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Freestyle Rapping

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by fame, Nov 6, 2004.

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  1. UnConscious

    UnConscious Senior Member

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    freestyle rappin, im steady clappin for the beat,
    thats wats happnin, open dap and closed hat tappin
    and im jest graffin, paintin, creatin dope up on this open map
    open lap, im workin on my cluttered desk
    reminds me of the mess created when the homie ripped his guess
    yew see thats a jacket, he caught the pocket tryin to jump a fence
    fell face first, and split both of his crusty lips
    blood all on the pavement, yew see he nearly made it
    cops got him and they popped him, not with a gat but surely tazed him
    it amazed him, he said one of the craziest experiences
    reminded him of some frankenstien experiments,
    its jest another memory now, but we'll never ferget
    sit back and laugh now, but see we'll never ferget
    i dont care if i rhymed the same word twice
    because im telling a story, a story bout my life
    im not tryin to be the best, im jest tryin clean my mess
    cleanse my conscience of the night i left my homie and his guess

    lol night was crazy tho, on the real.
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  2. Unconscious seems to have caught on to put the time you started typin'
    10:45 Freestyleeee

    I'm sick and tired of all the drama and bullshit in my life
    My brother just caught a dude cheatin' with his wife
    His second kid wasn't even his he's heartbroken
    He's having trouble puttin' words together let alone spoken
    It's hard out here and I work all the time yet don't have a buck
    This lifestyle sucks where no one cares or gives two fucks
    30 hour weeks and school everyday I'm still broke
    I don't blow haze, drink, or blow my money on coke
    So where in the fuck does all my money go
    Bills and Gas plus fines from Court and the Po Po
    I don't have a shiny fuckin chain or necklace
    I drive a shitty ass car not a fuckin Lexus
    I probably won't even pass inspection
    Another 300 bucks gone for minor correction
    I don't even wanna think about shit
    This life is too real it's too fuckin legit
    So I rhyme all the time to free my mind
    Sit back, close my eyes, and mentally press rewind
    I'm experimenting with making beats and I keep rhymin'
    Lyricism I didn't know I ever could've had I keep findin'
    I mean fuck I feel so fuckin degraded and hated
    I've been harrassed, violated, and my cribs been raided
    I feel like I'm on the losin' team and won't be traded
    So I try to use originality and keep updated
    When I rhyme it's all of my minds expression
    To help me stay out of chronic depression
    It's time to close this freestyle session
  3. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    OH HELL NAW i know you just didn't tell me what to do
    ill get retarded on that handycapped ass right before i dismiss you
    pull a "im rubber and your glue" immature type issue
    so grab a tissue
    because 2 night i just might, power trip
    so bitch ill fish fist fuck you...

    Ps. its G-e-N-I-U-S... peep the contest...

    in other words, he has more then one account, why wouldn't he make another... like i give a fuck....
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  4. Soboe!

    Soboe! Senior Member

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    When he says, "see you in hell with waste" he better not be refering to waster.
    sorry if i spelt some shit wrong
  5. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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  6. Soboe!

    Soboe! Senior Member

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    ban that fagget!
    EDIT: haha i forgot he was already banned!
  7. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    why dosnt everyone stop giving him atention hes a loudmouth whore,
    hes been talking shit for months. he can mank make as many acounts as he wants but it wud be pointless if no one responded

    as for my spelling i cudnt care im dyslexic
  8. yungstunna

    yungstunna Member

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    all you faggots not nothin, your soft when touchin, like quilts, baby bottoms or hair on brushes, yall skared to touch this, cuz i kill yall easily, have you body dun barried like easy e, B! its easy for me to beat all your g's i like G'S when thay act so sleazily, im believed to be the most evil m.c. got feels acting normal when they come to see me then colapsin when they leave, fallin like leaves, hitin the street like my feet on the concrete, dont go calm me, i eat m.c.s like carnavors on meat. and i chill, slumped in the seat im grippin the heat, heavy gripped let her slip, youll bleed and youll see.
    im not a nice guy when im getting all mad, u got ziplocks thats weak im rockin with glad. im glad to be back and burning you cats, im on fire like in mummy when they found that damn map. im liften my cap to the dudes that are older... ill take you weak artists out the game like poker folders im older.. naw joking im a kid in the game but your like my girls picture i smashed into your frame. listen and dont respond you got nothing to prove ill leave you like the magic... coloured black and blue! nuggaaaahhh !
  9. SUP one

