black 1
    Number 8
    overspray 1.0
    piece by piece
    pure hate
    State your name
    Stations of the Elevated
    Stockholm stories
    style wars
    The art of story telling
    The forgotten city 1
    the forgotten city 2
    The history of videograff
    War II
    War III
    Wild style
  5. JeffEdgeCamoPants

    JeffEdgeCamoPants Member

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    how is war 3, i heard it was sick. Worth getting?
  6. N.O.T.E

    N.O.T.E Senior Member

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    it was ok, a lil bit OD on the sex and shit, but the overall graff was pretty good
  7. keeblaa

    keeblaa Member

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    ive got heaps of graffiti movies i was wondering if anyone wanted to trade for usps or dhl stickers, ive got quality of life, terror fabulous, style wars, stockholm subway stories, war 1, men in black 3, 10 mins graffiti, friendly fire, sprayed conflict australia, rock and roll the movie, kings and toys. pm me. ps i can send them on dvd!