    SUP one New Member

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    paintin on walls isa fuckin habit
    graff is my crack and im an addict
    if the cops roll up i bounce out like a rabbit
    doin heaven spot pieces is the only way ill have it
    danger danger someone call the doc up
    SUPone is in your town
    and bout to bomb your spot up!!!

    omg!! im so white!! yeah!@#$%^&*
  10. KrazyKrac

    KrazyKrac Senior Member

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    ^^^ like ur topic

    Aint Nothing But A Mix A Lyricists n A Graff Fellow
    Da Verse Just Like Paint Fumes.. Get u Kids Mellow
    I Get More Bombs Out On Da Town. Den Da Iraqi War
    All Round Da STATE Shit Cant Map Me WHORE..
    Da 1 Ya Adore.. KrazyKrac.. Iz Like That
    Markers In Da Jacket.. Paint In Da BackPack
    Got On More Label's(stickers) Den A Signed Artist
    Aint No 1 Cross Me Yet Cuz Da Fear Da Consequence Of Being A Dead Carcass..

    lost train of thought...
  11. sketch3

    sketch3 Banned

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    wont be talking bout singhed artists,
    wen ur bodys found in swamps an marshes,
    are u sure u wanna start this?
    im one of the harshest basterds,
    im fucking heartless,
    commit more hatecrimes than nazi marches,
    hidden agenda written on ancient parchments
  12. ..
  13. SBOMBS

    SBOMBS Elite Member

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  14. mr. dankkyyys

    mr. dankkyyys Member

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    ighht ready ya'll its game time now
    you fools is fallin like snow and im bak witta plow
    i may not kno you, but you gona get to no me
    come home and i gotcha girl at gunpoint, sippin a forty
    back to the graff now thats the main topic
    blast spots like a rocket, stacks and caps in my pocket
    only hittin heaven spots, even ya tall fools cant top it
    light up an L, watch my commen sense fall
    only blunts, no bowls, i keep my pieces for the walls
  15. Key'd down off the dome..Started at 11:06

    All these cats keep spittin bout the same topics
    Majority of you never even lived near the projects
    Today you gotta be fresh, new, have some originality
    The world ain't all about bustin guns this is reality
    The same "thuggin" themes is what y'all about
    A shiny new chain, sellin' cocaine and blowin' stout
    Zest or the buddah blest to calm you down, give you rest
    Real rhymes help express and get shit off ya chest
    I'm not very good at rhymin' not even close to the best
    Out on my own from an early age outta the nest
    Homicide, untouchable lyrical slaughter
    You go hard, I'm a go much harder
    I give it all I got, 110 percent
    The NorthEast is what I represent
    A beast from the Upper East
    I eat beats like they are a feast
    I'm not a gangster, not a mobster
    I heat mics like a boiling lobster
    I see right through you, an impostor
  16. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    daps to tek.... onyperson i can finish a whole post thats not 5 lines long
  17. 9:52
    Thanks for the props Gesus

    Today true lyricism is quite hard to find
    Just like discovering gold in a coal mine
    It's out there you just gotta look hard enough
    Most rappers today beef ain't legit, it's a bluff
    Try to distinguish fake rappers from real emcees
    Rappers are luke warm, emcees burn in high degrees
    Reach far and wide from 7 seas, down to twenty thousand leagues
    Keepin' shit on lock and holdin' mics under siege
    If you have wordplay and can easily manipulate vocabulary
    Your lyrics are more like a joke, comedian guy like Tyler Perry
    I understand it, with lyrics like this why you think I'm a bandit
    I only do it because my soul demand it, off the dome I don't plan it
    I'm in heavy rotation like planet, so your whack ass raps...Can It
  18. Quick one 12:01 AM

    Today in this world any thing can happen...
    Broke ass hoodlums makin' a cool mil rappin'
    Rollin' down the street music stay constantly blastin'
    Seat belts ain't fasten, corner guys stay trappin'
    Gangsta's holdin' heat, they beretta be clappin'
    Wind up dead, you're permanently nappin'
    Fuckin' assassin, Killin and plane crashin'
    Drug stashin, hopin' fences, stay dashin'
    Rob a bank then go later and cash in
    Late nights, early mornings burnin' and crashin'
    I rhyme with all I got, you hear my passion
    Gonna be a true story of Rags to Riches
    Fuckin' with the clique, ya boys end up in ditches
    Bodies full with holes, slugs, and old stitches
    Steal ya shit and then fuck ya bitches
    All y'all wanna be rappers find new niches
  19. I'm starting on a verse for a track I'm hoping to record. Here is what I came up with so far. Verse One..

    Get ready for my tale as I talk and my story begins
    I'll try to keep it brief and rhyme in sync to the DJ spins
    Started out just writin' down raps after freestyles off the dome
    I do this for the culture and fun, not to get rich or be known
    Fell in love with Hip Hop when I was a young one, in it's Golden Age
    I witnessed Hip Hop decay, Hip Hop's turned it's worst page
    Hypnotized by the amazing sounds of Biggie and L
    After they fell off, Hip Hop started to lose it's spell
    They were inspiration, their rhymes so hot it resembled hell
    Where did Hip Hop go? The industry has it locked in a cell
    It's under siege and to me, it needs to stay free
    There's a big difference between emcees and rappers
    You see rappers are nothin more than gun clappers
    Or trappers on the corner trappin, occasionally rappin'
    On the block where anything can happen, bullets to kids
    Now permanently nappin' and now they doin lifetime bids
    Understand rappers are more like actors, they portray thugs
    Talkin' how they shoot guns and fill bodies with .9 slugs
    Throwin bloody bodies in rivers, creeks, or ditches
    Or talkin' bout they flashy ice, fly whips, and they riches
    However, an emcee has lyricism which today is hard to find
    Just like discovering a ton of gold in damn coal mine
    It's more than just rhymin and rappin, it's the mind's expression
    So my confession, Hip Hop is like my dope, rhymin is my injection
    The Hip Hop movement spread quicker than a lethal infection
    In the last 8 years though, it's gone in a horrible direction
    So I've stepped up to try and aid, bring major correction
    I'm in the runnin now, competin', I've stepped in the election

    Verse 2:

    Today I wanna hear emcees talk about issues and a real topic
    Not how much they CD cost, and how you should cop it
    Heard the same story, you from the projects, now you livin nice
    You used to sell cocaine, capped a lame, and now ya neck full or ice
    We sold out Hip Hop, for the money was it really worth the price?
    So until we reclaim it I'll try to suffice, take a gamble on a white boy,
    Shot of the dice, I ain't in it for cheese I ain't fuckin mice
    We should address real issues like Jena 6 or tragedy in Darfur
    Our dyin' soldiers across seas fightin a gasoline war
    Fuck the Government, Democrats Republicans Bush Administration
    I've been patient and waitin, but we're under Federal suffocation
    The system is full of corruption and truly it's all about money
    This is serious shit, I'm not a comedian, ain't tryin to be funny
    I got peoples who deal drugs, be scratchin, rappin, and taggin'
    And personally I appreciate you if you're makin music and a nice livin'
    But it's when "rappers" act the fool on a track, lyin' and start trippin'
    "Ayo, I got shot 14 times and I'm still here puttin out records ya know?"
    False statements like that is whack, give yourself time to grow
    Practice rhymin, because it's not very easy, it's respectably an art
    People don't even start, you can't say you want change yet not play a part
    So you know when I finally enter a booth, I'm only tellin' what the truth is
    Lyrically diabolical, quick and delivering, and somewhat ruthless
    I don't need to be tough, I got boys who leave you toothless
    But once again, that's deserved if you ain't vibin to the DJ spin

    Verse 3:

    Let's bring it all the way back to when I used to like Rap and Hip Hop
    Bobbin' my head I couldn't stop, the newest CDs I had to cop
    Sales were constantly up, even fuckin' Vanilla Ice didn't flop
    After the 90s however is when it came to a sudden horrific stop
    The Golden Age was full of Gang Starr, Big L, Pac and The Notorious
    Dudes so fierce on mics, killin' shit like straight up warriors
    Not to mention the Clan, Common, Dilla, early Em, or Dre
    Albums back then, shit, I didn't really mind to pay
    Big L's shit so hot they would make room for some radio play
    Unfortunately Hip Hop has fallen in constant continual dismay
    Back then each song was more like a defined, specific story
    Today it's all ill willin', drug dealin', rampant killin, blood & gory
    Each track was like a chapter of one hell of a compellin' book
    Currently Hip Hop sports a complete different look, the industry's shook
    It's been overtook, it's full of sell outs, nothin but one big crook
    I gotta grip, I'm a fisherman and I got the industry on my hook
    Fuck the mainstream, I'd rather be broke in the underground
    Where people truly vibe to my sound and I stay un-crowned
    I'm at the bottom of a crate, sittin' round, gatherin dust
    Bumpin' through your speakers or headphones ready to bust
    Originality to me is a must, there is no need to always cuss
    Remember, that our voices leave an impression in the youth
    So I do my best to give em all I got and I speak nothin but the truth...
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  20. GeSuS_KRiST

    GeSuS_KRiST Moderator

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    couf, gesus has beats, couf